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Director of Fish and Chips
Location United States
MRT Information
Current rank Mayor
Joined 7/31/2018
Accepted 9/18/2018
Citizen 9/25/2018
Trustee 10/18/2018
Councillor 10/27/2018
Mayor ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Administrator When the Heat Death of the Universe occurs
Social networks
Nickname(s) 0x, 16
Previous Name(s) RedstoneMedal


Hi! I'm 0x10, I like transit, programming, and way too much other stuff to include on this page. I own Torii, 0xcoffee, Kyoto, and Taimatsu.


If I return to the MRT, I would request that I could have my property back. It's okay if it isn't returned, but I'll be very sad.

Torii: Me -> Needn_NL -> MojangChan -> mi_aquamarine -> MRT Staff

0xcoffee: Me -> Needn_NL -> MojangChan -> MRT Staff

Kyoto: Me -> DM -> mi_aquamarine -> Needn_NL -> MRT Staff

Taimatsu: Me -> DM -> MojangChan -> mi_aquamarine -> MRT Staff