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Alert.png I am currently working on PhoenixVille Not to confuse it with Phoenix Valley. Might be coming back soon after PC crash for months so might be coming when ready
Director of Legends,Mayor of PhoenixVille and New Anapolis,Minster of Public Affairs (Epsilon)
Location USA
Time zone Central (UTC-6)
Language(s) English
Gender Male
Birth date July 8
MRT Information
Current rank  [Member] 
Notable projects PhoenixVille, New Anapolis
Joined 6/26/2019
Accepted 7/2/2019
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Trustee Date you were promoted to Trustee (Trusted Pre-Gamma).
Social networks
Discord Legend Phoenix36#2548
Nickname(s) Legend
Discord Logo.png This user prefers Discord for voice communications.
LegendPheonix26's Current Time
10:26 am, September 22, 2020 CDT

Hi! I'm LegendPheonix26 and i own a new corporation called Phoenix Holdings and Minestar coffee. The city of PhoenixVille is in the Epsilonian_Republic. Currently A47 is under planning


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Transit Nerd
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Test Subject
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Previous Ministry Positions (Epsilon Republic)

Minister of Pulibic Affairs (Epsilonian Republic)
Preceded By Office Established
Succeeded By User:HeavenAngel

I had this post Before and i was the first