Phoenix Valley

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Phoenix Valley
Phoenix Valley1.png
Town officials
Mayor 34lynx72
Deputy Mayor camelfantasy
Other transit N/A
Facts and figures

Phoenix Valley is a town on the MRT server founded by 34lynx72. It is currently owned by time2makemymove, who is acting as a caretaker and does not plan to change anything besides building the B59Shield.png, which now terminates in the city.

Phoenix Valley is a developing town that is located just north of Whiteley, and just west of  ZS22  Foobar. It is currently a [Councillor]-ranked town.


  • 5/15/16: Town-building construction officially begins, after AP_Red gives permission to build Phoenix Valley north of Whiteley.
  • 5/15/16: Phoenix Valley officially joins the List of Cities Wiki
  • 5/20/16: Phoenix Valley gets its first resident.
  • 5/21/16: Phoenix Valley Wiki is created.
  • 5/?/16: Phoenix Valley obtained the island of Keighley from AP_Red
  • 5/25/16: Phoenix Valley creates its official flag.
  • 5/25/16: Phoenix Valley opens an embassy in Mason City.
  • 6/14/16: Phoenix Valley is graciously given Station ZS22 by Technological99
  • 7/15/16: Phoenix Valley decides to share Station ZS22 with Morden, ModernArt's proposed town.
  • 8/19/16: Phoenix Valley invests in KnowTech Corporation.
  • 9/19/16: Due to the close cooperation and friendship between the cities of Formosa and Phoenix Valley, FAF has allowed Phoenix Valley to create a semi-autonomous military group which shall be known as Phoenix Valley- Formosa Armed Forces (PV-FAF).

Council Members

  • Mayor- 34lynx72
  • Deputy Mayor- Camelfantasy
  • Chief Justice- AyyLion
  • Chief Architect- MishkaMan
  • Fire Chief- Elite G. Neon
  • Phoenix Valley Metropolitan Transportation Authority Chairman- AP_Red

If interested in a position, please contact 34lynx72


Phoenix Valley is a strong, democratic-republic. It is not fully a democracy, as it does not wish for corrupted governmental decisions to occur based on the people's will. Phoenix Valley currently has only an executive branch, with the vision of creating Cabinet departments and a Congress in the future. Phoenix Valley is currently in the process of creating a court system, with AyyLion being Chief Justice.


Currently, there are no transportation systems within Phoenix Valley. However, neighboring mayor of Whiteley, AP_Red and the Southern Transit Commission plan to make a railway system integrated in Phoenix Valley with its consent. As of 8/21/16, the STC has decided to make a marina waterfront port between Whiteley and Phoenix Valley with a rail connection. Norfolk Boulevard is also to be extended from Whiteley to Phoenix Valley's City Hall Square.


As of 5/21/16, Phoenix Valley has become an official member of the Yaxier Alliance. Phoenix Valley was one of the initial 7 founding members of the council. As of an unknown date, Phoenix Valley has become an official member of the Southwestern Allied Territories (SWAT), acting as its MPO.