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Mayor of Quiris, Angel of Courage
Location Singapore
Time zone UTC+08:00
Language(s) English, Chinese(somewhat...)
Gender Male! (Angels are all male btw, surpriseeeeee!!~~)
Birth date (1+2) / 3 / 50x20+333x3
MRT Information
Current rank [Mod]
Notable projects The expansion of Quiris
Joined 20th April (about there)
Accepted 26th April
Citizen 3rd May 2015
Trustee 17th May 2015
Councillor 31st May 2015
Mayor 14th June 2015
Senator 17th April 2016  :D
Governor 30th April 2017 :DD
Premier 7th May 2018  :DDD
Trial Moderator 2nd October 2017
Moderator 2nd January 2018
Administrator -
Supporter -
Social networks
YouTube -
Twitter -
Twitch -
Facebook PM/Mail me if you wanna know
Skype PM/Mail me if you wanna know
Steam PM/Mail me if you wanna know
Personal website -
Nickname(s) Martian (soso123) or you can just call me heaven or angel idm
Previous Name(s) classified :P


May 2018: Quiris has recently made the rank Premier! Thank you to all the admods who took time to evaluate Quiris! My premier speech is as follows:

"My time on the server has been a genuine journey. I have had my fair share of ups and downs, just like everyone else but through it all, I can say that it has been an exhilarating journey. I would like to thank the most wonderful community, for their continuous support and in particular Kel, the staff and the many others who have contributed to the establishment of Quiris. Personally, Quiris is more than a rank to me, it is the embodiment of my inspirations, therefore, there is no doubt that I shall continue to work on the city. I have hope that Quiris will perpetuate my inspirations and that there will be many other premiers cities to come fourth. I would like to end off by wishing each and every member of the community the very best. Thank you."

Oct 2017: I have been graciously trusted with the responsibility of mod, it is my honour to be able to serve the community and help safeguard it. I will do my best with the given responsibility. Despite being a trial-mod I still consider myself a member and I ask that I be treated the same as everyone else for I am no greater. Thank you for all your support and being great company all this time, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time on the server and I pray that it will last for many more people to enjoy. I will do my part and my very best to make my wishes a reality.


I like to help friendly people when I can

I tend to keep feelings and opinions of others to myself (i'm actually quite judgmental... hehe... working on it...)

I like making new friends :)

I make lots of inside jokes (sorry xD) and if what I say doesn't make any sense it is probably for self amusement (I like making myself laugh from random things)

I looooove classical music, i'm not referring to the piano kind even though that's pretty nice too

If anyone is sincerely feeling troubled, feel free to strike a conversation with me, I will be willing to listen and hopefully be able help you.

Pennies To My Name

- Mayor and builder of Quiris! (Special Thanks to people who help with building things there! xoxo)

- Mayor and caretaker of Stoneedge

- Founder of FreeSTYLE Wears (Ongoing)

- Founder of ssFuel (Halted)


Current Status: Orange, Experiencing work life :0

(Green: Super Free, Orange: Semi-Free, Red: Not Free)


Apologies for the simplicity and for the lack of details about me!

More data coming~ (Please tell me if you want to know anything more! :)