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Location New York, United States
Language(s) English
Birth date Frank Sinatra but wayy younger lol
MRT Information
Current rank [Mayor]
Social networks
Discord mdbro55#7131
Discord Logo.png This user prefers Discord for voice communications.

Hi! I'm mdbro55, a [Mayor] on the server. I am the mayor of Oakburgh, a small but growing town at  T4  Oakburgh, and  T3  West Oakburgh. I am a very active member of the MRT community, and I have started Mdbro Corp, which is behind The Brick Tavern, and mdRail

Early Days

I joined the server around Christmas 2015 as a Guest. I am a transit buff, so I just decided to search up Minecraft transit servers, and the first result was..........the MRT! I joined as a guest, and was a guest for longer than most players. I looked around and, since I am a transit buff, liked cities with large transit systems, like Nippia. After a while, I applied for membership, and got it on my first application. Once I got membership, I immediately searched for an MRT Station to call my own. After I had looked for a bit, I was approached by Yellowitcher about a station that he had claimed for Xilia, but was looking to get rid of, and that station became Oakburgh! There were already a couple roads in place, and a small park. I started building the town hall, with help from Yellowitcher, and finished it in about two weeks. I then developed the southern part of town with some franchises, courtesy of GodzillTrain, and MishkaMan, and established the very first Brick Tavern location.

Recent activity

I did not really make an effort to get [Citizen], as Oakburgh expanded. I built the Oakburgh Little League field, and the Lincoln Apartments. Then I had a quite long period of in activity during the summer of 2016, for almost three months. when I logged back on, I started to get serious about getting Citizen, while Oakburgh was getting it's first embassy, the Lochminehead embassy was established, and finally, I got Citizen around Thanksgiving, and construction was started on the Liberty Tower. A short time later, I got Trustee, the Liberty Tower was finished, and Oakburgh was ranked at [Councillor]. It's now at mayor!