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Clockwise from top: Republic Square in 2016, University Park, Xilia City Hall
Flag of Xilia.png
Flag of Xilia
Deputy Mayorpowerminer01
Town recognition
Date foundedApril 18, 2015
Date recognized as CouncillorSeptember 5, 2015
Date recognized as MayorOctober 10, 2015
Date recognized as SenatorFebruary 14, 2016
Date recognized as GovernorApril 30, 2017
Town hall coordinates-1680, 65, -887
WorldNew World
Ward(s)Ward 8
Post code(s) XI8 
MRT T3  West Oakburgh
 T4  Xilia - Oakburgh District
 T5  Xilia - Republique
 T6  Xilia - Nation
Road connectionsA8
Air facilitiesXilia-Saint-Exupéry Airfield
Xilia Boarding Center
Bus facilitiesXilia Nation Bus Station
Oakburgh Ralph Kramden Bus Terminal
HSR Xilia
Rail facilitiesHSR Xilia
Xilia HSR Station (RaiLinQ)
Xilia Station (Network South Central
Xilia Airfield Station (BluRail)
Xilia Nation (vivoRail)
Landmark(s)The Great Xilian Library
Xilian (unspoken language)
Political affiliations
StateNew Delian League
Political partiesMRT Green Party

Xilia is a Governor city founded and owned by jay_planner, located at T3, T4, T5, and T6 on the MRT Taiga Line. Founded on April 18, 2015, Xilia is a modern-themed city with numerous office buildings and green spaces.


First construction (2015)

Xilia was founded on April 18, 2015, by Yellowitcher at T5 station on the MRT Taiga Line, near a small natural lake after he saw this area in Frumple's MRT Taiga Line timelapse. When Yellowitcher started building the city, the lake was removed and changed into Republic Square. He started the first building, the city hall, which was completed a day later.

The town grew at a slow pace, with Yellowitcher starting to develop the roads around Republic Square. He constructed the red and blue towers adjacent to the A8 and the Xilian Library. During the following months, buildings such as the bank, the hotel, and the melon market were built. The first franchises were built in Xilia and the metro Blue Line was opened between two stations. Yellowitcher also developed the road network an built the first park in the town, Xilia Park. Following this, Yellowitcher became bored with the city and its growth stopped for a while.

Growth and intercity connections (2015–2016)

After the summer 2015 break, Yellowitcher started working on Xilia again. Xilia was promoted to Councillor in September 2015 by lalaboy and mikefishr.

As soon as Xilia got Councillor, Yellowitcher decided to build roads to connect Xilia to its closest neighbours. Part of the B90 between Xilia and Cornus was built and the A8 exit was opened and T6 Station was claimed.

Yellowitcher added new buildings to the city, including the Mayoral Tower, a pharmacy, and the Witcher Corp Tower, and continued to build the metro. Terraforming began in the area where HSR Xilia was later built.

In October 2015, after several players visited Xilia and told Yellowitcher that Xilia was ready for Mayor, he asked for a promotion to Mayor and was promoted by CortesiRaccoon and MinecraftYoshi26 on October 10, 2015.

HSR Xilia and A8's constructors temple in June 2016

As Xilia was mayor, Yellowitcher asked RLcrafters, the CEO of RegionalConnect, to add a station on the line which goes near Xilia, leading to the creation of HSR Xilia beginning on November 10, 2015. The station was planned to be a high-speed train station as a part of the HS3 project between Xilia and Kenthurst.

In October 2015, The city joined League of Cities as an observer state.

Embassies Street in December 2022

The Olympic swimming pool, courthouse, farming tower, and the November 2015 Paris attacks memorial were added to the city. Yellowitcher started developing the Residential District and he began asking other cities to build embassies. Xilia University construction began. A hill near the city was chosen to become a Greek-themed district. More franchises were built in Xilia and empty buildings became mostly furnished. Following these changes, the city was promoted to Senator on February 14, 2016.

Senator and Governor (2016–2017)

Once Xilia was promoted to Senator, Yellowitcher and camelfantasy, the deputy mayor of the city at the time, started building the first maglev line between HSR Xilia and Formosa West. Xilia's growth continued, with the city expanding to the north. Nation Square was completed, with some old buildings in the Central District being demolished or sold to other cities. After Nation Square was completed, a pagoda, spleef arena, and various other buildings were built.

In August 2016, Xilia hosted the first edition of the New MRT Spleef Tournament. Yellowitcher, ezzocraft and Aliksong tried to form a Shared Municipality; however, it was rejected at the August 2016 GSM.

On November 27, 2016, Xilia-Saint-Exupéry Airfield began construction.

In December 2016, Xilia and the other cities of the New Delian League joined the United Cities. Following this, Xilia went through a quick time of inactivity. With the goal of getting Xilia to Governor, Yellowitcher decided to start a new development plan. A monument was inaugurated on April 18, 2017, for the two-year anniversary of the town. On April 30, 2017, the city was promoted to Governor.

Miscellaneous construction (2017–2023)

For the years following Governor, construction in Xilia would come in spurts. New transit connections were created in Xilia from companies such as RaiLinQ and BluRail.

On August 6, 2022, Xilia annexed Oakburgh from mdbro55 via Deputy Mayor succession.

On May 22, 2023, jay_planner resigned from Conductor and left the server, halting all construction in Xilia.


Xilia is located in Ward 8 in Gamma, a little under 2000 blocks away from the center of the New World, Central City. Xilia is located in a taiga and an oak forest biome. There are several lakes and hills in the area. The Luxemburg River and Taroko River run through the north and the south of the city. Some areas such as the industrial district have been highly terraformed during their construction.

Xilia's direct neighbors include Cornus to the north, Spruce Neck to the east, and Serena to the northwest. In relation to other nearby settlements, 42 is to the south, Kenthurst is to the southwest, and Radiance Square is to the west.


Great Xilian Library in the Central District

Xilia is divided into five districts: Northern, Southern, Central, Eastern, and Western.

The Central District is the oldest district of Xilia. It is a business area with a lot of high buildings such as the Government Tower, Xilia University, and the Great Xilian Library. Both the City Hall and Republic Square are located in the district. This district is served by five metro stations: HSR Xilia, Library, Xilia-République, University, and Embassies.



Sonamu's branch in Xilia

Xilia has numerous franchises, including Golden Fish, NKtrain, Potion Store, Sonamu, Tim Hortons, The Accacia Bar, 7/11, Cytus Cafe, Ben's Bakery, and General Motors.


Embassies Street is the diplomatic center of Xilia, located in the Central District. In Xilia, there are embassies for Royal Plaza, Hobelt, Woodsdale, Orio, and 42.

Intercity transit


Xilia is connected to the New World Highway system through the A8, A9, B71, and the B90.

Xilia is connected to Oakburgh areas by Liberty Highway.


Xilia has multiple intercity rail connections, including on the MRT Taiga Line at T3, T4, T5, and T6.

Xilia has intercity rail connections by third-party companies, including RegionalConnect, CitiRail, and RaiLinQ. There was a planned HSRC connection; however, it was never built.


Xilia's main bus station is the Xilia Nation Bus Station in the northern portion of the town. There are also RedLine Buses outside the HSR Xilia.

After annexing Oakburgh, Xilia has Oakburgh Ralph Kramden Bus Terminal as a secondary bus station.


A bridge on the Taiga Trail

The Taiga Trail is a walking trail connecting Xilia to Spruce Neck.

Local transit


Map of Xilia's planned transit system

Xilia has three underground, under-construction rapid transit lines: Blue, Red, and Green. Xilia also has one high-speed shuttle powered by ChimeRail and another planned.

After Xilia absorbed Oakburgh, Xilia also encompasses the OTA Metro and the OTA Subway.

As of 2017, local transit in Xilia has the following lines and stations:

Blue Line
Status Code Station name Connections
Dynmap Pin.png B1 Theatre District (planned)  Xilia Tramway 
Dynmap Green Flag.png B2 A8 Rest Area
Dynmap Green Flag.png B3 République  T5   Green Line   Seaport Shuttle   Airport Shuttle 
Dynmap Green Flag.png B4 University
Dynmap Construction.png B5 Little Asia (under construction)  Red Line 
Dynmap Construction.png B6 Cathedral (under construction)
Dynmap Construction.png B7 Nation (under construction)  T6   Xilia Tramway   VivoRail   RaiLinQ 
Green Line
Status Code Station name Connections
Dynmap Construction.png G1 HSR Xilia (under construction)  Red Line   Xilia Tramway   RaiLinQ   RegionalConnect   CitiRail 
Dynmap Construction.png G2 Library (under construction)
Dynmap Green Flag.png G3 République  T5   Blue Line   Seaport Shuttle   Airport Shuttle 
Dynmap Green Flag.png G4 Embassies
Dynmap Pin.png G5 Oakburgh (planned)  T4   Oakburgh Subway 
Red Line
Status Code Station name Connections
Dynmap Construction.png R1 HSR Xilia (under construction)  Green Line   Xilia Tramway   RegionalConnect   CitiRail 
Dynmap Pin.png R2 Spleef Arena (planned)
Dynmap Pin.png R3 Xilia West (planned)  Xilia Tramway 
Dynmap Pin.png R4 Commercial Park (planned)
Dynmap Pin.png R5 Little Asia (planned)  Blue Line 
Dynmap Pin.png R6 Parliament House (planned)
Dynmap Pin.png R7 Airport (planned)  Airport Shuttle   RaiLinQ 
Seaport Express (high-speed metro)
Status Code Station name Connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png SX1 République  T5   Blue Line   Green Line   Airport Shuttle 
Dynmap Green Flag.png SX2 Xilia-Kenthurst Seaport None
Airport Express (high-speed metro; planned)
Status Code Station name Connections
Dynmap Pin.png AX1 République (planned)  T5   Blue Line   Green Line   Seaport Shuttle 
Dynmap Pin.png AX2 Airport (planned)  Red Line 


Xilia has a small local bus network created by autobus22.