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Above: The Republic Square
Town Officials
Mayor camelfantasy
Deputy Mayor Yellowitcher
Town Councillors Head Councillor - tarheelscouse
Head of Justice - The_blockmaster
Head of Transit - KuchenKenta
Head of French Language - bestmate66
MRT  T5  Xilia-Republique  T6  Xilia - Nation  A5  Cornus Southeast (planned)
Roadways  A8   A9   B90   B71 
Other transit RegionalConnect, Pacifica, RaiLinQ, Prime Bus, HSRC (planned)
Facts and Figures
Population 8 (June 2016)
Town Hall Coordinates To be filled in.
Founded 18th April 2015
Recognized as town September 2015
Town Rank [Governor]
Official Language(s) English (63%), French (37%), Xilian (unspoken language)
World New World (Gamma)
Post codes  XI8 
Political Party None
Ward(s) 8
Other Info
State New Delian League
SMP None

Xilia is a city-state located at  T5 ,  T6  and  A5  on the New World. Its mayor is camelfantasy and its deputy mayor and founder is Yellowitcher. Xilia is a modern-themed city which has a lot of office buildings and green spaces. The mayor aims to make Xilia the greenest city of the MRT Server! The city is a member of the NWAG, The Federation, the United Cities and the New Delian League.


Xilia is located in two biomes: a taiga and an oak forest. There are several lakes and hills in the area. Luxemburg River and Taroko river go across in the north and the south of the city. Some areas such as the industrial district have be highly terraformed during their construction.


Early Months

Xilia was founded on April, 18 2015 by Yellowitcher at  T5  Xilia-Republique near a small natural lake after he saw this area in Frumple's Taiga Line timelapse. Yellowitcher at once started building the city. The lake was removed and changed into the Republic Square. He also started the first building (the city hall) which was completed a day later. After that, the city has known a slower growth. Once the city hall was completed, Yellowitcher started developping the roads around the Republic Square. Then, the mayor decided to build the red and blue towers next to the A8. He also started building the Xilian Library. During the following months many other buildings such as the bank, the hotel or the melon market were built. Xilia got its first franchises and the metro blue line was opened between two stations. Yellowitcher also developped the road network and he built the first park (which is called Xilia park). However, the mayor was bored with the city and its growth stopped for a while. After Summer 2015 break, Yellowitcher came back to the server and he started working on Xilia again. The mayor got [Trustee] during the summer and Xilia became big enough for [Councillor]. The city was recognized as a town in September 2015 by lalaboy and mikefishr.

A second Era

As soon as Xilia got councillor, Yellowitcher decided to build roads to connect Xilia to its closest neightbours. The part of the Highway B90.png between Xilia and Cornus was built (it was rebuilt later because because of the MRT Road Standards) The A8 exit was opened and  T6  Xilia - Nation was claimed. A new era began for the city. Yellowitcher added new buildings to the city: the mayoral tower (where all city staff's offices are), a pharmacy,Witcher Corp tower... He also continued building the metro. Terraforming began in the area where HSR Xilia was later built. tarheelscouse was hired as deputy-mayor. In October 2015, several players visited Xilia and found it was ready for [Mayor]. The mayor asked for promotion and was promoted by CortesiRaccoon and MinecraftYoshi26.

As Xilia was mayor, Yellowitcher asked RLcrafters , who is the CEO of RegionalConnect, to add a station on the line which goes near Xilia. He accepted: HSR Xilia was born. Construction started on 10/11/2015. The station was planned to be a high-speed train station because of RL's HS3 project between Xilia and Kenthurst.

HSR Xilia and A8's constructors temple seen in June 2016

In October, the city joined League of Cities as an observer state. The olympic swimming pool, the courthouse, the farming tower and the 11/13 attacks memorial were added to the city. Yellowitcher started developping the Residential District and he asked other cities to build ambassies. Xilia University construction began. A nice hill near the city was chosen to become a greek-themed district. Xilia got more franchises and the Great Xilian Cathedral of Tacoism was started as a future landmark. Empty buildings were mostly furnished. A change happened in the city's staff: tarheelscouse became head councillor and camelfantasy was hired as the new deputy. Xilia was ready for [Senator]. The city was promoted on February, 14 2015 (Batch #5).

High City Ranks and Expansion

Once Xilia got senator, Yellowitcher and camelfantasy started building the first maglev line of the MRT Server between HSR Xilia and Formosa West. Xilia's growth continued: the city started expending to the north. The Nation Square was completed, some old buildings in the Central District were demolished or sold to other cities then rebuilt. HanSangYoon built a Sonamu and he bought a tower for one of his companies (he since gave it away when he became inactive). Nation Square was finally completed then a pagoda and new buildings were added and a spleef arena was built. In August 2016 Xilia hosted the first edition of the New MRT Spleef Tournament. Yellowitcher, Ezzocraft and Aliksong tried to form an SMP but it was rejected at August GSM. In December 2016 Xilia and the other cities of the New Delian League joined the United Cities. While Epsilon opened, Xilia went through a quick time of inactivity. In the aim to be promoted to [Governor], Yellowitcher decided to start a new developpement plan including the achievement of the residential district. A monument was inaugurated on April 18, 2017 for the two year aniversary of the town. A few days later, the city was promoted to [Governor]!


Map of Xilia's planned transit system made by AP_Red

Xilia has three underground rapid transit lines (Blue, Red and Green) which are still under construction, a planned tram line, two high-speed shuttles powered by ChimeRail and one cable car. The city does't have any local buses but it has bus lanes in some streets for intercity buses.


Blue Line

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Pin.png B1 Theatre District (planned)  Xilia Tramway 
Dynmap Green Flag.png B2 A8 Rest Area
Dynmap Green Flag.png B3 République  T5   Green Line   Seaport Shuttle   Airport Shuttle 
Dynmap Green Flag.png B4 University
Dynmap Construction.png B5 Little Asia (under construction)  Red Line 
Dynmap Construction.png B6 Cathedral (under construction)
Dynmap Construction.png B7 Nation (under construction)  T6   Xilia Tramway   VivoRail   RaiLinQ 

Green Line

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Construction.png G1 HSR Xilia (under construction)  Red Line   Xilia Tramway   RaiLinQ   RegionalConnect   CitiRail 
Dynmap Construction.png G2 Library (under construction)
Dynmap Green Flag.png G3 République  T5   Blue Line   Seaport Shuttle   Airport Shuttle 
Dynmap Green Flag.png G4 Embassies
Dynmap Pin.png G5 Oakburgh (planned)  T4   Oakburgh Subway 

Red Line

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Construction.png R1 HSR Xilia (under construction)  Green Line   Xilia Tramway   RegionalConnect   CitiRail 
Dynmap Pin.png R2 Spleef Arena (planned)
Dynmap Pin.png R3 Xilia West (planned)  Xilia Tramway 
Dynmap Pin.png R4 Commercial Park (planned)
Dynmap Pin.png R5 Little Asia (planned)  Blue Line 
Dynmap Pin.png R6 Parliament House (planned)
Dynmap Pin.png R7 Airport (planned)  Airport Shuttle   RaiLinQ 

High-Speed Metro

Seaport Express

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png SX1 République  T5   Blue Line   Green Line   Airport Shuttle 
Dynmap Green Flag.png SX2 Xilia-Kenthurst Seaport No connections

Airport Express

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Pin.png AX1 République (planned)  T5   Blue Line   Green Line   Seaport Shuttle 
Dynmap Pin.png AX2 Airport (planned)  Red Line 


Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Construction.png T1 Xilia Main (under construction) No connections
Dynmap Construction.png T2 Theatre District (under construction)  Blue Line 
Dynmap Cross.png T3 HSR Xilia (closed)  Green Line   Red Line   RegionalConnect   CitiRail 
Dynmap Pin.png T4 Power Plant (planned) No connections
Dynmap Pin.png T5 Xilia West (planned)  Red Line 
Dynmap Pin.png T6 Unnamed (planned) No connections
Dynmap Pin.png T7 Unnamed (planned) No connections
Dynmap Construction.png T8 Nation (under construction)  T6   Blue Line   VivoRail   RaiLinQ 


Xilia is divided into five districts (Northern, Southern, Central, Eastern and Western) which are planned or still in developpement.

Map of Xilia's territory.

Northern District

Southern District

Central District

The Central District is the oldest district of Xilia. It's a business area with a lot of high buildings such as the Governement Tower or Xilia's University or the Great Xilian Library. The City Hall is located next to Republic Square which is the biggest square of this district. The city hall is also located in this area. This district is served by five metro stations: HSR Xilia, Library, Xilia-République, University and Embassies. The embassies street is the diplomatic center of Xilia.

Eastern District

Western District


Green Spaces

The governement of Xilia supports green spaces and tree planting. Its mayor is one of the main MRT Green Party's members. Many parks have been built in the city so that every citizens are able to enjoy nature without going out of the city. These eco-friendly projects also fight global warming and improve air quality.


Protected areas


Sonamu's branch in Xilia


Inter-City Transport


  • Highway A8.png to Central City (East) and Whitechapel (North-West)
  • A9-shield.png to Laclede (planned, North).
  • B71-shield.png to Kenthurst (South-West)
  • Highway B90.png to Formosa (South) and Tetrapolis (North)
  • Liberty Highway to Oakburgh


  • Taiga Trail to Spruce Neck (Planned, East)


Rail Services
Previous station Next station
 T4  Oakburgh
towards Central City—Northwest Station
 T5  Xilia-Republique
 T6  Xilia - Nation
 T7  Basking Ridge
towards Borealia via Kessler
 A4  Sanford
towards Central City—Southwest Station
 A5  Cornus Southeast  A6  Cornus
towards Snowtopic via Whitechapel
Sealane Northern
towards Sealane Central
RegionalConnect West Coast Main Line
HSR Xilia Station
Kenthurst Junction
towards Spring Valley via Ilirea Surbubs
towards Merchant City Interchange via Grayzen
RegionalConnect Cross-Map Express
HSR Xilia Station
Kenthurst Junction
towards Spring Valley via Ilirea Surbubs
Sealane Northern
towards Sealane Central
RegionalConnect Riviera Express
HSR Xilia Station
Radiance Square
towards Whitechapel Waterfront
Sealane Northern Pacifica Langley Line
HSR Xilia Station
Radiance Square
towards Whitechapel Waterfront
towards Liten via Birchview
RaiLinQ Utopia-Liten Line
towards Utopia via Sealane