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Town officials
Mayor mdbro55
Deputy Mayor Yellowitcher
MRT  T4  Oakburgh
Nearest airport Whitechapel Sky Harbor
Other transit OTA Metro
Facts and figures
Population 1
Founded N/A
Recognized as town Jan 6 2017
Town rank Mayor
Official language(s) English
Ward(s) 8

Oakburgh is a town located at  T4  Oakburgh, and  T3  West Oakburgh It is very close to Xilia, as it was given to me by Yellowitcher himself. The mayor is mdbro55, and the deputy mayor is Yellowitcher. Oakburgh is ranked Mayor.


Oakburgh is located in a rather hilly part of the new world, so there has been a bit of terraforming involved. It is bordered by the Emerald River, Spruce Neck, as well as A8.


The Liberty Tower

Liberty Tower is the main landmark at the moment. The main feature is the giant Oakburgh sign which you can see from A8. The Oakburgh observation tower gives great views of the Xilia skyline and the landscape around the area. The Oakburgh Town hall is another landmark, with it's flaming towers, and majestic trees.


The OTA is in charge of all transit operations. The OTA Metro is under construction. The Liberty Highway, between Oakburgh and Xilia is now open OTA Bus is now running. Lines:

  •  Line 1  City Hall-West Oakburgh Status: Service Good.png Good service
  •  Line 2  Liberty Tower-Xilia Status: Service New.png Planned

There is also a RaiLinQ station in Oakburgh on the North-South main line


There are great recreational facilities in Oakburgh, including, a baseball field, the town swimming pool, and the Partnership Park.


The Mayor is mdbro55, and the Deputy Mayor is Yellowitcher.

Town Updates

As of Aug 31th, 2017, Oakburgh is now ranked Mayor.