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Sorry no, I really don't speak Piston...
Location Stockholm, Sweden
Time zone Winter: GMT+1 Summer: CEST/GMT+2
Language(s) Swedish, English
Gender Male
Birth date 11th of May 1998 (21)
MRT Information
Current rank Mayor
Notable projects Mayor of the town Serena, Founder/CEO of Piron Incorporated
Joined June 2014
Accepted July 2014
Social networks
Nickname(s) i respond to most variations of my name.

Hohoho, travellers My name is powerminer01! I'm a swedish university student occassionaly poping by and working on my town Serena and associated projects.

My Online Schedule

I do not have any specific online schedule, I tend to sporadically jump in, mostly to work on Serena or just chat.


The best way to get in touch with me is through sending an in-game message