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Not a Noob... am I?
Location Vancouver, Canada
Time zone PT -8
Language(s) English
Gender Male
Birth date January in the Year of 20--?
MRT Information
Current rank [Counciller]
Notable projects Hampton Light Rail, RaiLinQ (when mayor rank)
Social networks
Previous Name(s) Shadow_Sniper (on Steam)

Hi. My name is SzetotheNewt1234

Well, everyone says "oh you play minecraft, such a noob." but honestly, this game is quite the entertainment. I mean, you get to build, create, fight... why wouldn't you like it?! In addition to all the things the game provides, this server is the best community I have ever been in. Awesome people and active community! Thanks Everyone!

Notable People of the Server

Just a quick shout out to those who have helped me throughout my MRT life. :D

Ardyle: For helping me with all my redstone needs, then now helping me with wiki.

PresidentQwerty: For helping me when I first started back in 2014, being a complete noob at the game and on the server. And for scouting for the current location my city is at right now.

AP_Red: For helping me with all the redstone I needed to help with...somehow I keep finding a way to mess up redstone :(

_Hnt: For inspiring me to find my own city after giving me a chance to build a transit system in Appleton...which did not work out.

_Frozen: Thanks for giving such great advice! Best Mod ever! and now an admin. _Frozen: you are great!

Fun Facts

> I joined the server back in August 2014 and only became a member after 11 months, in July of 2015.