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Location Arizona, USA
Time zone Mountain (GMT -7)
Language(s) ASL, English
Gender Manly
MRT Information
Current rank Premier+
Moderator January 11, 2014
Administrator March 26, 2016
Supporter November 10, 2013
Social networks
Twitter @_frozen
Twitch frozen_mc

_Frozen is the mayor of Ravenswood, Pecos, Ryzon, Whitechapel, Blackfriars and CEO of Nordic and Raven Land Holdings. He has a pretty busy life, so expect him to be on only in evenings in the Arizona time zone (because Arizona thinks we already have too much of sun, we dont need stinkin' daylight savings time).

His political party of choice is the OPEC.

_Frozen was promoted to an Moderator on January 11, 2014. He plans to define his moderatorship as a period of anarchy with rampaging polar bear cubs.

_Frozen succeeded in obtaining the Administrator rank on March 26, 2016. His updated plans as an Admin is to define the period as peaceful since the rampaging polar bear cubs has ate everyone in their paths.

Contact him by dropping an book at the Central City Post Office, or leave a note at Whitechapel City Hall in the Mayor's Secretary Rooms located on the second floor.