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director of parks n recreation
Imageedit 2 2409418154.png
LocationIstanbul, Turkey
Time zoneGMT +3
Language(s)English, Turkish, Russian, German (which I forgot)
Genderardy is a gender on its own (ardy gender accepts any pronouns)
Birth dateMay 1st, 2001
MRT information
Current rank[Senator+] (I do not own anything that gives me a town rank right now)
Notable projectsArmadean Implementation
and MRT Colours Agency
JoinedMay 17 2014
AcceptedMay 18 2014
CitizenAugust 29 2014
TrusteeApril 20 2015
CouncillorMay 8 2015
MayorMay 30 2015
SenatorOctober 7 2015
AdministratorApril 1 2015
SupporterOct 7 2014
Social networks
Previous name(s)Ardyle,

hi i'm ardy

I'm back for starting and finishing the island town of Arkadion at D34, I'll be on for short periods regularly

I have previously done a shitton of things, here's the most notable ones

  • Arcadia (uhm old world) which later went onto become the original SMP
  • Vanadium for spreading my love for cart rail
  • Armada, the unsenator town
  • Arcadium, if I ever become conductor I'll have enough motivation to bring all the way to premier
  • A89 (phase 2)

I have also:

One of these is a joke, the challenge is to try to find which

I've had plenty of fun during my time and I've given my items away to relevant people, the only property I have right now is the claim I got for D34

oh and I'd love to explain what i did in real life after my original period of activity ended

ok grandpa let's get you to bed