Bento-Bento Box

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Bento-Bento Box
Subsidary of OwlTech
CEO/Founder Vulpicula
Vice President Chiefbozx
Locations 3 registered, likely more.

Bento-Bento Box is a world-edit based franchise that sells Bentos and hot drinks.

Note: Some locations are unknown. If you have a non-listed Bento-Bento Box, please notify Vulpicula, or add it to the wiki page yourself. Thank you!

Location Number Station
San Vincenzo 1 N/A
Schillerton Fifth Dixon 2 N/A
Schillerton Eugster Park 3 N/A


  • Bento-Bento Box was built in 2015, but wasn't bought by anyone for over a year after.
  • Vulpicula hates this franchise, and considers it to be ugly.