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Town officials
Deputy MayorAP_Red
Other transitSTC
Facts and figures
FoundedJanuary 26, 2016
Town rankSenator
Post codes SH6 

Schillerton is a city created by chiefbozx in Ward 6 of the Gamma world. The city was founded on January 26, 2016 and has been slowly built over time.

Road to Governor

Schillerton will likely be applying for Governor in the near future. There are some tasks remaining before the application will be submitted:

  1. Build Maple Street Station, across the Cannon River from Division Street Terminal.
  2. Connect Second and Third Streets from Memo to Severance and add buildings alongside them.
  3. Finish the building on Third Street between Weitz and Willis.
  4. Fix landscaping issues in and around downtown Schillerton.
  5. Add about 10 more building types and 20-30 buildings overall to Fort Schiller.
  6. Connect Severance to Fourth Street.
  7. Fill in Bridge Square (will become the Financial District)

Street Names

Like in Vermilion, Chief cleverly names some streets as references to other things. In Schillerton, named streets are named after buildings or other locations at his college.

North of the Cannon River, east-west streets are numbered and increase going north. Named streets run north-south and increase alphabetically going east, with Burton being the westernmost street fitting this pattern, and Wilson will be the easternmost (at Loch Lyman). The exception is Division Street, which is east of Watson but north of the Cannon. South of the Cannon River, east-west streets are named but not organized the same.

Intersections with a numbered and a named streets drop the "and" conjunction and "streets" suffix. So the intersection between Second Street and Davis Street is not pronounced "Second and Davis Streets", it's pronounced "Second Davis".


Schillerton is located roughly between the Estival Sea and Loch Lyman. The Cannon River bisects the city.