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The one with a six-week-long winter break
Location "The Cities", Minnesota, United States
Time zone US Central
Language(s) English, Spanish, some Italian and French
Gender Male
MRT Information
Current rank Admin+
Notable projects  G8  Orwyn-Mall (unincorporated)
 XW15  Vermilion (Governor)
Schillerton (Senator)
Joined July 13, 2012
Accepted July 13, 2012
Governor September 8, 2015 - October 1, 2017
Moderator July 15 - 16, 2012
October 1, 2017 - January 1, 2018
Administrator July 16, 2012 - September 8, 2015
January 1, 2018 - present
Supporter November 29, 2015
Social networks
YouTube chiefbozx
Twitter chiefbozx
Steam chiefbozx

Hi! I'm chiefbozx (usually nicknamed to Chief), but sometimes people misspell it as cheif or chef. I've been around since the day the server opened. On the New World, I'm Mayor of  XW15  Vermilion and Schillerton. Apparently I'm also responsible for the large masses of AFK Boxing. For a while, I held the record for longest service on staff besides Frumple; now, thomasfyfe has that record at 2,233 days. (Tom_Pairs has the record for longest-still-serving member of staff.)

I was an admin from Opening Week of the old world through September 2015. After a 28-month hiatus I've returned to the administrator role. Thanks to your love and support, and my ability to manage time decently well while still in college, I'm honored to return to the staff and continue building this great community.

I've been around for pretty much every major event on the server, including Ari's Lava Ball of Death, B29, the start of the International Airport, Gigglefest (Episodes I, II, III and IV), ShockFest, the Orange Line, the Runaway Train, Gamma Opening Weekend, ColaFest (Episodes I and II), the Adminpocalypse, and most Guestpocalypses. We've come a long way since then...... oh hi, backup (and I see you brought along your friend Server Lag too. Lovely.)

Before I returned to staff, I used Schematica pretty frequently. If you need assistance using the mod, here's a guide (note that I will not help you get it installed). Now that I'm on staff again, feel free to ask for a WorldEdit if you need one.

Achievement get!
Join the server during its opening weekend.
Achievement get!
Be a member for over 3 years.
Achievement get!
Thank You For Your Service
Retire from the rank of  Administrator .
Achievement get!
X Marks The Spot
Follow clues to find a treasure on the server (such as a van, non-van, or special chest)

Vote for things

Country Roads Sock

Franchise Pricing

I am standardizing my franchises and will make wiki pages available for them soon!


Are you on the MSP Airport Email List?

Yes. I am a giant nerd.

Wait, in KTANE you said you knew Morse/the phonetic alphabet. How do I learn them?

Both require practice.

  • This flowchart helps for Morse. For the phonetic alphabet, see NATO phonetic alphabet for the most widely used version.
  • Phonetic: Learn how to spell your name using phonetic alphabet indicators. Next time you order something over the phone and need to give your name, spell it out this way: Charlie Hotel Indie Echo Foxtrot Bravo Oscar Zulu X-ray.
  • Morse: Find people in your contacts (friends, SO, etc) who text you a lot. Now change their text message vibration to their initials in Morse code. This is pretty easy to do on iPhone; just choose the contact, go into the editor, and tap "Vibration" under "Text Tone". You will then have a button to record one. For instance, if you have a friend named AP_Red, you might set the vibration to AP with the Morse •- •--•. Also, don't be afraid to record slow enough so that you can distinguish between the taps - just don't make it a ten second vibration, otherwise you won't feel the whole thing by the time you've taken your phone out of your pocket.
    • This works best with initials, not full names. Three-letter initials might be pushing it (I've tried this), two-letter ones should be okay.
    • If you own an Apple Watch this won't go off nearly as frequently as you think it will (figured this out the hard way), but it's still useful for those times when you're switching between multiple text conversations.

How do I spell Vermilion?


There is one L in Vermilion. Some people like to try to insert about 50 Is, L, Os, and Ns into the name, but that's not how it's spelled! The following are examples of incorrect spelling:

  • Vermillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllion
  • Vermilililililioononoinoinoinn
  • Vermiiiilliiiionnnnnn
  • Vermilionion

How do I get to Vermilion?

Take the MRT Expo Line to  XW15  Vermilion Station. It takes about 15 minutes from  X0 - Z0  Central Park, or 14 minutes from  AX - D1 - M1 - XW1  Central City—SW Station by riding the MRT.

Alternatively, take the Circle West warp to  C89 - XW20  and take the Expo Line inbound 5 stops to Vermilion. That route takes about 4-5 minutes.

How to I get to Schillerton?

Schillerton isn't really connected to most places yet, sadly. It's just not that big of a town and doesn't have rail connections. That being said, you can fly due south from Whiteley (at Olympia Stadium), which is served by IntraRail. Or, just teleport to me while I'm online, since I have a home there and I usually keep a spare one so that I can easily get back to wherever I am!

If you're in Whiteley's Turing Square, you can take the STC X1 express bus to Division Street Terminal. The closest MRT stations are  D28  Foobar,  D29  Foobar, and  ZS21  Foobar.

How do I airplane?

Here are some tips I've figured out while flying a lot. Sources in parentheses are the airports where I've had to use these tips. (Dear fans: please stop editing this, but feel free to make your own travel advice)

  • Google Flights is your friend. Also, The Matrix. (Sources: Literally everywhere I've flown)
    • Put AIRLINES DL KL AF AZ KE VS VA WS AM in the "extension codes" box and thank me later.
  • I'm a member of Global Entry, which has been a real timesaver both on domestic flights with PreCheck, and when returning to the US. If it makes sense for you to get it, apply for it. It costs $100 to apply and it's good for five years. (Sources: MSP, BOS, DEN, PHL)
    • Some credit cards will reimburse your Global Entry membership. (Chase Sapphire Reserve is one of them.)
    • Your Global Entry card is a valid form of federal ID. It will get you on a plane past October 2020. (MSP)
    • Don't even TRY to use the GE kiosks if you're not a GE member! They won't let you even swipe your passport if you haven't been accepted. (MSP)
    • Travel with your GE pass. You usually don't need it to travel, but it's super helpful to have. Case in point: if the kiosks go down, you get to cut the line as a Global Entry member, and having your card then is super helpful cause then they can just put you at the front of the line with no further questions. This saved me three hours once when the customs computers died and I needed to connect. Also, it helps to flash this to get into Nexus lanes at some Canadian airports. (MSP, YVR)
    • Not only do you get to cut the line if you have kiosk issues: they will literally shut down EVERY SINGLE OTHER LINE (including MPC and the crew lane) to clear Globals. I'm not kidding. (MSP)
  • Learn to walk quickly. (Sources: MSP, MEM, AMS, DTW, CDG, ICN)
    • Alternatively, learn to run while pulling luggage behind you. (ICN)
  • MOVING WALKWAYS: Walk on the left, stand on the right. (Most airports have them, just follow this rule and I won't get mad at you)
    • Escalators: In general they follow the same rule, but at airports I will forgive you, because they're never wide enough to handle two people with suitcases passing each other. (MSP, DEN, PVR)
  • If you have to take a train in an airport, there is always ample warning before the doors close. If you see lights flashing, warning messages overhead, or you hear announcements that the doors are closing, DO NOT BOARD. The next train is like two minutes away. (MSP, DEN, CDG, SEA, DTW, MCO, MIA, ATL, FCO, EWR, LAS)
  • If you have to take a bus to connect flights, get ready for a test in arm strength, because unlike trains these might only run every ten minutes. Grab on tight! (JTR, ATH, CDG, BOS, FLR, PVR)
  • Read signs. (BOS, BCN, AMS)
    • Exception: CDG, from 2F to 2E-M, follow signs to 2E-K instead and go through passport control. Once you've done that, then go to 2E-M. Alternatively, you can follow signs to 2E-L and go through the L/M passport control, but you'll wind up walking a lot more. (CDG) Update: This is a lie because CDG has garbage design. Follow the signs otherwise you'll have to clear security again even though you don't really need to.
  • ALWAYS. CARRY. ON. Unless you have something that MUST be checked, you should always carry your bag on the plane. That way, you have access to everything on the flight. Furthermore, you are in control of your bags, so nothing can get lost en route. (SFO, HNL, OGG, AMS, BCN, ICN)
    • DO NOT check on outbound international flights. Ever. (AMS)
    • Checking on inbound international flights is fine, but not advised, especially for Global Entry members - you WILL beat your bags to the carousel! (CUN, BCN, CDG, KEF, AMS, NRT, ICN)
    • As such, do not fly Frontier or Spirit. Ever. Once you add in bag fees, Spirit and Frontier are actually more expensive than Delta more often than not.
  • Take trains to airports! (MSP, SFO, BOS, CDG, LHR, AMS, NRT, ICN)
    • Exception: ATH, don't take the Athens Metro to the airport unless it's convenient and the times line up. The trains only run every half hour to the airport, and the ticket is €10 as opposed to €1.60. Also, avoid Athens.
  • Learn the layout of airports, it helps a lot. Often times, airlines, alliances, and/or flights to specific regions will be grouped together. (VCE, AMS, MSP)
    • MSP: For now, Southwest, Icelandair, JetBlue, Condor, and Sun Country are in Humphrey. Everyone else is in Lindbergh. (Within Lindbergh: A through D are Delta Connection, E is non-Delta, F and G are Delta mainline. Some Delta mainline flights use gates in C and D, but it's more likely you'll be on F or G.)
    • CDG: 2E is for flights outside Europe. If you see a gate starting "K", "L", or "M", that's in terminal 2E. (Fun fact: Air France and KLM are SkyTeam airlines owned by the same holding company.)
    • BOS: International flights, regardless of airline, arrive at terminal E (except preclearance). They can depart from any terminal, these are grouped by airline.
    • AMS: I figured out Schiphol! B/C and upper D are for Schengen flights. Lower D and E/F/G/H are non-Schengen. If you have to cross border control to connect, do it before you do literally anything else.
  • Grab connection details on video screens as early as you can. If you're on a tight connection this will help immensely. (AMS, CDG)
  • Fly SkyTeam if you can. If you have a tight connection, they will usually hold the plane for an extra couple of minutes, or they'll meet you at the gate to literally drive you across the runway to make your connection. United will not do this. (This has never happened to me personally, but it happens a ton at MSP and ATL, both Delta/SkyTeam hubs.)
    • Furthermore: Delta may even bring the jetway back to the plane if it's getting ready to push off and you just got to the gate. (Happened to a friend at DEN)
    • Regardless of airline, if you think your connection will be tight, ask the flight attendants to notify the ground crew at your destination. They will also usually let you deplane ahead of the rest of your cabin. (DTW)
    • Sometimes they will also send agents to meet your inbound flight if you've got a tight connection. (Of course, Diamonds could get a Porsche transfer, but us lowly plebs and Silvers have to sprint through the airport.) (ICN)
  • Just fly direct... (MSP, CUN, BOS, LHR, PVR)
  • Amsterdam Schiphol: Allow a minimum two hours for connecting if you need to go through passport control or security. Any less than that and you WILL need to run if you don't have Privium. Most other airports require 1-2 hours to connect. (AMS)
    • I have seen a friend of mine have 35 minutes to connect in ATL. Fortunately she was on WN (Southwest) so the gates were right next to each other, and there were no delays, so she was fine. BUT! DO NOT DO THAT. (ATL)
    • Update: I've done a connection in 44 minutes from a C gate to an E gate - including going through passport control and US pre-flight security (and a full secondary screening). I was traveling with a Platinum Medallion and had to walk AirportSpeed™ in order to make the connection. Had we done anything else before going through the border, we probably would have missed the flight. BORDER FIRST, QUESTIONS LATER!!! There are food places and bathrooms on both sides of the border!!!
  • If you are handed a receipt upon scanning your boarding pass, your seat has been reassigned. Follow instructions on receipt. (MSP, BOS)
  • Get your ID out before you get to the desk at security. If you use a mobile boarding pass, get it ready when you see the podium and scanner. (MSP, DEN, SFO)

I'm going internationally. How do I avoid paying ridiculous amounts for data charges on my phone?

On iOS, here's my routine:

  1. Settings > Cellular > Enable Cellular: OFF
  2. Control Center > Enable Airplane Mode
  3. WAIT for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to turn off
  4. Control Center > Enable Wi-Fi
  5. Control Center > Enable Bluetooth

This last step is only really needed if you use Bluetooth devices like an Apple Watch. (If you use an Apple Watch, and Airplane Mode is mirrored, go to the Settings glance and disable Airplane Mode to allow it to re-connect.) Upon returning to the US, perform the above procedure in reverse order.

The FAA allows the use of Bluetooth device on board planes, but if you're not going to actually use it during your flight, keep it off (you'll save on battery).

If you're on Verizon, and going to Canada or Mexico, consider TravelPass.

How do you spell your name?

chiefbozx, all lower case, or Chief, with a capital C and everything else lowercase.

Acceptable nicknames include "CHIEFIE" and "Master Chief".

What does "Thou hast been smitten!" mean?

It means an admin - probably me, Tom_Pairs, or Frumple - ran /smite <your name>. Or we did a "splattersmite" (/smite *).

When did the server open?

July 13th, 2012. I forget the exact time, but it's in the logs somewhere. People sometimes call it the 14th, but it's actually the 13th, because that's when everything was published. I also applied that night (the timestamp on my member application was 7/13/2012 22:45:28).

Wait, you were mod on day 2?

Yes. Yes I was.

Back in the day we only had four ranks:  Guest ,  Member ,  Mod  and  Admin . There was no  Mayor  rank when I first joined. The story goes that I was online quite a bit the first couple days, got accepted as member, and asked Frumple for a WorldEdit. Since he had no idea how to do WorldEdits, and I did, I was promoted up to Mod.

(For whatever reason, I was then asked to be admin on July 16th.)

How cold does it get in Minnesota?

In recent winters the Canadians have sent polar vortices to Minnesota, sending temperatures and wind chill temperatures to -50°F in the Twin Cities. But we normally hover about 10-15°F as high temperatures in the dark, cold months of January and February. In the summer we normally get up to about 7585°F (thanks, climate change) as a high, though we have broken 100° several times.

Or, we could have El Niño mess everything up. (Blame the Canadians.)

Blue, Green, or Red?

Green, obviously!

Update: After scientifically testing both train lines, the Blue Line is way faster to get to downtown, so now I pick Blue.

Do you actually play using a laptop/trackpad/Mac?

Most of the time. I do have a desktop setup where I plug my laptop in to a monitor and use a mouse, but it's all the way over on the other side of the room. It's just easier for me to use my laptop and trackpad. I'll use the mouse and big desktop setup for livestreams, big events, or anytime I need either a big screen or a wired connection.

Specs: Mid 2015 15" Retina MacBook Pro, 2.5GHz Intel Core i7, 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 RAM, and combi graphics (AMD Radeon R9 M370X and Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB).