Central Exchange Organisation

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Central Exchange Organisation
CEO Staff
Directors _frozen
Facts and figures
Headquarters 4 Kalmar Street, Central City
 XE1  Central City—NE Station
Founded 2015
Ownership Status Privately Owned

The Central Exchange Organisation, commonly referred to by it's initials CEO, is a privately owned holdings corporation that oversees the operations of several "Central" branded corporations that have operations on the MRT.


CEO was founded by LDShadowLord and _frozen as a way for them to both manage the Central Stock Exchange while neither of them giving up their ownership stake in the exchange. When CentralVote was proposed, it was brought under the CEO banner to allow central management of all LDS-Frozen "Central" branded ventures.

While originally headquartered in a upstairs office of the Central Stock Exchange it was decided to move across the street into the third floor of "The Annex" along with the CentralHosting corporation to try and reduce ties with the CSE and appear unbiased.

After _frozen took an extended break from the server, LDShadowLord has been the sole director of the company and has been operating alone until _frozen's return.