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Cephyl Municipality of Espil
Cephyl-Rae (North).png
Town Officials
Mayor EspiDev
MRT  C82  Espil-Cephyl Center
Facts and Figures
Population 20
Founded June, 2017
World New


Cephyl is a district of Espil.
It is located in the north of the city, facing Pixl.
The area was first obtained by Espil after the auction of the old town of Rae to EspiDev.
Cephyl contains districts and many high-tech urban areas, however, they are still being constructed.


There is 1 MRT station in the area ( C82 ), as well as Esti Mi and qTrain connections terminating at Rae Center and Rae South Terminal.


Cephyl is shown in cyan.
The work in progress Rae urban area.

There are 5 sub-districts in Cephyl. These are:

  • Rae
  • Euszin
  • Avult
  • Zernix
  • Exfice