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Espil Collage Estify Region Logo Estify Region Logo
Town officials
Deputy MayorSeshpenguin, Kenoi (former)
MRT C80  Espil-Eisli Central
 C81  Espil-Eisli North
 C82  Espil-Cephyl Center
Roadway(s) B750 ,  B751 ,  B753 ,  B754 ,  A76 
Airport(s)Espil Ecilidae Airport
RailEsti Mi, RaiLinQ, IntraRail, Fred Rail, PMW Commuter, CitiRail, BluRail, Nktransit
Facts and figures
Population87 (list of Espil residents)
FoundedAugust 29th, 2015
Recognized as townDecember 12th, 2015
Town rankPremier
Post codes ES7 
Political partyMRT Federalist Party, StaDev Party
Other information
MPO(s)United Cities, West Ocean Partnership, Southwestern Allianced Territories
Area Code (Phone)7-269

Espil is Premier city owned by EspiDev that is well known for its neo-futuristic architecture and dense urban areas. Located in the southwest, it is the largest city in the Estify Region, and is part of one of the largest continuous urban areas on the MRT (which includes cities such as Kolpino, Daneburg, and Evella).

The city has a large focus on providing high living standards through expanded public services, as well as efficient transportation throughout the city. Certain public services in Espil (healthcare, libraries, etc.) also serve surrounding regions that have a lack of these services.

Initially founded on August 29th, 2015, Espil has since expanded significantly from its beginnings at C80, and now has several distinct urban centres. Over time, the city has developed a unique urban culture and lifestyle.


Espil covers a large portion of the southwest, covering a majority of the space between  C80  ,  C81  and  C82  . The West Ocean is located to the west of Espil, with plans for a future waterfront. The east side was once a collection of desert hills, but has since been flattened to make way for Ecilidae. The Iakuse River flows through Ecilidae, and is a significant source of freshwater for the district, as it is in the desert.


Espil has a subtropical climate with an average temperature of 23°C. The summers are relatively hot, with temperatures reaching up to 33°C in the desert (on the east end). Winters are mild, with average temperatures at 15°C. Average rainfall varies between different districts, with the east having constant droughts, and the west having an abundance of precipitation. This is especially the case during the winter, when the area becomes much drier. It is then needed for water to be pumped from the west-side to the desert districts as well as Aprix. There has never been any recorded snowfall in the region.



Espilian architecture has gradually evolved over many years, and its progression can be seen throughout the districts.

Aldi-Lizi Circle, 2015-2017 designs

In inTis, Eisli, many older skyscrapers (2015-2016) make use of a fusion of stone brick and quartz, which gives it a more modernist touch. There is also an emphasis on all glass designs on buildings in the area, with the inTis district hall, and Espilian Doubles as primary examples. The progression generally shifts in Deltix, Eisli, where skyscrapers have a higher emphasis on quartz and large rectangle design bases. This was a response to the need of having a brighter skyline (in order to aim for Governor). This also allowed for the addition of many plazas and parks in between buildings, kickstarting the shift towards aiming for utopic urban districts.

Cephyl-Rae CBD, 2017-2019 designs

Architecture style shifted once again toward 2017 and 2018, as quartz and glass became the primary building blocks for Rae, Cephyl during its construction. Exteriors started to use glass panes and slabs as a means to add depth to builds, and cross floor windows became popular again (after they diminished in use during the construction of Deltix). Emphasis had fully shifted towards utopic urban design, with an effort to increase urban paths (without roads) on the ground through buildings, as well as the first urban walkways that were above ground between buildings. A shift towards organic, non-rectangular buildings also became prominent in its construction.

Ecilidae Centre, 2019-2020 designs

As 2019 and 2020 came, utopic urban design became the primary focus of construction and architecture, with emphasis being placed on connectivity between buildings both in exteriors and walkability. Trees and parks became prominent on rooftops, which can be seen in the construction of Ecilidae Centre, Ecilidae. Interior design was also given a large facelift, as unique ceiling designs became mandatory in buildings in the same way they had become mandatory of floors previously. Overall building sizes shrank, but density increased by many orders of magnitude.


Espil is divided into three primary districts, each with sub-districts. Public services are planned out using these sub-district lines, with an aim of at least one public facility per type in each sub-district.

Espil District Map


The first and most developed district in Espil.

It is on the west side of the city, bordering Waverly to the south. It is shown on the map in pink.


A high density municipality that is located east of Eisli. It is shown on the map in orange.

It contains Espil Ecilidae Airport, as well as Ecilidae Central, a major transit hub in the region.

The Iakuse River flows through Ecilidae Centre, which has forced it to become the densest area in Espil. There are a large amount of urban pathways in the area, allowing for travel between buildings without ever touching the ground.


A high density district north of Eisli, bordering Pixl. It is shown on the map in blue. It contains the headquarters of many corporations, including EstiShares. It is known for its extensive urban trails throughout the district, allowing residents to travel between areas on foot with ease. It also has a developed startup ecosystem in Rae, where many small tech businesses have been successful in creating and designing products without need for external imports.


Espilian culture has developed to become a unique exception on the MRT, with some cyberpunk aspects.

Eisli-inTis East Cultural Area

This can primarily be attributed to the lifestyle of many Espilians, who live in neo-futuristic apartment blocks in dense urban districts. The city has had an explosion of mahjong players, as much of the urban landscape is dominated by outdoor couches and tables, perfect for playing mahjong. This can be seen as similar to Chengdu's tea culture.

Cultural curation has become more pronounced, as new museums have opened. Various examples include Cosine's Atelier in the inTis East Cultural Area, and the Glass Museum in western Eisli. Architecture plays a big role much of the city, as companies like Espil Architects have opened many branches and headquarters that blend in to the urban landscape. Various monuments to Espilian design exist in the inTis East Cultural Area.

Espilian cuisine is quite varied, but primarily focuses on a combination of noodles and bubble tea. Districts such as Ecilidae Centre practically have 2-3 noodle/bubble tea restaurants per block. However, many other restaurants exist in the city that serve a variety of different imported cuisines, providing abundant choice for foodlovers.

The music and visual arts community in Espil is primarily focused in the inTis East Cultural Area, as many buildings and performance stages there provide opportunity for aspiring artists.

Various monuments are also visible on fountains in many of Espil's parks, commemorating certain events in Espil's history.


Espil has a large amount of accommodations for tourists in the city, with many hotels centred around Rae, Cephyl and Ecilidae Centre.


Media in Espil is covered by an affiliate of JTV.


Espil is an international centre for finance and business, with its large amount of office buildings. Nearly 65% of the citizens in Espil boast office jobs in major district centres.

The cost of living in Espil a ranked as one of the lowest in the south west, due to the low demand of housing in the area. The unemployment rate as of 05/22/2019 is 2%.


Espil's administrative center is the City Hall in inTis-Eisli. The city has district councillors to represent the needs of a specific area in Espil, so that the government can respond to needs immediately. There are many divisions of Espil's government, such as:


Public transportation in Espil is managed by EstiNet, which is the regional transit service organization for the Estify Region.


Espil is served by two major urban rail systems for local travel.

The Esti Mi is an underground heavy rail metro system that acts as the backbone of the transit network, and extends into other cities in the Estify Region.

The SkyTrain is a mostly elevated metro system that is heavily integrated into denser areas of the city, such as Ecilidae.

Regional Rail

Espil currently has 3 stations on the MRT Circle Line.

Deltix Skyline from C81

IntraRail has one station in Espil:

  • Espil Sanders Station

RaiLinQ has 2 stations in Espil:

  • Espil North-East
  • Espil Ecilidae Airport

CitiRail has 1 station in Espil:

  • Atvix Centre

BluRail has two stations in Espil:

  • Espil Deltix North
  • Espil Ecilidae Airport

Fred Rail has one station in Espil:

  • Espil Deltix North

NKTransit has one station in Espil:

  • Espil Deltix North

PMW Commuter has one station in Espil:

  • Espil Deltix North


Espil has several highways going through it. They are managed by Esti Vi (EstiNet).



Espil Ecilidae Airport

Espil is primarily served by Espil Ecilidae Airport, which is a large airport in the district of Ecilidae, near the border with Waverly.

There are also airports located in nearby cities:


Espil is served by a network of shuttle buses between transit hubs, as well as an efficient BRT system.

Road System

Espil is directly connected by road to the following cities:

  • Waverly (With Avenue Street)
  • Kolpino (With A76)
  • Aprix (With B750)
  • Glenbrook (With B750)
  • Pixl (With various roads)
  • Evella (With A76)

Espil has a unique road system, with barriers in the middle of the road to prevent jaywalking. Roads are laid out in a grid pattern for ease of use.


Health and Medicine

Eisli Central Hospital

Espil is home to a few medical centres, with Eisli Central Hospital being the largest. Wait times in Espil are an average of 30 minutes for patients, due to the large influx of patients around the server because of non-existent health systems in other cities. There are plans for more specific medical centres to open, so that there is dedicated care for all medical problems ranging from foot, to eye problems.


Deltix Secondary School

Espil has extensive education opportunities for its citizens, and abroad.
There are several elementary schools and secondary schools in Espil, with institutions of higher learning being planned.


Espil has a large police force patrolling the city. The main headquarters for espilPolice is in the Deltix Police Headquarters building. BART has also partnered with Espil, and has provided an extra police center with a large variety of vehicles.

Fire Services

Espil has fire services that are well-suited for fighting blazes in skyscrapers as well as low-rise buildings.

International Relations & Foreign Policy

Espil is currently neutral with all cities on the server, and does not participate in wars and battles. The EspilFi is only for peacekeeping and for protection of Espil residents from other causes.
If your city would like to be a sister city of Espil, leave a request on the talk page!


Classic apartment in Espil

Espil has a large population in comparison to many cities. However, the apartment building boom in Espil has lead to a great surplus (500+ extra apartments) of homes. As a result, the government incentivizes property ownership through subsidization of all property acquisition costs. If you would like an apartment in Espil for free, contact EspiDev!


The Espil Public Library offers several branches throughout Espil.

Espil has many different recreation options available for citizens.
This includes libraries, recreation centers, sports arenas and parks. A majority of subdistricts contain at least one local recreation center, park and library.
Articles related to recreation in Espil:

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Espil (Deltix North)
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Espil Ecilidae Airport