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inTis district
Town Officials
Mayor EspiDev
Deputy Mayor Seshpenguin, Kenoi (former)
MRT  C80  Espil-Eisli Central
 C81  Espil-Eisli North
 C82  Espil-Cephyl Center
Roadways  B750 ,  B751 ,  B753 ,  B754 ,  A76 
Nearest Airport Espil Ecilidae Airport
Rail EstiNet, qTrain, gTrain, RaiLinQ, IntraRail, Fred Rail, PMW Commuter, BluRail, Manukau Transport, Illrail, Nktransit, Pixl Rail
Facts and Figures
Population 50
Founded August 29th, 2015
Recognized as town December 12th, 2015
Town Rank Governor
World New
Political Party MRT Federalist Party, StaDev Party
Ward(s) 7
Other Info
MPO(s) United Cities, West Ocean Partnership, Southwestern Allianced Territories
Census CensusEspil
Area Code (Phone) 7-269

Espil is one of the largest and most populous cities in the southwestern region, and is the primary economic and cultural centre of the Estify Region. The city contains a very diverse atmosphere, containing thousands of shops and the highest living standards possible in the area. A large variety of services are centred in the city, and are the only such services available in the entire region (ex. healthcare, libraries). It is characterized for it's unique style with glass, quartz, and stone bricks, and was founded on August 29th, 2015. Espil is situated east of the West Ocean, and sits on top of a plains biome, a savannah and a desert.


Espil covers a large portion of the southwest, covering a majority of the space between  C80 ,  C81  and  C82 . The West Ocean is located to the west of Espil, with plans for a future waterfront. Constructing on the east side is a major challenge, because of the rough terrain of the desert. On the west side, denser districts have formed because of the relative ease of building on the flat plains area. In general however, the city lies on flat ground, and is much more fortunate than other settlements on rougher ground.


Espil has a subtropical climate with an average temperature of 23°C. The summers are relatively hot, with temperatures reaching up to 33°C in the desert (on the east end). Winters are mild, with average temperatures at 15°C. Average rainfall varies between different districts, with the east having constant droughts, and the west having an abundance of precipitation. This is especially the case during the winter, when the area becomes much drier. It is then needed for water to be pumped from the west-side to the desert districts as well as Aprix. There has never been any recorded snowfall in the region.


Eisli-inTis West CBD
Cephyl-Rae CBD
Aldi-Lizi Circle
Eisli-Deltix Skyline


Espil has a reputation for being a "tall" city, with many skyscrapers and high-rises dominating the skyline on the west side. Districts usually have slight differences in architectural design. For example, Eisli, which the southern district, contains many utilitarian older skyscrapers that make use of stone bricks more often. In the north, the district Cephyl is completely dominated by futuristic quartz designs. Espil is mainly a modern-futurist style, with inspiration from many new high-rises being developed in Toronto, Canada as a result of the condo boom. Quartz is very prominent in the city, with over 400 tons of it shipped into the city every month. Stone brick and glass is also a defining feature of Espil, with many skyscrapers utilizing large amounts of it.


Espil is split into districts, and then sub-districts with them.


The first and most developed district in Espil.
It is on the west side of the city, bordering Waverly to the south.


The first sub-district of Espil. It contains the MRT station C80. On the west side, is the inTis CBD, which contains Espil's city hall, and various other high rise offices. There is also high-density living spaces in that area. On the east side is a lower density area, with many of Espil's oldest buildings. The inTis District Center is located here, which provides connections on to various EstiNet transit modes. This sub-district was founded on August 29th, 2015.


Contains the MRT station of C81. This subdistrict is primarily filled with residential buildings, with many parks in the area. It also contains the Deltix Train Hub and SkyZone. Deltix Plaza is also the source of many major fireworks shows and events for residents and tourists. There are also a multitude of hotels in the area, that accommodate tourists to the city. Eisli North Train Terminal is in the area, and has connections to many different warp rail companies, such as BluRail and Fred Rail.


Located near the southern beach part of Espil. This subdistrict has a large entertainment area filled with shops and recreational amenities (parks, libraries and etc.) in the east, and a central business district in the west. Atvix Centre is also a major transit hub in the area, providing qTrain and gTrain connections.


North of Atvix but east of Deltix.




A suburban municipality that is located east of Eisli.

Ecilidae Center

Future district center of Ecilidae.


A bustling suburban district that also borders Espil Ecilidae Airport.










A high density district north of Eisli, bordering Pixl.


Contains C82.

















Contains a Nutella house. :/



North Keno



Espil, being a relatively new city, doesn't have a very prominent, defining culture around it yet.


Espil boasts a large amount of attractions around the city. Here are a few.

Espil Limits

First building in Espil
Espil Limits is the first skyscraper in Espil. It was built to serve as a residential building.

Espilian Doubles Square

First landmark in Espil
A performance and celebration area, which contains the iconic Espilian Doubles, a stage, and a fireworks launcher which launches every night.

City Hall

Located in inTis-Eisli, the Espil's city hall boasts the first urban park in the city, with the entire frame being built out of glass.


A very popular trampoline arena located in Deltix-Eisli, with a huge indoor jumping arena.


Espil does not have a sports arena to host home games yet, but it has plans in the future to do so.


Media in Espil is covered by an affiliate of JTV.


Espil is an international centre for finance and business, with it's large amount of office buildings. Nearly 65% of the citizens in Espil boast an office job in the downtown core.
The cost of living in Espil a ranked as one of the lowest in the southwest, due to the low demand of housing in the area. The unemployment rate as of 5/25/2016 is 4%.


Espil is a democratic dictatorship, with its administrative center in the City Hall in inTis-Eisli. The city has district councillors to represent the needs of a specific area in Espil, so that the government can respond to needs immediately. There are many divisions of Espil's government, such as:


Health and Medicine

Main Article: HealthEspil

Espil is home to a few medical centers, with Eisli Central Hospital being the largest. Wait times in Espil are an average of 30 minutes for patients, due to the large influx of patients around the server because of non-existant health systems in other cities. There are plans for more specific medical centers to open, so that there is dedicated care for all medical problems ranging from foot, to eye problems.
Eisli Central Hospital


Main Article: EstiNet

EstiNet Banner.jpg

Public transportation in Espil is managed by EstiNet, which is the regional transit service organization for the Estify Region.


Main Article: Esti Mi
Espil has an extensive metro system that serves the entire city, as well as other cities in the Estify Region.

Regional Rail

Espil currently has 3 stations on the MRT Circle Line.

Deltix Skyline from C81

IntraRail has one station in Espil:

  • Espil Sanders Station

RaiLinQ has 2 stations in Espil:

  • Espil North-East
  • Espil Ecilidae Airport

BluRail has two stations in Espil:

  • Espil Deltix North
  • Espil Ecilidae Airport

Fred Rail has one station in Espil:

  • Espil Deltix North

NKTransit has one station in Espil:

  • Espil Deltix North

PMW Commuter has one station in Espil:

  • Espil Deltix North

Illrail has two stations in Espil:

  • Atvix Centre
  • Aurora Centre

Manukau Transport has one station in Espil:

  • Espil Ecilidae Airport


Espil has several highways going through it. They are managed by Esti Vi (EstiNet).


Main Article: Espil Ecilidae Airport
Espil has a moderately large airport located in the district of Ecilidae.


Main Article: Esti Bi
Espil is served by a network of shuttle buses between transit hubs, as well as an efficient BRT system.

Road System

Espil is directly connected by road to the following cities:

  • Waverly (With Avenue Street)
  • Kolpino (With A76)
  • Aprix (With B750)
  • Glenbrook (With B750)
  • Pixl (With various roads)
  • Evella (With A76)

Espil has a unique road system, with barriers in the middle of the road to prevent jaywalking. Roads are laid out in a grid pattern for ease of use.


Main Article: EduEspil

Espil plans to have one of the largest education systems in the world.
inTis Elementary School


Main Article: espilPolice

Espil has a large police force patrolling the city. The main headquarters for espilPolice is in the Deltix Police Headquarters building. BART has also partnered with Espil, and has provided an extra police center with a large variety of vehicles.

International Relations & Foreign Policy

Espil is currently neutral with all cities on the server, and does not participate in wars and battles. The EspilFi is only for peacekeeping and for protection of Espil residents from other causes.
If your city would like to be a sister city of Espil, leave a request on the talk page!


Main Article: Espil/Residents


Eisli-inTis East Cultural Center

Espil has many different recreation options available for citizens.
This includes libraries, recreation centers, sports arenas and parks. A majority of subdistricts contain at least one local recreation center, park and library.
Articles related to recreation in Espil:

This city is a proud member ofTronc.png

Previous station Next station
 C79  Foobar
towards Daneburg
 C80  Espil  C81  Espil - Eisli North
towards Wazamawazi
 C80  Espil - Eisli Central
towards Daneburg
 C81  Espil  C82  Espil - Cephyl Center
towards Wazamawazi
 C81  Espil - Eisli North
towards Daneburg
 C82  Espil  C83  Foobar
towards Wazamawazi
Terminus IntraRail Anthony Fokker
Espil Sanders Station
Utopia - Anthony Fokker Regional Train Station
towards Utopia
Terminus IntraRail Mika Service
Espil Sanders Station
Kolpino City Airport
towards Kolpino
Terminus IntraRail Mountain Lion
Espil Sanders Station
towards Formosa
Terminus IntraRail Wizard Service
Espil Sanders Station
towards Birdhall
Vekta & Xandar RaiLinQ
Espil North/East Station
Espil Airport
Espil North/East RaiLinQ
Espil Airport Station
Waverly Junction
Pixl BluRail Line 5
Espil (Deltix North)
Terminus Fred Rail Espil-UCWT
Espil (Deltix North)
Heampstead Fred Rail Western Line
Espil (Deltix North)
Xandar-Vekta Manukau Transport Cardinal Line
Espil Ecilidae Airport
Auckland Manukau Transport Empire Line
Espil Ecilidae Airport