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Old Chansee.png
The district of Old Chansee.
Town officials
Mayor sixhundredcats
Deputy Mayor Wipeout111
Facts and figures
Town hall coordinates -16608 98 873
Founded 2020
Recognized as town 7 September 2020
Town rank [Senator]
World New World
Ward(s) 3

Chansee is a Senator-ranked city on the MRT Jungle Line at JS6. Its mayor is sixhundredcats. It is made up of two districts, the Old Town and Downtown Chansee. Old Chansee has a very distinct treehouse-style build featuring terracotta and jungle wood. The neighborhood is home to many boutique shops, the current town hall, Chansee University, and plenty of homes. The Downtown district has a much more colorful, eclectic theme. Most builds in the neighborhood are inspired by Miami Art Deco and/or Neo-Andean architecture. It is home to many government buildings, including the Department of Workers and Jobs, the Department of Food, and the Department of Health. Downtown Chansee also features the bustling farmer's market, a planetarium, and the iconic Chansee Art Museum. Two more districts are planned at this time, though construction has yet to begin.


Old Chansee

Chansee's Old Town is its oldest district and hosts its iconic treehouse-style buildings. All of the buildings are connected to a wooden walkway and have entrances underneath, accessible by climbing vines. Houses are built to match the size and shape of various canopies in the trees and are made to disrupt as little of the natural leaf growth as possible. Houses are also apartment-style with no lawn space. The outer edge of this neighborhood is marked by a boat race track. The track is lined with sea lanterns and regular lanterns to ease in racing at night. The entirety of Old Chansee was built by sixhundredcats.

Notable Features

  • Boat race track and stands
  • Chansee University
  • Town Hall
  • The Hop, Chansee's oldest club and gay bar.


Downtown Chansee has much more typical “city” look, including skyscrapers and buildings on the ground. It has a planned grid street system, though the streets are still made of jungle planks rather than imitating an asphalt or concrete road from the real world. Since it operates under communism, most buildings in the downtown are government offices. As a fun easter egg, many buildings in the downtown area host hidden nightclubs within their walls. All of the builds are by sixhundredcats, with some minor help from lorenst on the CAM building.

Notable Features

  • Chansee Aquarium
  • Chansee Art Museum (CAM)
  • Monument to Rihanna
  • Black Snake Club, Chansee Worker's Club, and Tierra (nightclub)
  • Floating flower market


Chansee operates under its own brand of communism. The aim of the state is to provide shelter, sustenance, and safety to all of its citizens. All food, housing, transportation, healthcare, education, and any other good and/or service owned and/or operated by the Chansean government is free of charge to citizens. To become a citizen of Chansee, one must be born within the city and have lived there for 2 years, OR complete the citizenship application. Once the application is approved, applicants must reside within Chansee for at least 2 years. During this 2 year period they are granted the rights of a full Chansean citizen.

Chansee is a police-free, prison-free city.