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Wipeout111's Current Time
3:46 am, January 27, 2022 EST
Director of Airships
Deputy Director Of Theatres & Performing Arts
Location New York (Around 40 mins from NYC)
Language(s) English
Gender Male
Birth date February 22nd
MRT information
Current rank [Mayor]
Notable projects Gillmont, Barshat Abtalit, MRT Airships, Assassins
Joined Sometime in 2017
Accepted August 22 2019
Citizen August 31 2019
Trustee September 29 2019
Councillor October 7th 2019
Mayor November 28 2019
Senator I build slower than inactive players
Governor Yeah nope
Premier ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Social networks
Discord Wipeout111#4640
Nickname(s) Wipeout

About Myself

Hello, I am Wipeout111, or just Wipeout. Throughout my time on the server (around a year), I have constructed the towns of Gillmont at SW22-SW23 and Barshat Abtalit, which is located in the middle of nothing in eastern Zeta. If you need to contact me, the best way is through discord (Wipeout111#4640)



Gillmont is located at the SW22 & SW23 MRT stations.

Barshat Abtalit

A.K.A. "Barshat Something" or "Wipeout's other town" or the one I care about


Gillmont Theatre Co.

Gillmont Theatre Co. is my theatre company where I sell custom and pasted theatres.

MRT Airships

The servers best, worst, largest, smallest, most popular, most hated, and only warp airship company. If you would like an airship terminal in your town, I build them for free, message me on discord and I will set one up for you.

The White Painting Shop

Currently my only franchise, The White Painting Shop sells, well, white paintings for lots of money.


12 Days Of MRT Christmas

My first and worst event, it has been discontinued


Assassins is my longest running and most popular gameshow with a total of 2 seasons.

The Events


Game shows I've Been In

Average: 6.6

Other Things About Me

  • I love theatre, and I live near Broadway which is great
  • While I am not an avgeek, I love flying and traveling in general, mainly to places with an old/ancient past
  • I'm a rollercoaster enthusiast & a disney parks nerd
  • I plan on learning to read & write using cuneiform some day


Keep in mind this is not official, and if my will ever needs to be put into place I will email in the official one.

Gillmont goes to _Mossie, if he declines it goes to Sesese9.

Barshat Abtalit will not go to the deputy mayor Kekkomatic, by request of kekko. Instead it will go to Mossie, if he declines it goes to DintyB.

Gillmont Theatre Co. goes to Mossie, if he declines it goes to Echohue.

MRT Airships goes to Godzilltrain, if he declines then it may be claimed via IAT.


Glowlight Award.png
Glowlight Award Nominee
Outstanding Game Show Franchise
Category nominee of The Glowlight Awards