Ender Wing Airlines

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Ender Wing Airlines
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Corporate Information
CEO _MajorMagpie_
Parent Company Under_Score Corporation
Facts and figures
Founded N/A
Airline Information
Hubs MRT International Airport
Focus Cities N/A
Alliance OneMRT
USC LOGO 1.png An affiliate of the Under_Score Corporation

Ender Wing Air has been your source for long distance transit since mortals feared and respected us in the Medieval Age. Now that we have entered a newer, modern age, our services to you haven't changed. Need to be on time to raid that village? Book our speedy service, and let us do all of that flying for you. We also offer services for our wingless brethren, and of course the Mortals. Though they hunt us down and make us into armor, we have a place for them as well on our Airlines.

We are partnered with the World2 Transit System's Airport Authority to give Mortals flights to and from the W2TS World Airport, via the MRT Int'l Airport - Concourse B. Be advised that these are for Mortals ONLY. All Dragons may use our other flights.

END - Hubs we fly to and from

At all hubs, we offer Flayer Hide to USD or Emerald conversions at Check-Ins.

MAIN HUB: Dragon City/Dragon World Interworld Airport (off-server)

W2TS World Airport (off-server)

MRT Int'l Airport

MRT Regional Airport

Metro City Int'l Airport (off-server)

Center City Regional Airport (off server)

END - Rules for safe flight

No elemental magic of any kind is to be used at the airport or on a plane. No firebreathing allowed.

Do not threaten or actually eat a mortal passenger.

Keep your whelps by your side at all times.

Do not bring your eggs onboard the plane.

Spreading your wings while in-flight is strictly prohibited.

Please have your necessary papers out for inspection of Dragon World portal entry.

Airports are for planes, not yourself. Please do not take off at airports.