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Founded by Bspells
Facts and figures
Number of Destinations 4
Founded 8 Feb 2015
Hubs Ilirea-Vermilion International Airport

GoldSkies is a new luxury airline on the MRT. GoldSkies was founded by bspells on 8 Feb 2015. GoldSkies services include first class as well as premium economy and standard economy offerings. We strive to provide best-in-class customer service and a wide range of destinations.


The experience on GoldSkies is second to none. Take a look at our different cabins below.



SkyPremier is the first class offering on GoldSkies. SkyPremier is our most exclusive offering. On board, expect a personal TV with live satellite channels and on-demand audio and video content. A full meal is served on most flights. Onboard Wi-Fi is free. Enjoy complimentary lounge access and priority ticketing, boarding, and luggage services.



SkyPlus is the premium economy offering on GoldSkies. SkyPlus offers free SkyLounge access and a free premium snack and beverage service including freshly baked pastries and alcoholic beverages. Wi-Fi is offered at a reduced rate.


SkyBlue is the economy offering on GoldSkies. SkyBlue offers basic service with a reclining seat and a free snack and beverage service.


SkyLounge at IVY

SkyLounges can be found in some airports served by GoldSkies. Currently, there is only one SkyLounge, which is located at Ilirea-Vermilion International Airport between gates A9 and A10. These lounges offer a free snack bar and a plush seating area with free Wi-Fi. SkyLounges will open in more airports as GoldSkies expands.

Frequent Flier Program

We wanted to say thank you for choosing GoldSkies, so that's why we came up with GoldMiles.

Medallion Level Points Needed Priority Luggage Services Priority Boarding Free Wi-Fi On Board Free Lounge Access Class of Service Upgrades
Silver 25,000 Points X X X X 20% more likely
Gold 50,000 Points X X 40% more likely
Diamond 75,000 Points 60% more likely
Platinum 100,000 Points 75% more likely


Flight base Destinations

Note: Includes flights operated by codeshare partners.

Fairfax-Atlanta Metropolitan Airport MRT Regional Airport
Ilirea-Vermilion International Airport Treplöw International Airport, Whitechapel Sky Harbor
Treplöw International Airport Amphibio Airport Amphitheatre