Whitechapel Sky Harbor

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Whitechapel Sky Harbor
Airport type Airport
Owner/Operator Nordic on behalf of the Government of Whitechapel
Serves Whitechapel
Location Northwest New World
Hub for SkyWest Airlines

Whitechapel Sky Harbor is a under-construction airport in the northeastern part of Whitechapel. It is projected to serve as a medium-haul destination, with terminals dedicated to alliances and independent airlines. Its purpose is to serve the medium airlines market, with the aim of having large airlines serve the future IVY International Airport which will be connected to Whitechapel via CitiRail.

NOTE: With decisions from the recent GSM, Whitechapel will see its gate number reduced to 20 and a massive reconstruction project to be held shortly. Its current trident style terminal takes too much land up, therefore it will be rearranged. There will be no loss of any gates that has already been purchased up to this point, as the 4 gates being removed will be mostly Independent airline gates.


The Yeamanator Memorial Terminal is a state-of-art terminal dedicated to Yeamanator132, the architect of the airport. It hosts 24 gates divided into three further sub-terminals- The Corrigan Terminal, the Whitechapel Terminal, and the Rivera Terminal, named after locations in Whitechapel.

Initial Gate Reservations will be announced, and at initial launch, gates are limited to one per airline company, with alliance airlines gate going for the price of $150. Independent, non-alliance airlines can purchase a gate at the Whitechapel Terminal for $200 each. Do note that there will be no refunds given if the gate was claimed and not upgraded/served by flights within 2 months time-frame, in which it will be returned to sales. On March 16, 2015, in direct response to the limitation of airports in Gamma and a reduction in gates at Whitechapel Sky Harbor, gate fees will be $450 per Alliance Airline gate, and $500 per Independent Airline gate.

Since this is the Skywest Airlines Hub, only 6 gates are available to independent airlines.

This is also first-come, first-served airport. There will be NO future expansion to this airport. However, if an airline company has its owner become inactive for a minimum of 6 months, the gate is open to bids again.

2019 Terminal Road Renovations

In Summer 2019 a project was completed to renovate the terminal roads in the front of the Terminal to better improve the road geometry and reduce the amount of space taken. This is the first phase of a potential airport total reconstruction. New features included a extended weaving lane, the removal of the Pedestrian Bridge between the Victory Transit Hub and the Terminal, reduction of the widest lanes to 3 from the former 6, and a new terminal arrival/departure frontage that will accommodate the future changes.

Victory Transit Hub

South of the Airport is the Victory Transit Hub, named after the Victory Rent-A-Car center. Accessible from the terminal via the Airport South Whitechapel Metro Station, the Victory Transit Hub has three bus platforms capable of hosting 12 buses, and a rental car center where you can obtain a u-car to be driven around Whitechapel and beyond. an Whitechapel Metro station is located below the hub to serve Whitechapel.

Gate Assignments

As of February 27, the gates below are available, with the respective prices listed. Please speak to hnt immediately if you are interested in a gate. A limit of one gate per airline will apply for any new gates.

Gate # Current Owner Price
E4 Unknown 100

Gate Owners

This section needs terminal E added.

Corrigan Terminal (UnitedSkies Terminal)
Gate A1 Infamous Airlines (Operated By Yair)
Gate A2 BART Airlines
Gate A3 AirLinQ
Gate A4 Eastern Airways
Gate A5 South Weast Airlines

Rivera Terminal (SkyTransit / Stanley Terminal)
Gate C1 Caelus Airlines
Gate C2 IntraAir
Gate C3 AirLinQ
Gate C4 Ilirea Airlines
Gate C5 Vermilion Airways

Whitechapel Terminal
Gate B1 Skywest Airlines
Gate B2 Skywest Airlines
Gate B3 Skywest Airlines
Gate B4 Nexus Airlines
Gate B5 Nexus Airlines
Gate B6 Skywest Airlines
Gate B7 Skywest Airlines
Gate B8 Skywest Airlines
Gate B9 BART Airlines
Gate B10 BART Airlines