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Town officials
Mayor cardinalland
Deputy Mayor hntredtie
Town Councillors N/A
MRT  XE3  Grayzen
Bus [20] bus
Roadways B14 (Grayzen Highway), A3
Other transit RegionalConnect, Grayzen Rapid Transit
Facts and figures
Population 2
Town hall coordinates 465, 90, -1633
Founded 3/13/2015
Recognized as town 5/14/2015
Town rank Senator
World New

Grayzen is a town located at station  XE3  Grayzen. It was founded by cardinalland and is growing. It has many districts and a few transit lines. It is in the CNA.

How To Get to Grayzen

Way 1: Type /spawn to go to Central Park. Then take the Expo Line 3 stops east from X0 to XE3.

Way 2: Type /spawn to go to spawn. Fly north a bit. Take the roads north until you get to route A1. Take that until it's connection with A3. Then turn onto A3. Get off A3 at the next exit, exit 2 (Grayzen). Take the highway and you will enter Grayzen.


There are currently multiple districts in Grayzen.

Residential District

The residential district is the eastern part of Grayzen. It includes residential apartments, which some shops on main streets. This neighborhood is where most of the people live. It is the city east of Cow Drive, and south of Greenway. It's main throughfare is the Central Boulevard.

Central Blvd  1 
Marsh Street  2 

Old City

The old city is near the center of Grayzen. It includes the government buildings and some of the old buildings. It is bounded on the east by Cow Drive, on the west by Main Street, on the North by Greenway, and on the south by Avex Avenue. Central Station is at the southern end of the neighborhood.

Central Station  1   2  3  4 

New City

The new city is on the west and north of Grayzen. It includes the giant Skymall, but not many other buildings yet. It will be composed of skyscrapers, taller than other buildings in the city. It is west of Main Street and north of Greenway. It also bounds the Central Plaza. Stations:
Greenway  1 
Birch Street  1  3 
Central Plaza  2 
Morse Street  4 

Shopping District

The shopping district is a line of stores, and in the future malls along Greenway. It is the main shopping area in the city and has food and shops. It currently has no subway stations but there are many nearby.

Industrial District

The Industrial District is a district in the south of Grayzen. It is bounded on the west and north by B14 (Grayzen Highway) and currently has no south or east border, although there will be a district to the south in the future. It will mainly feature large industrial buildings, like factories and warehouses, with some shop. It is completely in the taiga biome which covers most of Grayzen.
Skellington Road  4  3 
Spruce Street  4 

Redstone District

The Redstone District will be a new district that has not started yet. It will have buildings, shops, offices and green spaces, and the business will be redstone. In this district redstone contraptions are created and showcased. It is to the north of Silver Street, but the other boundaries are not set yet.

Lake District

The Lake District is another district that has not started yet. It is to the west of the redstone district and includes mainly apartments and shops next to the group of lakes to the southwest of Grayzen. The future 6 line will serve this district.

Financial District

The Financial District is another new district. It is east of Morse Street, and north of Avex Ave. It will have financial offices, banks, and the World Trade Center Complex. It is a subdistrict of the New City.

World Trade Center District

This is a subset of the Financial District, and another new district. It will have the World Trade Center, the Hex, and The Hub.

This list will be updated as the 3 + 4 line expansion plan continues and the 2+5 expansion plan begins.

Important Dates

3/13/15: Town Founded
3/14/15: City Hall Created
Early April: Skymall created
4/29/15: Wiki page created
5/14/15: Cardinalland has received councillor!
5/16/15: Connections to A3 opened. Grayzen Highway opens.
5/29/15: Cardinalland has received mayor!
5/31/15: Grayzen RegionalConnect opened.
5/31/15: Cardinalland starts a second city, Moton.
9/1/15: Cardinalland has received senator!



There are no taxes for a residential building in Grayzen, and for a long time (3 months) there was no cost for any building. However, as of 6/11/15, a pricing system is in place. These are the costs for apartments, by size.

Size Post-furnished price Pre-furnished price
Tiny (<30 sqm) $0.50 $1.00
Small (30-100 sqm) $1.00 $2.00
Medium (100-200 sqm) $2.00 $5.00
Large (200-500 sqm) $5.00 $12.00
Huge (500+ sqm) $8.00+ $20.00+

Some apartments close to the limit may cost less. However, be prepared to spend these amounts.


There is currently no price for offices or mall space. Ask the owner of the building for info.

Player-Built structures

These structures are usually free to build in Grayzen! However, there can be a cost.

Important Buildings


Skymall is the tallest building in Grayzen by many meters, at 183 meters tall. From it's observation deck there are views of the whole city, and has a planned "Skymall", on the top, with chairs overlooking the city.

Floor Plan

- Floors 1-5: Ground Mall
- Floors 6-8: Offices
- Floors 9-13: Hotel
- Floors 14-15: Recreation
- Floors 16-36: Apartments
- Floors 37-41: Skymall
- Floors 42-43: Observation Deck

Apartments will be up for sale soon.

Town Hall

The town hall is where members of the city meet. It also includes chairs, and is like a courthouse. There are signs on the walls with information about the city. Important events happen here. It is on the corner of Main Street and Dissil Street.

First House

A small wooden house on the corner of Dissil Street and Pig Street holds the title of first wood house. It was discovered when the city was created, and named "The First House". It is a tourist attraction tourists visit when near the city hall.

The Hex

The Hex is a government building in Grayzen. It houses the Department of Defense and important city information. It has lots of security, so people don't go in. It is on the corner of Hex Drive and Avex Avenue, closest to Hex Drive station. There are gates all around and fences, as it is a restricted area. Only city officials can go in. It is currently under construction as of May 2 2015, and may not be finished for some time.

The World Trade Center

This will be a building that is very tall, but not as tall as the Skymall, and will hold lots of offices. It will be located around the corner of Hex Drive and the Redway.

The Pinnacle

The Pinnacle will be a landmark in Grayzen. It will be near the World Trade Center and be very tall.

City Officials

The city of Grayzen will soon be accepting city and officials. You can ask to become any rank except Deputy Mayor, who cardinalland will ask. The ranks are as follows:
Mayor: Cardinalland
Deputy Mayor: hntredtie
Councillors: N/A (3 positions)
The responsibilities are coming soon.


Main Article: Grayzen Rapid Transit

Grayzen has six trains and one tram which traverse the city for easier travel. The main hub for these lines is Central Station but you can access them from many places. There are currently 11 subway stations and 3 tram stations.

Transit Center

The Grayzen Transit Center is the main transit hub for Grayzen. It is currently under construction, but you can ask for platforms now. Mail cardinalland to ask for a platform.
More platforms will be built in the future. To get to GTC, go to station Industria on lines 4 and 5.

Track Number Platform Number Company Destination
1 1 Hytrak ---
2 1 Hytrak ---
3 1 Hytrak ---
4 2 Hytrak ---
5 2 Hytrak ---
6 2 Hytrak ---
7 3 --- ---
8 3 --- ---
9 4 --- ---
10 4 --- ---
11 5 --- ---
12 5 --- ---