IntraAir Boutique

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IntraAir Boutique
IntraAir Boutique.png
The Pleasures of Flight
Corporate Information
CEO KittyCat11231
Other Staff N/A
Parent Company IntraAir (a division of IntraTransit (a division of Feline Holdings))
Facts and figures
Founded 12/19/2014
Airline Information
Hubs Western Ocean International Airport
Alliance SkyTransit Alliance

IntraAir Boutique is a luxury subsidiary of IntraAir. A step up from the IntraAir experience, Boutique flights are designed to revolve around you. Our planes use a custom interior design, featuring luxurious minerals and carefully designed seating arrangements with the best in in-flight food and entertainment. IntraAir Boutique flights are usually scheduled to popular resort destinations, and getaway packages can often be included with our flights. Plus, all of your IntraPriority miles can be used on Boutique flights, and with IntraAir Boutique as an affiliate member of OneMRT, OneELITE members benefit as well. IntraAir Boutique is for the pleasures of flight.

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Boutique Class


Boutique Class is the highest class of IntraAir Boutique. Passengers get their own stained glass enclosed cabin, with a couch, bed, brewing table, and a private restroom and shower, not to mention the epic window views. Boutique Class passengers receive Catpads for their in-flight entertainment, and a complimentary bluetooth headset. Boutique Class passengers receive free access to custom Boutique lounges at select airports, and board before other classes with IntraPriority and OneELITE members. This class is perfect for long, overnight flights, whether sleeping on the cabin's mattress, stretching out on the couch, or even washing up on the way there.

Glamour Class


Glamour Class is the second highest class of IntraAir Boutique, and still brings forth the luxury amenities of flying on Boutique. Glamour seats have an exceptional two meters of legroom, and are enclosed from other seats and the aisle by lapis, gold, diamond, and emerald dividers complimented by stained class. In-flight entertainment is available on widescreen TVs in every seat. Glamour Class passengers receive free access to custom Boutique lounges at select airports, and board immediately after Boutique Class and IntraPriority/OneELITE members. Glamour Class is dressed to impress, designed to encase you in a unique flight experience.

Charm Class


Charm Class is the base class of IntraAir Boutique, but by no means the worst, still bringing forth the charm of IntraAir Boutique. Charm seats feature a meter of legroom, with a large TV set in every seat for in-flight entertainment. Charm Class seats are backed with polished, luxury coal, and are made to charm the passenger. Charm Class passengers board after Boutique and Glamour classes, and IntraPriority/OneELITE members. For the base level of Boutique charm, fly Charm Class on IntraAir Boutique.


IntraJet NG Jumbo 2.0


Boutique Class Seating Capacity: 2
Glamour Class Seating Capacity: 10
Charm Class Seating Capacity: 9

Total Seating Capacity: 21

The IntraJet NG Jumbo 2.0 is the first IntraAir plane to be remodeled for IntraAir Boutique. The interior of the aircraft is completely recreated from mainline IntraAir aircraft. Boutique Class dominates the interior, with two large Boutique cabins located on the aircraft. Alongside the Boutique Class cabins on the right side is a row of Charm Class seats. In the back of the aircraft, Glamour Class seats are located along with a lavatory for both Charm and Glamour Class. The crew cabin in the back and the cockpit in the front are the same as on mainline IntraAir aircraft.

IntraJet NG Mini 2.0


Boutique Class Seating Capacity: 1
Glamour Class Seating Capacity: 3
Charm Class Seating Capacity: 4

Total Seating Capacity: 8

The IntraJet NG Mini 2.0 has been redesigned from mainline IntraAir aircraft, compacting the Boutique experience of the redesigned Jumbo 2.0 into a size that will fit in most smaller airports. The interior is completely redesigned from mainline IntraAir aircraft, and the first thing noticable is the Boutique Class cabin. Walking past Boutique Class, to the left are three Glamour Class seats, and on the right four Charm Class seats. The crew cabin in the back and the cockpit in the front are the same as on mainline IntraAir aircraft.

OneMRT Alliance

Main Article: OneMRT


IntraAir Boutique is an affiliate member of OneMRT under IntraAir, a league of the MRT's leading airlines working together. Through OneMRT, we have a close partnership with Caelus, Air Peach/RedPeach, and Eastern Airways. These partnerships allow us to further extend our network across the MRT and beyond, and our passengers and frequent fliers benefit as well. IntraPriority members can apply for a OneELITE card, which grants OneMRT exclusive lounge access, and benefits across all OneMRT airlines. Yes, frequent fliers on IntraAir can reap the benefits on an Eastern Airways flight, along with all other OneMRT flights. A OneELITE card can be used in place of an IntraPriority card, PeachPriority card, Caelus Advantage Card, or EastCard, and grant access to lounges of OneMRT's member airlines. It can also be used to grant access to rapid check-in lanes at select airports and priority boarding on most OneMRT flights. OneMRT Alliance is here for you, to broaden your network, your connections, and your possibilities. Whether you fly IntraAir to Kitania, Air Peach to Atlanta, Caelus to Andromeda, or Eastern Airways to MineCity, you are flying on the MRT's biggest network of world class airlines catered to you. We are OneMRT: The MRT connects.


Flight 33

This flight uses the IntraJet NG Jumbo 2.0 aircraft in the IntraAir Boutique livery.


  • Western Ocean International Airport
  • Zaquar Ménage a Trois Regional Airport

Flight 37

This flight uses the IntraJet NG Mini 2.0 aircraft in the IntraAir Boutique lovery.


  • Marblegate-Heathrow International Airport
  • Zaquar Ménage a Trois Regional Airport