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MRT Organizer is a fictional software application that provides useful utilities for players of the MRT Server. It debuted in The Snapshot July/August 2016, when kekkomatic showed off the Spotlight Builder function, but it has no known plans of being developed and released to the public.


  • Catgif Calculator: This feature calculates a cat gif that is then shared with the server community. It appears to take some parameters, but it's unclear what those parameters are. Additionally it's unclear of whether the feature generates a cat gif from scratch or simply attempts to find one on the Internet that matches the provided parameters.
  • Lag Forecast: This feature checks lagorological models to try to forecast whether or not there will be any lag in the near future. Due to research in this field being limited thus far, the forecast is often wrong.
  • Spotlight Builder: This is the only feature that is the most well-known. It allows the user to generate a plan for what should be Spotlit in an episode of The Snapshot.
  • Upcoming Events: This feature displays any upcoming events on the server. The exact source of these events is unknown, though it's possible that the user could enter new events manually.
  • Route Planner: This feature presumably plans a trip from one location to another, similar to many transit agencies' trip planners. It's safe to assume that the route planner includes trips by MRT, A-roads, B-roads, flight, and walking, but it could include third-party systems and other forms of transport as well.
  • Frumple We Miss You: Though it's unclear exactly what this feature actually does, it is apparent that it was developed to try to either get in contact with, or show appreciation for, Frumple, the server owner, as he had been away for a long time when the original video was released.
  • Still Reading Huh?: This appears to be a joke "feature", to see whether or not the user is lost and trying to find something they're looking for. It could be used to bring up a help menu.


MRT Organizer appeared in The Snapshot July/August 2016, installed on kekkomatic's computer in his apartment in Falloway. He attempted to use the Spotlight Builder function to generate a plan for the Spotlight section for that episode. However, for an unknown reason, the computer crashed while attempting to generate the plan.

The Spotlight Builder function appears to allow the user to change a few options to narrow down the list of potential options:

  • Type: Set to "City" by default, though it has a dropdown menu so it presumably has other options.
  • Size: This is a level control, set to about 40% of its maximum value. The exact interpretation of "size" is unclear; it could change the number of places visited, or simply advise that Kekko spend more time in a given place. Alternatively it could increase the file size of the finished video.
  • Funny: This is also a level control. It started at about 30% of its maximum value, and Kekko adjusted it to 60% in the video.
  • Cinematic: A simple checkbox that suggests whether or not the Spotlight segment should be friendly towards cinematic shots. Turned off by default, Kekko turned it on.
  • Spelling mi2takes: Another checkbox indicating whether spelling mistakes should be tolerated. Turned off by default.

Once parameters are set, an image of Dynmap appears, and then the program iterates through various cities and locations to evaluate their fit against the criteria specified.