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Falloway City Centre
Falloway Flag.png
Flag of Falloway
Deputy MayorBaronThamesBank
City recognition
Date foundedOctober 4, 2014
Town hall coordinates-6420 100 5160
WorldNew World
Ward(s)Ward 7
MRT C76  Falloway
Political affiliations
MPO(s)West Ocean Partnership

Falloway is a Governor city founded by thomasfyfe located at C76 on the MRT Circle Line. It is located on the coast of Lake 8 on the New World.

The city is in various stages of development with the long-term goal to be a bustling centre of marine and space industry with docks, shipyards, and space launch facilities. The town will be used as a production hub for Inchmuir Space Agency building rocket parts and other equipment.

The town takes a lot of inspiration from Edinburgh and its Scottish Baronial, Victorian and Medieval architectural styles. Most buildings in Falloway are in some way based on or inspired by real-life locations or experiences.

Similar to Inchmuir, Falloway's buildings are redstone-wired, with each city block being able to be switched on and off individually on location. Similar to Inchmuir's Residential District, Falloway has an extensive plumbing and sewer network which runs throughout the city.


Most of the buildings in Falloway are reimaginations of real-life locations or experiences. The town takes inspiration from real cities such as Dundee and Edinburgh, which heavily feature Scottish Baronial, Victorian, and Medieval architectural styles. The majority of the town strictly follows this architecture; however, outside the city centre, it is relaxed.

A majority of buildings in Falloway are terraced, forming large city blocks that often include several buildings. In addition, many buildings have multiple occupants where the ground floor may include a shop or business and the floors above may include a number of tenants. This is typical of the towns and cities that Falloway takes inspiration from, and this helps create the atmosphere and realism that the town aims for.

Inner-city buildings typically have 3-5 floors and most have an accessible loft space. Some buildings may also have access to an underground floor where a business can utilise additional space that the building itself didn't have space for. Building sizes reduce outwards from the city centre.

Materials used in the town are typically stone or brick-based. Although this can create a monotone grey look, this look is intentional so that it matches the real life inspirations and also so that ground-level businesses or shops stand out from the dominant number of residential buildings. Other materials such as sandstone and quartz are used to highlight certain features such as window frames.

Building regulations

Buildings in Falloway follow a particularly strict set of guidelines. The use of glowstone is discouraged as buildings are required to have a controllable redstone-powered lighting system. This requirement was chosen after a successful implementation in Inchmuir as it acts as a unique trait for the city and opens up the possibilities for a greater atmosphere and realism. The base requirement is that all lights in a city block should be able to turn off from a master switch but it is not required for lights to have individual toggles.

The redstone wiring for a building is not visible, therefore most builds contain their wiring in a one-block layer between the roof and the floor above. This does require builds to take this extra space into consideration when planning.

The use of elevators is not required but is highly encouraged, especially in public buildings. Having access to every floor of the building without having to use Minecraft's flying mechanic is required to further emphasise realism. Stairs and elevators are used in the town to ensure there is full accessibility to a player walking on-foot.

Falloway also has support for indoor plumbing as a sewer system will connect pipes from buildings together into a network. Due to the space needed for indoor plumbing in Minecraft, it is not always feasible for this to be implemented but it is highly recommended whenever possible.


The Falloway City Government manage the city and the agencies under its juridiction. When Falloway was promoted to a Senator class city in February 2016, the City Council was founded and BaronThamesBank was appointed as the Deputy Mayor. When the city reached Governor status, the Government of Falloway superseded the City Council. The headquarters for the government is located within the North wing of Falloway City Hall. The City Council still remains

Government representatives are chosen due to their connection with Falloway, either through the builds they own or their knowledge of the city. Government representatives are approached by the Mayor if their input on future city plans will be helpful and if they accept, are given an office in the City Council wing. There are currently 5 cabinet ministers in addition to the Mayor and Deputy Mayor.

Position Representative
Mayor thomasfyfe
Deputy Mayor BaronThamesBank
Minister of Transportation Just_robinho
Minister of Technology Omricon
Minister of Events CaptainChimpy
Minister of Culture mine_man_
Minister of Economic Investments LDShadowLord

City council services

Falloway Geographical Office

The Falloway Geographical Office is the national mapping agency for the city of Falloway. The office is located in the City Hall Complex, adjacent to City Square. The office has created a number of maps and theories and speculates on the New World's relative position in the Minecraft universe.

City centre

Current, Planned, and Under Construction builds

The city centre runs along Marvel Road and Bond Street and includes Falloway City Square. Most buildings in the town's current state is considered to be a part of the city centre district. It contains a number of shopping and dining outlets as well as entertainment venues. It is the current location of the city planning office and real estate services, these serve as a temporary functions of a town hall that will be built in the future.

The City Square is a central location for the city which includes Falloway Castle, the Falloway Finance building and City Hall. The City Square surrounds the City Park, a calm and peaceful environment built by Omricon. Tourists can look up town information at the Notice Dome located in the square which contains news, advertisements and additional information.

The Falloway Farmers' Market operates on weekends and can be found at the Bond Street-Marvel Road junction. It contains stalls from local businesses from Falloway and the surrounding area.


Falloway is a small city so the most popular form of transportation is walking. Public transportation in Falloway is limited but is slowly expanding to meet the needs of the growing city. At the current time there are two operational bus lines with another under construction.

A light rail system is in the works with the first station being installed in Lower Falloway. A section of track can be seen tunneling beneath the city centre. Due to Falloway's terrain, planning will need be done ahead of time to accommodate the changes in ground height.

Falloway is connected to the rest of the New World by the MRT Circle Line and road connections to nearby cities. Despite the status of Falloway, no major road highways connect to the city. The only external road connection goes to Helix Bay where it eventually meets up with the rest of the world's road network.

Water transport is limited while a commercial port is under construction. No public water transportation currently runs to the city. Water transportation that does exist include ships privately operated by Inchmuir Space Agency for research and recovery.


Falloway Lighthouse

Falloway Lighthouse

Falloway lays claim to a small island to the West of Falloway. The West Ocean Naval Alliance operates a lighthouse and in co-operation with Inchmuir Space Agency operate a small outpost for the management of marine traffic in West Ocean and around the peninsula of Falloway.

Offshore Wind Farm

An offshore wind farm located West of Falloway at -7255, 65, 5690 (West Ocean) contributes to Falloway's power needs. The farm is currently under expansion.