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Marblegate Render.png
The Marblegate Eye
Town officials
Mayor Just_robinho
Deputy Mayor BaronThamesBank
MRT  ES10  Foobar
 ES11  Easest
 ES12  Marblegate Grenada
 ES13  Tyne and Wear
 ES14  Lakeview University
 ES15  Hatton Cross
 ES16  Foobar
 F25  Foobar
 F26  Easest
 F27  Marblegate
 F28  Foobar
 P27  Lakeview
 P28  Lakeview University
 P29  Hatton Cross
 P30  Foobar
Roadways Highway A4.png
Highway A30.png
Nearest airport Marblelake Heathrow International Airport
Facts and figures
Town hall coordinates 8713 66 3103
Town rank [Governor]
World New

Marblegate is a large city on the west of the New World owned by Just_robinho.


There are many notable builds in Marblegate:

  • L'hotel de Marblegate Ville - A hotel large next to Centraal Station.
  • Marblegate Eye - An observation wheel next to the Alikloly building in central Marblegate
  • Old Rashford - A football stadium to the city's west.
  • Giant Cross - A giant cross between Centraal Station and the Marblegate Eye
  • Titus Park - A large park.
  • Marblegate Church - A large church.
  • Centraal Station - A large railway station.


Marblegate has multiple forms of transit, including an airport, several highways, and a subway system.

Marblegate's Centraal Station at night

Marblegate U-Bahn

Marblegate has a large subway system known as the U-Bahn.

Line 1

Line 1
Surbiton  F25  Foobar
Easest Central  Line 6   Line 7 
Empire Way
Centraal Station  Line 2   Line 3 
Chambers Street
Extension provisions

Line 2

Line 2
Extension provisions
Hagelslag  Line 3 
Centrall Station  Line 1   Line 3 
Line 3 to Maguire Square
Porte d'Orléans

Line 3

Line 3
Extension provisions
Hagelslag  Line 7 
Centrall Station  Line 1   Line 2 
Line 2 to Azura
Maguire Square
Extension provisions

Lines 6/7

Lines 6/7
Extension provisions
Easest Interchange
Easest Central  Line 1 
Titus Park (Line 7 only)
Extension provisions
Tyne and Wear
North Charlamaine
South Charlamaine
Lakeview Interchange
Motor Valley
Hatton Cross
Marblelake Heathrow West Terminal  Airport Shuttle  BSicon FLUG.svg
Marblelake Heathrow East Terminal  Airport Shuttle  BSicon FLUG.svg

Airport Shuttle

Airport Shuttle
Marblelake Heathrow West Terminal  Line 7  BSicon FLUG.svg
Marblelake Heathrow East Terminal  Line 7  BSicon FLUG.svg