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The logo of the franchise.

MariManicade! (stylized in all lowercase and abberivated as mmc!) is a franchise by lightshatterz.


After 3 failed attempts to make another franchise, including Prismriver, The Amine Store and Costco, chimata decided that they wanted to make another franchise that would not fail suddenly.

After coming up with ideas, including an internet cafe, gaming store and an arcade, it was decided that it will be combined into one. However, it needed a name and after a while, it was named "marimanicade!", after Mani and Mari, the osu!mania mascots.

The franchise was announced to the public in January 1, 2023 and requests for locations opened.

Due to lack of demand and the time it took to build these locations, as well as unfulfilled orders for over half a year, new location orders (except for new locations ordered by redeeming an mmc! voucher) were discounted in July 30, 2023.


# Location
1 Raiko The Occidental
2 Dewford City
3 New Chandigarh
4 Essex
5 San Dzobiak

Request an location

New location orders are no longer being taken, except for locations redeemed by mmc! vouchers. However, existing orders placed will be still fulfilled.

Store types and pricing

The standard location comes with an internet cafe and an arcade. They require an area at around 200-250 m^2 or bigger and cost $0.727 per minute.

A gaming store can be added to the location. If it does, it requires an area around 400-500 m^2 or bigger and cost $1.371 per minute.

If you have a space that can't fit a standard location (internet cafe and arcade), you can order an internet cafe-only location. They require an area of 120-160 m^2 or bigger and cost $0.420 per minute.

The graph for calculating the price based on the time it took and the store type can be found here. X axis is minutes while Y axis is the price.

The prices are calculated by measuring the building time from start to finish, rounded to the nearest 30 seconds, and then multiplied by the rate and rounded to the nearest 5 cents. For example, a MariManicade! location with an internet cafe and an arcade that took 14 minutes to finish would cost $10.20. Likewise, a location with an internet cafe, arcade and gaming store that took 45 minutes to finish costs $61.70.

All payments should be made when the franchise is finished.

Wait list

This is sorted by when the location was requested, but it has no particular order as to when it will be built. If your name is on the list and lightshatterz is online, ask them if you're ready to begin building.

Location Requester Store type
Keriyowna worrski Standard + gaming store