Schiphol International Airport

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Schiphol International Airport
  • ICAO: none
Airport typeAirfield
Owner/OperatorDevranTheBoyxD, Veolia Airways
ServesNew Acreadium
LocationNorth New World
Hub forVeolia Airways
Built6 April 2018
Direction Length Surface
ft m
South 325 99 Concrete

Schiphol International Airport is an airport in New Acreadium and is directly next the  ZN29  New Acreadium - Schiphol Airport.

You can go to the airport by our Veolia Public Transport or take the car. There is a big parking garage located next to the airport. You can park here for free.

Flight List

Gate Airline Destination
Concourse A
A1 BluAir Ocean Suburb
Tranquil Forest
A2 CentralJet Venceslo Fifth Ward
A3 AirKirdé Jimmy Doolittle Regional Airport
A4 Veolia Airways Venceslo Fifth Ward
A5 FliHigh Venceslo Fifth Ward
Concourse B
B1 Waypoint Airchester
B2 SkyTrans Union of Central Western Territories International Airport
Fort Yaxier International Airport
Kantō International Airport
Larkspur Lilyflower International Airport
B3 Infamous Airlines Ocean Suburb
Fort Yaxier
B4 FreeAir Airchester Airfield
B5 FreeAir Jimmy Doolittle Regional Airport
Concourse C
C1 FreeAir Stoneedge Orcus
C2 FreeAir N/A
C3 FreeAir N/A
C4 mylesHeli Pixl Vinayaka
Concourse D
D1 Veolia Airways N/A
D2 Veolia Airways N/A
D3 Veolia Airways Kantō Airfield
D4 Veolia Airways Omerah International Airport
Flying Planes
X FlyCreeper Creeperville-Haneda
X Veolia Airways N/A