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CODE Callsign
Founded 2013
Commenced operations 2018
Operating bases
Secondary hubs
Focus cities
Frequent-flyer program Wayflyer
Active flights 29
Destinations ?
Company slogan low cost, high quality
Headquarters Airchester
Key people Cortesi, Company CEO
Assets 100% Epsilon Corporation
Previously named Eastern Airways

Waypoint is a privately owned airline company on the MRT server owned by Cortesi. It has it's main hub at Epsilon International Airport and Elecna Bay International Airport. The airline was previously called Eastern Airways. The airline is currently one of the most old companies on the MRT Server. The airlines Parenting Company is Epsilon Corporation which is owned by Cortesi (100%). The airline provides the MRT Members with an excellent air service throughout the server.

Waypoint (2018) Advertisement Video


Inifinty Airlines B767 coming in for landing at MRI. (2013)
Eastern Airways B737 approaching 36 at EIA. (2015)
Boarding an Eastern Airways E170. (2016)
Pushback done. Ready to taxi for this E190. (2017)

Waypoint is an airline company on the MRT Server founded during March 2013. As of now, it is still one the oldest airline company on the MRT server.

Waypoint started as a small airline company founded by qwolf1999 and infinity8838 with the name of Infinity Airlines during March 2013. The Fleet counted 2 B737-200 and 1 B777 with main hub at the MRT International Airport. The company had flight connecting MRT International to Miningstone and MRT Regional Airport. With the approval at the GSM for airports on the Old World, Infinity Airlines started expanding his network to the airports of MineCity and Fairfax-Atlanta and added to his fleet new aircraft such as the E190. During this period Infinity Airlines merged with another airline company named Italiani Volanti, company owned by CortesiRaccoon, under one name: Eastern Airways.

After the merge with Italiani Volanti a few episodes resulted in the CEO infinity8838 getting banned from the server. Co-CEO qwolf1999 wasn't able to keep up with the work and passed the Airline Company in the hands of sanyankeesfan20 that became the new CEO, along with CortesiRaccoon that became the Co-CEO. qwolf1999 soon became inactive and the airline company decided to have a 50/50 share between samyankeesfan20 and CortesiRaccoon.

Before the opening of the New World Eastern Airlines grew so much that had a Gate in 7 MRT Cities (90% of airports). Then, on October 4th 2014, Gamma opened and new Airports started construction on it. The first airport to be built was Epsilon International Airport, that soon became the main Hub for Eastern Airway's flights. At the First Eagle Awards, an honorary award for MRT airlines, Eastern Airways won the Honorary Category of Aviation Excellence for all of his great work throughout the years, issued because of his amazing well-built planes, routes and realism. At the Second Eagle Awards Eastern Airways received the Best Economy Class award along with the Best Airport of the server, Epsilon International, Eastern's Hub.

During 2016 Co-CEO sanyankeesfan20 became inactive and resigned. The Co-CEO position was take over by mine_man_. Eastern Airways reserved a full concourse at the newly built Elecna Bay International Airport making it it's second hub on the New World. For the event, Eastern Airways changed completely and ordered new A318's with a new Economy and Business Class, along with new liveries, colors and a new logo.

During this new ownership of the airline, Co-CEO mine_man_ accomplished many achievements such as bringing the airline into the largest airline alliance, SkyTransit, working with other airlines such as IntraAir and newly re-branded Caelus Airlines to set up a new hub in Cyra and a new focus city in the Akane region. Along with this came the growth of the airline, tripling the size of the company in only a few months. The new branding was implemented across the MRT with new lounges and destinations at many airports across the server.

In late 2016, Eastern Airways acquired the smaller regional carrier FlyArctic. Thus, the former CEO, PtldKnight has now joined the team. FlyArctic was used to operate flights in and out of Vegeta on the main airline's behalf. Also in late 2016, Eastern created its heli-line service, Eastern Airways Heli Lines, in response to the re-purposing of Airchester Airfield. The company later appointed CaptainChimpy to the role of managing the heli service, with additional operations carried out by Co-CEO mine_man_.

At the start of 2018, the airline filed bankruptcy, and Waypoint was created from the old Eastern Airways fleet.


At the MRT's Favorite Airlines Awards Eastern, along with other airlines, won the price for Best Airline Alliance. One year later at the 1st Eagle Awards the company received the Aviation Excellence Award, an honorary award given by the academy for the realism of the airline. At the 2nd Eagle Awards the company also won Best Economy Class and Best Airport (Epsilon International Airport, owned by Waypoint).

Award Category Result
MRT's Favorite Airlines Award Best Airline Alliance Won
1st Eagle Awards Aviation Excellence Won
2nd Eagle Awards Best Economy Class
Best Airport Hub
4th Eagle Awards Best Business Class or Premium Economy Won
5th Eagle Awards TBA Pending


A full list of airports which Waypoint operates to is available here: Waypoint Airport List


Passenger Information

Travel Documents
Be sure to have your ID Card or passport at all times when traveling with us.

Larger Passengers
If you are a passenger who falls into this category, we will try, if flight conditions permit, to leave the seat next to yours free. If, for greater comfort, you wish to purchase an extra seat, you can do so at the booking stage by contacting the Call Center. Finally, for safety reasons, you cannot sit by the emergency exits, in particular, exits over the wing.

You can carry one cabin bag weighing up to 20 kg (25 for Business Class, 30 for First Class) with maximum dimensions of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm, plus 1 small bag up to 35 x 20 x 20 on board the aircraft. Oversized bags will be boarded with a special fee of 24$. The maximum weight of the luggage sent in the cargo area of the aircraft is 35 kg. If the flight is fully booked, you may be asked to send your hand bag to the cargo compartment.

Refund Policy
We do not refund tickets.

Extended Delays
For delays up to 2 hours, Waypoint will accommodate every passenger in a nearby hotel and/or will give all passengers a coupon that can be used to buy food and drinks inside the airport. ​
Special Assistance (Airport)
When booking your flight, please inform the airline of your need to travel with a powered or folding wheelchair or any other walking aid. You can check in two mobility aids at no extra cost (e.g. wheelchair and walker). Waypoint will do its best to ensure that mobility aids are transported safely but some factors may prevent them from being transported. If you wish, we can provide assistance between check-in and the gate or aircraft and between the gate and the arrivals lounge. Depending on the airport, you will be provided with an airport electric buggy or a wheelchair.

Medical Devices
Portable medical devices include all small electrical/electronic equipment, powered by battery and used for medical diagnosis, treatment and monitoring passengers health. Please inform the Crew if you need to carry a device of this type with you. For safety reasons, these devices require prior authorization, from time to time, by the Pilot and the Eastern's Airways Team.

You are requested to arrive at least 2h and 30min before the Estimated Departure time of your flight. Passengers that are traveling with just a hand bag can use our Fast Check-In Kiosks at every airport. If you need to send a luggage in the cargo compartment, you must use the normal check-in desk. Our Check-In Desks are divided by Class: Business/First Class and Economy Class. Please use the correct Check-In Counter. At Epsilon Airport First and Business Class passengers can use the exclusive Premium Check In.
Special Assistance (On Board)
All Eastern Airways aircraft are equipped with wheelchairs on board to help passengers with mobility problems make their way from their seat to the aircraft restroom and back. Remember the crew can't give any assistance within the restrooms. Eastern Airways partner FlyArctic may not have equipped aircraft with wheelchairs on board; you are advised to check this at the time of booking.

Special Assistance (Animals)
Waypoint is a Furry-friendly Airline. All Animals require sufficient amount of food and water for the duration of the flight. When buying the ticket, remember to tick the "Animal" option and one of our team members will contact you for further details. In order to travel cats and dogs must have the following: A passport issued by a veterinarian listing the vaccinations your pet has received and attesting to its health; Legible tattoo or microchip. Transportation for recognized guide dogs or assistance dogs accompanying disabled passengers is free of charge.

Liability For Damage
There are no financial limits to our liability for death, wounding or any other bodily injury suffered by a Passenger. We have strict liability unless you can prove that the damage was caused by, or contributed to by, the airline itself. For claims in excess of this limit, we may be exonerated if we can prove that we and our agents took all necessary measures to avoid the damage or that it was impossible for us or them to take such measures.

First Class

Eastern First.png Eastern First2.png Eastern First3.png

On our brand new X-500, Waypoint hosts some of the most luxurious first class seats on the MRT Server. First class offers luxuries of Business Class including all of the complimentary service and comfort with over twice as much space to yourself. The First Class cabins are fully enclosed private spaces that come with a wide leather seat and a flat bed. Enjoy privacy as well as our stunning furnishings to bring the Nova experience to our passengers. First Class passengers also get a specific and exclusive hot meal service cooked at the moment by our in-flight chef. If you feel stressed out, on our X-500 we have a complimentary Shower for every First Class passenger. Enjoy the experience of taking a shower at 38'000ft. In addition to this, First Class passenger gets a 500MB WiFi voucher to use during the flight.

Business Class

Eastern Business.png Eastern Business2.png

On every flight operated with an X-500, X-100 and X-50 you can find Waypoint's Business Class. Business Class offers comfort and quality ensuring privacy and a nice trip. Our Business Class seats are equipped with a ton of personal space and personal TV Screens in the armrest where you can choose from a variety of movies, music and TV series. Headphones are also available in your seat and other things like comfortable upholstery, private light and a free kit with an eye mask, socks, toothpaste and a toothbrush are also available. Have a nice rest in our 180° flat bed. Every Business Class passenger receives a welcome drink when boarded and a 100MB free internet voucher to use during the flight, as well as a private à la carte menù for the duration of the flight.

Economy Class

Eastern Economy.png Eastern Economy2.png

All domestic and international flights feature our band new Economy Class. For a greater relax and some tasty delights you can choose from a selection of hot and cold beverages offered by our crew after takeoff and before landing. Public TV screens show the flight info but on the X-500, in your armrest, you also have a private TV screen to make your flight more enjoyable. You can use the headset that the crew will give you before takeoff to listen to a film, music, or a TV serie. During international flights (if the flight is flown during the night) blankets and pillows are given by the crew and all Economy guests receive a snack or breakfast or a cold meal consistent with the take-off time and the duration of the flight. Guests receive a hot meal for flights over 5h 30 min. Our seats offer comfort and relax with the recline function that will put your seat in a 15° position. With the new Wayport EAM Cabin Update the Economy Class area features dimmed neon lights, built to reduce jet-lag fatigue.

Frequent Flyer Program

WaypointWayflyerLogo.png WayflyerCard.png

Waypoint is pleased to introduce our loyalty programme: Wayflyer Club. Joining Wayflyer is free and simple. Members of our Club can collect Miles on flights. By collecting Miles you can turn your flights and everyday spending into exciting travel rewards. Collect Miles every time you fly with Waypoint, a codeshare partner, stay at a hotel, hire a car or enjoy some retail therapy. You’ll soon have enough Miles to spend on reward flights with Waypoint. You can also use your Miles to upgrade your Wayflyer Club status to Wayflyer Silver or Gold and enjoy all the added benefits.

Wayflyer Black: TBD

Wayflyer Silver: Get free advance seat assignment on all Waypoint routes for standard seat. No more queues at the check-in counters: with the Wayflyer Silver you have access to the special First/Business check-in counters. Waypoint offers, only to passengers holding the Gold or Silver Pass, at all the major MRT airports, special check-in desks where they can collect their boarding card thus avoiding queues and lengthy waiting times. No more queues at security checks: Wayflyer Silver holders are reserved rapid access to the security checks through the "Fast Track" gates to make a business trip or a holiday increasingly comfortable. The service, completely free for holders of the pass, is active at all major MRT airports. Flight advance during the day: If your business meeting finishes earlier, you don't have to waste time: take an earlier return flight.
 Where the company offers several flights a day, return home sooner with the earlier flight simply by presenting at the relevant check-in desk the Wayflyer Silver card at least an hour before departure. Priority Boarding at gates: The card includes priority of boarding the flight through tunnel or with loading bridge.

Wayflyer Gold: A Club of services for those wishing to fly Vip with Waypoint and to enjoy all those opportunities that transform their trips into a comfortable and convenient experience. Dedicated phone number, earlier flight service, reserved check-in desks, allocation of on board seating, Vip Lounge, reserved access to the security checks at the main MRT airports, priority baggage collection. In addition to all the opportunities offered by the Silver Club Wayflyer Gold offers its most demanding customers a Chauffeir Service to and from the airport, as well as free seat upgrades when available. And, let's not forget a free pass to all our Perfetto Lounges around the MRT.