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CODE Callsign
Commenced operations2013
Secondary hubs
Frequent-flyer programWayflyer Club
AllianceSkyTransit Alliance (affiliate under IntraAir)
SubsidiariesWaypoint CityLiner
Waypoint Hopper
Company sloganconnecting the world...
Parent companyIntraAir (a part of Feline Holdings)
Key peopleqwolf1999, Founder, CEO (2013-c. 2013)
infinity8838, Founder, CEO (2013)
samyankeesfan, CEO (c. 2013-2016)
mine_man_ CEO (2016-2018)
Cortesi, CEO (2013-2021)
KittyCat11231, CEO (2021-present)
Previously named Eastern Airways

Waypoint is a privately owned airline company previously owned by RacCort. Its main hub is at Epsilon International Airport. The airline was previously called Eastern Airways. The airline is currently one of the oldest airline companies on the MRT Server. The airline's parent company was RacCorp, which was owned by RacCort. In 2021, RacCorp merged into Feline Holdings, owned by KittyCat11231, and Waypoint became part of IntraAir. The airline provides the MRT Members with a low cost air service from its main and secondary hubs and mainly focusing on passenger satisfaction. Other subsidiaries are: Waypoint CityLiner and Waypoint Hopper:

  • Waypoint: is the main company and is responsible of all flights from the main hub of Epsilon International Airport and some other high-demand routes.
  • Waypoint CityLiner: is the company responsible of all Old World flights from the hubs of MineCity and Cyra
  • Waypoint Hopper: is a company that flies non-hub routes around the server.

New World Route Map

updated 24th September 2020


Old World Route Map

updated 10th April 2020


WaypointIconWhite.png History
Inifinty Airlines B767 coming in for landing at MRI. (2013)
Eastern Airways B737 landing 36 at Epsilon (2014)
Boarding an Eastern Airways E170. (2015)
Pushback done. Ready to taxi for this E190. (2017)

Waypoint is an airline company on the MRT Server founded as Infinity Airlines during March 2013. As of now, it is still one the oldest airline company on the MRT server.

Waypoint started as a small airline company founded by qwolf1999 and infinity8838 as Infinity Airlines during March 2013. The Fleet counted 2 B737-200 and 1 B777 and had it's main hub at MRT International Airport. The company had flights connecting MRT International to Miningstone and MRT Regional Airport. After the approval at the GSM for airports on the Old World Infinity Airlines started expanding his network to other airports like MineCity and Fairfax-Atlanta as well as adding to his fleet new aircrafts like the E190. During this period Infinity Airlines merged with another airline company named Italiani Volanti which was owned by Cortesi. It rebranded itself under one name: Eastern Airways.

After the merge with Italiani Volanti a few episodes resulted in the CEO infinity8838 getting banned from the server. Co-CEO qwolf1999 wasn't able to keep up with the amount of work and soon after he became inactive. The Airline Company passed in the hands of sanyankeesfan20 that became the new CEO along with Cortesi that became the Co-CEO. After qwolf1999 decided to never come back to the server again the company was split between Cortesi and samyankeesfan20 in a 50/50 share.

Before the opening of the New World Eastern Airways grew so much that it owned a Gate in 7 MRT Cities (that was 90% of the current server airports). Then, on October 4th 2014, Gamma opened and new Airports started construction on it. The first airport to be built was Epsilon International Airport in the city of Airchester. Being owned by CEO Cortesi that airport soon became the main hub for Eastern Airways. At the First Eagle Awards, an honorary award for MRT airlines, Eastern Airways won the honorary category of Aviation Excellence for all of his great work and excellence throughout the years; issued because of his amazing well-built planes, routes and realism. At the Second Eagle Awards Eastern Airways received the Best Economy Class award along with the Best Airport on the server award, Epsilon International.

During 2016 CEO sanyankeesfan20 became inactive and resigned from it's position. That position was taken over by mine_man_, owner of Elecna Bay International Airport. Eastern Airways reserved a full concourse at the newly built Elecna Bay International Airport making it it's second hub on the New World. For the event, Eastern Airways went through a full rebrand: it ordered new A318's with a new Economy and Business Class, redesigned its livery, colors and designed new logo.

During this new ownership of the airline CEO mine_man_ signed up the airline to the largest airline alliance, SkyTransit, which had other airlines like IntraAir and newly rebranded Caelus Airlines. Working with IntraAir it set a new hub in Cyra and a new focus cities in the Akane region. Growing the destinations meant that also the fleet had to grow: Eastern Airways tripled the size of it's fleet in only a few months. The new brand was implemented across the MRT with new lounges and destinations at many airports across the server.

In late 2016, Eastern Airways acquired the smaller regional carrier FlyArctic. Thus the former CEO, PtldKnight, joined the team. FlyArctic was used to operate flights in and out of Vegeta on the main airline's behalf. Also in late 2016, Eastern created its heli-line service, Eastern Airways Heli Lines, in response to the re-purposing of Airchester Airfield. The company later appointed CaptainChimpy to the role of manager for the heli service, with additional operations carried out by CEO mine_man_.

At the start of 2018, the airline filed bankruptcy, and Waypoint was created from the old Eastern Airways fleet. FlyArctic went back in being a single airline and Eastern Heli Lines was dismantled. Waypoint later joined the Cascadia Air Group Limited along with Ilirea Airlines and FlyArctic. Persuing his dream of a single-hub airline Waypoint sold its hub flights fromElecna Bay and Fort Yaxier to the newly created company Elecna Airlines, which later joined the Cascadia Air Group.

The company kept on growing arriving at 70 flights to multiple destinations around the server, and having one of the best networks on the server. To control the popular demand of the airline the CEO Cortesi created the new Waypoint CityLiner, a company which purpose is to connect less-demanding cities around the server. During this period Waypoint also acquired the bankrupt SkyWest Airlines. November 2018 the company left Cascadia Air Group Limited and joined Stanley Air Alliance.

On June 17, 2021, Waypoint's parent company RacCorp was acquired by Feline Holdings. RacCorp as a corporate entity was dissolved by Feline Holdings on August 18, 2021, and Waypoint became part of IntraAir. In July 2022, KittyCat11231 announced Waypoint would have its EAM fleet replaced with Intra Livery Division-built ones, similar to how Segville Air got new Intra planes previously. He also announced that Waypoint Hopper would gradually be replaced with IntraAir or mainline Waypoint flights as many of the Hopper flights were duplicates of IntraAir flights.
Branding History

Year Name CEO
2013-2014 Infinity Airlines - infinity8838
- qwolf1999
2014-2015 Eastern Airways - samyankeesfan20
- Cortesi
2015-2017 Eastern Airways - Cortesi
- mine_man_
2018-2021 Waypoint - Cortesi
2021-Present Waypoint - KittyCat11231
WaypointIconWhite.png Awards

At the MRT's Favorite Airlines Awards Eastern (Waypoint), along with other airlines, won the price for Best Airline Alliance. One year later at the 1st Eagle Awards the company received the Aviation Excellence Award, an honorary award given by the academy for the realism of the airline. At the 2nd Eagle Awards the company also won Best Economy Class and Best Airport (Epsilon International Airport, owned by Waypoint). The 4th Eagle Award saw Waypoint winning best Business Class and later Best Ground Service at the 5th Eagle Awards.

Tag from the First Eagle Awards
Award Category Result
MRT's Favorite Airlines Award Best Airline Alliance Won
1st Eagle Awards Aviation Excellence Won
2nd Eagle Awards Best Economy Class
Best Airport Hub
4th Eagle Awards Best Business Class or Premium Economy Won
5th Eagle Awards Best Ground Service Won

MRT Transit Award Winner
Best Airline - Waypoint
Category winner of 2020 MRT Transit Awards
WaypointIconWhite.png Passenger Information
Travel Documents
Be sure to have your ID Card or passport at all times when traveling with us.

Larger Passengers
If you are a passenger who falls into this category we will try, if flight conditions permit, to leave the seat next to yours free. If, for greater comfort, you wish to purchase an extra seat, you can do so at the booking stage by contacting the Call Center. Finally, for safety reasons, you cannot sit by the emergency exits in particular exits over the wing.

You can carry one cabin bag weighing up to 20 kg (25 for Business Class, 30 for First Class) with maximum dimensions of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm, plus 1 small bag up to 35 x 20 x 20 on board the aircraft. Oversized bags will be boarded with a special fee of 50$. The maximum weight of the luggage sent in the cargo area of the aircraft is 35 kg. If the flight is fully booked, you may be asked to send your hand bag to the cargo compartment.

Refund Policy
For refunding options contact us via email or call us.

Extended Delays
For delays up to 2 hours Waypoint will give each passenger a voucher to be used inside the airport for food and drinks. For delays up to 4 hours Waypoint will accommodate every passenger in a nearby hotel and compensate or rebook passengers on another flight. ​
Special Assistance (Airport)
When booking your flight, please inform the airline of your need to travel with a powered or folding wheelchair or any other walking aid. You can check in two mobility aids at no extra cost (e.g. wheelchair and walker). Waypoint will do its best to ensure that mobility aids are transported safely but some factors may prevent them from being transported. If you wish, we can provide assistance between check-in and the gate or aircraft and between the gate and the arrivals lounge. Depending on the airport, you will be provided with an airport electric buggy or a wheelchair.

Medical Devices
Portable medical devices include all small electrical/electronic equipment, powered by battery and used for medical diagnosis, treatment and monitoring passengers health. Please inform the Crew if you need to carry a device of this type with you. For safety reasons, these devices require prior authorization, from time to time, by the Pilot and the Waypoint Team.

You are requested to arrive at least 2h and 30min before the Estimated Departure time of your flight. Passengers that are traveling with just a hand bag can use our Fast Check-In Kiosks at every airport. If you need to send a luggage in the cargo compartment, you must use the normal check-in desk. Our Check-In Desks are divided by Class: Business/First Class and Economy Class. Please use the correct Check-In Counter. At Epsilon Airport First and Business Class passengers can use the exclusive Premium Check In.
Special Assistance (On Board)
All Waypoint aircrafts are equipped with wheelchairs on board to help passengers with mobility problems make their way from their seat to the aircraft restroom and back. Remember the crew can't give any assistance within the restrooms. Waypoint CityLiner may not have equipped aircraft with wheelchairs on board; you are advised to check this at the time of booking.

Special Assistance (Animals)
Waypoint is a Furry-friendly Airline. All Animals require sufficient amount of food and water for the duration of the flight. When buying the ticket, remember to tick the "Animal" option and one of our team members will contact you for further details. In order to travel cats and dogs must have the following: A passport issued by a veterinarian listing the vaccinations your pet has received and attesting to its health; Legible tattoo or microchip. Transportation for recognized guide dogs or assistance dogs accompanying disabled passengers is free of charge.

Liability For Damage
There are no financial limits to our liability for death, wounding or any other bodily injury suffered by a Passenger. We have strict liability unless you can prove that the damage was caused by, or contributed to by, the airline itself. For claims in excess of this limit, we may be exonerated if we can prove that we and our agents took all necessary measures to avoid the damage or that it was impossible for us or them to take such measures.
WaypointIconWhite.png InFlight Services

Standard Economy

Standard Economy
Premium Economy
The WaypointCONNECT app
"Skyway" is Waypoint's Magazine

Waypoint's great Economy Class Seat that be easily identified by the yellow seatback. For the best experience possible you can choose from a complimentary selection of hot and cold beverages offered by our crew after takeoff and before landing, but you can also buy some snacks and meals onboard. Login to our in-flight WiFi and stream the latest films (paid), series (paid), live TV (complimentary) and music (complimentary) directly on your mobile device. And, for those who are busy, you can purchase one of our Internet Plans and surf the web at 38'000 feet. During international flights (if the flight is flown during the night) blankets and pillows will be handed out by the crew and all Standard Economy guests receive a snack, or breakfast, or a cold meal consisfltent with the take-off time and the duration of the ight. Guests receive a complimentary hot meal for flights over 4h. Our seats offers great comfort with our recline function that will put your seat in a 15° position. Our seats also have in-built cup holders, tablet holders and universal power outlets & USB.

Premium Economy
This is not your average Economy Class seat. Our Premium Economy seats, identified by the gray seatback, recline up to 25° and have and increased legroom. Sleep comfy by placing your legs on the seats footrest. You will be handed out a hot meal on every flight and you will be able to choose from a selection of 3 courses, as well as the ability tochoose from 3 films that you may stream directly on your mobile device by connecting to the InFlight WiFi. You also receive a complimentary WiFi voucher for 15MB of free internet surfing. You will be greeted onboard with a welcome drink as well as having the ability to access our Premium Lounges at departure and arrival airport.

InFlight Entertainment
On flights flown on the X-10, X-50, X-100 and X-500 we offer Stream-to-Device technology with our InFlight Wifi. You can easily connect to the network and start browsing through hundreds of films, series and live TV. Connecting is very simple:

  • 1) Search for nearby WiFi Networks when plane is higher than 10'000ft (it will not work when below that altitude).
  • 2) Connect to WaypointCONNECT.
  • 3) Open your browser and install the application WaypointCONNECT (it will install automatically once the browser opens).
  • 4) Open the installed app and insert code found on your boarding pass.

Standard Economy passengers have complimentary Live TV coverage but will have to purchase TV Series and Films, while Premium Economy passengers have additionally 3 complimentary films or TV series to watch. Our music selection is free in both flying classes. Open your browser to select one of our Internet Plans and start surfing the net.

InFlight Magazine
Skyway is Waypoint's InFlight Magazine. You can find tons of useful information on destinations served by Waypoint, as well as interesting articles of what is happening on the MRT Server. You can find the Magazine on all flights and they will be handed out when the plane reaches cruise altitude. Currently in this month issue you can find:

  • Guide: Whitechapel Travel Guide
  • Article: Olympics Coverage
  • Article: Cascadia LLC
  • Interview: First Office Ryan
  • Article: Make our world green again
  • Article: Do we need another New New World?
  • Article: GSM News
  • Guide: Airchester Travel Guide
  • Letter: Letter from the CEO
  • Info: New Waypoint Destinations
  • Info: Waypoint Fleet
  • Info: Waypoint Destination Map
WaypointIconWhite.png Ground Services

Your journey starts when you enter the airport, and we at Waypoint know this. This is why we want to ensure the best experience possible. Francesca, our airport attendant, will greet you at every major airport. You can find her at the Waypoint Check-In desk. Francesca will give you all the informations on your flights as well as the gate you need to head to for boarding. This was you don't need to run around the airport searching for your flight. Waypoint Check-In are usually divided in the Standard Economy Check-In and the Premium Economy Check-In. Wayflyer Club members can use the Premium Economy Check-In.

Boarding procedures are divided in class. First priority and disabled passengers will be boarded, followed by Premium Economy passengers and lastly Standard Economy passengers. Passengers are invited to follow this order to ensure a quick boarding procedure.

Airport Lounges

Palm Lounges logo

All Waypoint lounges are managed by Palm Lounges. All passengers that are part of the Wayflyer group can enter any Palm Lounge and any airport, while Premium Economy passengers can access only lounges on the selected flight. Palm Lounges offer a redesigned experience for passengers and has what every type of traveller is looking for. If you are on a business trip you most certainly need some private are to work, and Palm Lounges offer you that private space you need where you can relax, take a shower, and work on you computer with out fast internet connection in every lounge. If you are more of a occasional traveller you will most certainly like our pool and our exclusive bar selection. It has everything you need for a better trip with Waypoint. Head over to Palm Lounges wiki page to learn more about their locations.


     Waypoint      Waypoint CityLiner      Waypoint Hopper

Flight Number Origin Destination Status
WP001 EIA Airchester MRI MRT International ACTIVE
WP002 MLH Marblegate EIA Airchester ACTIVE
WP005 MAX Murrville-Arcadia MLH Marblegate ACTIVE
WP018 EIA Airchester FYA Fort Yaxier (Field) ACTIVE
WC019 MCA MineCity OSI Ocean Suburb ACTIVE
WP020 EIA Airchester CYR Cyra ACTIVE
WP021 EIA Airchester AFK Utopia ACTIVE
WP022 EIA Airchester BFA Bakersville ACTIVE
WP023 EIA Airchester NWT Norwest ACTIVE
WC024 MCA MineCity OIA Omerah ACTIVE
WP025 EIA Airchester NIL Nippia-Liten ACTIVE
WP026 EIA Airchester VFW Venceslo ACTIVE
WP027 EIA Airchester WZA Wazamawazi ACTIVE
WP028 EIA Airchester HND Creeperville ACTIVE
WC029 MCA MineCity RIV Riverside ACTIVE
WP030 EIA Airchester RAV Ravenna ACTIVE
WP033 EIA Airchester KCP Kolpino CANCELLED
WC035 CYR Cyra OSI Ocean Suburb ACTIVE
WC036 MCA MineCity AAA Autocity ACTIVE
WC037 MCA MineCity AIA Andromeda ACTIVE
WP038 EIA Airchester MCA MineCity ACTIVE
WP039 EIA Airchester MAX Murrville-Arcadia ACTIVE
WP040 EIA Airchester RSQ Radiance Square ACTIVE
WP041 EIA Airchester WYA Wythern ACTIVE
WP042 EIA Airchester SIA New Acreadium ACTIVE
WP043 EIA Airchester WHT Whitechapel ACTIVE
WP044 EIA Airchester FSI Freedon CANCELLED
WP045 EIA Airchester EVL Evella ACTIVE
WP046 EIA Airchester SSH Schillerton ACTIVE
WP048 EIA Airchester NWA New Woodbury ACTIVE
WC050 MCA MineCity WOI Western Ocean ACTIVE
WP051 EIA Airchester HIR Hummingbird ACTIVE
WP052 EIA Airchester KNT Kenthurst ACTIVE
WP053 EIA Airchester ATC Achowalogen ACTIVE
WP054 EIA Airchester IXM Ilirea ACTIVE
WP055 EIA Airchester LHT Laclede ACTIVE
WP056 EIA Airchester ZAQ Zaquar ACTIVE
WP057 EIA Airchester SRX Saint Roux ACTIVE
WP058 EIA Airchester EEA Espil ACTIVE
WP059 EIA Airchester HZN Konawa ACTIVE
WP060 EIA Airchester BVL Birchview ACTIVE
WP061 EIA Airchester SEG Segville ACTIVE
WP062 EIA Airchester MCI Mason City ACTIVE
WC063 MCA MineCity MRR MRT Regional ACTIVE
WC064 MCA MineCity MRI MRT International ACTIVE
WC067 MCA MineCity CYR Cyra ACTIVE
WC068 MCA MineCity TIA Treplow ACTIVE
WP070 EIA Airchester PAX Paixton ACTIVE
WP071 EIA Airchester WMI Deadbush ACTIVE
WP072 EIA Airchester ZRZ Zerez ACTIVE
WP073 EIA Airchester PXL Pixl ACTIVE
WP074 EIA Airchester FLC Farwater ACTIVE
WP076 EIA Airchester CWB Woodsdale ACTIVE
WP077 EIA Airchester WER Astoria ACTIVE
WC078 MCA MineCity ICE Ice Springs ACTIVE
WC079 MCA MineCity AIR Alturas ACTIVE
WC080 MCA MineCity BRK Brooklyn ACTIVE
WC081 MCA MineCity RAA Rockaway ACTIVE
WP082 EIA Airchester CFA Chalxior ACTIVE
WP083 EIA Airchester SSI Sunshine Coast ACTIVE
WP084 EIA Airchester NHR North Haven ACTIVE
WP086 EIA Airchester DBC Dabecco ACTIVE
WC087 MCA MineCity LLM Llamapolis (Arisa) ACTIVE
WP088 EIA Airchester CIA Carnoustie ACTIVE
WP089 EIA Airchester WCA Washingcube ACTIVE
WP090 EIA Airchester RVA Richville ACTIVE
WP091 EIA Airchester CHB Chan Bay (Airfield) ACTIVE
WP092 EIA Airchester KTI Kanto ACTIVE
WP093 EIA Airchester LAR Larkspur ACTIVE
WP094 EIA Airchester TBI Thunderbird ACTIVE
WP095 EIA Airchester VIC Victoria ACTIVE
WC096 MCA MineCity NTA Northern Trail ACTIVE
WP098 EIA Airchester PCE Peacopolis ACTIVE
WH099 WHT Whitechapel BVL Birchview ACTIVE
WH100 WHT Whitechapel HZN Konawa ACTIVE
WH101 WHT Whitechapel MAX Murrville-Arcadia ACTIVE
WP102 EIA Airchester DHA Dekuville ACTIVE
WP103 EIA Airchester AIS Anthro Island ACTIVE
WP104 EIA Airchester STS Seoland ACTIVE
WH105 ASI Anthro Island WRA Welsbury ACTIVE
WP106 EIA Airchester PMA Pine Mountain ACTIVE
WH107 ASI Anthro Island MAX Murrville-Arcadia ACTIVE
WH108 MAX Murrville-Arcadia BFA Bakersville ACTIVE
WP109 EIA Airchester NGY New Gensokyo ACTIVE
WH110 ASI Anthro Island NIL Nippia-Liten ACTIVE
WH111 MAX Murrville-Arcadia NIL Nippia-Liten ACTIVE
WH112 ASI Anthro Island AFK Utopia ACTIVE
WH113 MAX Murrville-Arcadia AFK Utopia ACTIVE
WH114 ASI Anthro Island HIR Hummingbird ACTIVE
WH115 MAX Murrville-Arcadia HIR Hummingbird ACTIVE
WH117 ASI Anthro Island SEG Segville ACTIVE
WP118 EIA Airchester VER Vermilion ACTIVE
WH119 MAX Murrville-Arcadia IXM Ilirea ACTIVE
WH120 MAX Murrville-Arcadia EEA Espil ACTIVE
WH121 WHT Whitechapel EEA Espil ACTIVE
WH122 MLH Marblegate FYI Fort Yaxier (Intl.) ACTIVE
WH123 MAX Murrville-Arcadia WRA Welsbury ACTIVE
WH124 MAX Murrville-Arcadia SEG Segville ACTIVE
WH125 MAX Murrville-Arcadia BVL Birchview ACTIVE
WC126 MCA MineCity MOW Mineomania ACTIVE
WP127 EIA Airchester XSE Xilia ACTIVE
WP128 EIA Airchester AB Antioch (Bay Point) ACTIVE
WH129 MAX Murrville-Arcadia ANA Antioch ACTIVE
WH130 IXM Ilirea ANA Antioch ACTIVE
WH131 BVL Birchview ABG Antioch (Bay Point) ACTIVE
WH132 MAX Murrville-Arcadia ABG Antioch (Bay Point) ACTIVE
WH133 MAX Murrville-Arcadia CWI UCWTIA ACTIVE
WP135 EIA Airchester DJE Deadbush (Johnston) CANCELLED
WH136 BFA Bakersville DJE Deadbush (Johnston) ACTIVE
WH137 ABG Antioch (Bay Point) DJE Deadbush (Johnston) ACTIVE
WH138 MAX Murrville-Arcadia SAN San Reinoldi ACTIVE
WP139 EIA Airchester SKA Sansvikk ACTIVE
WP140 EIA Airchester ITO Itomori CANCELLED
WH141 MAX Murrville-Arcadia NHR North Haven ACTIVE
WH142 WMI Deadbush (West Mesa) NHR North Haven ACTIVE
WH143 MAX Murrville-Arcadia FSI Freedon ACTIVE
WH144 WMI Deadbush (West Mesa) FSI Freedon ACTIVE
WH145 MAX Murrville-Arcadia CFA Chalxior ACTIVE
WH146 WMI Deadbush (West Mesa) CFA Chalxior ACTIVE
WP147 EIA Airchester MRS Marisol ACTIVE
WP148 EIA Airchester JDX Palestropol CANCELLED
WH149 FYI Fort Yaxier SAN San Reinoldi ACTIVE
WH150 DFM Deadbush (Foxfoe) FYI Fort Yaxier ACTIVE
WH151 DFM Deadbush (Foxfoe) MAX Murrville-Arcadia ACTIVE
WH152 VDA Deadbush (Valletta) KTI Kanto ACTIVE
WH153 VDA Deadbush (Valletta) ABG Antioch ACTIVE
WH154 DFM Deadbush (Foxfoe) RVA Richville ACTIVE
WH155 MAX Murrville-Arcadia RVA Richville ACTIVE
WP156 EIA Airchester TSA Titsensaki (Sealerwhale) CANCELLED
WH157 DFM Deadbush (Foxfoe) CIA Carnoustie ACTIVE
WH158 MAX Murrville-Arcadia CIA Carnoustie ACTIVE
WP159 EIA Airchester RED Redwood ACTIVE
WH160 WMI Deadbush (West Mesa) TPA Tom Paris ACTIVE
WH161 ABG Antioch (Bay Point) TPA Tom Paris ACTIVE
WP162 EIA Airchester MTA Mojang Town ACTIVE
WH163 CBI Chan Bay (Intl.) ABG Antioch (Bay Point) ACTIVE
WH164 CBI Chan Bay (Intl.) KTI Kanto ACTIVE
WP165 EIA Airchester RSZ Villanueva ACTIVE
WP166 EIA Airchester SVS Southoak ACTIVE
WH167 EBI Elecna Bay WMI Deadbush (West Mesa) ACTIVE
WH168 EBI Elecna Bay MAX Murrville-Arcadia ACTIVE
WP169 EIA Airchester MPI Mojangsburg ACTIVE
WH170 FYI Fort Yaxier CBI Chan Bay (Intl.) ACTIVE
WH171 FYI Fort Yaxier MAX Murrville-Arcadia ACTIVE
WP172 EIA Airchester AMA Aeolia ACTIVE
WP173 EIA Airchester GBE Geneva Bay CANCELLED
WP174 EIA Airchester KBN Kleinsburg CANCELLED
WP175 EIA Airchester OPA Oparia ACTIVE
WP176 EIA Airchester RSA Rizalburg CANCELLED
WH177 ACA Airchester (Airfiled) MAX Murrville-Arcadia ACTIVE
WH178 ACA Airchester (Airfiled) TCB Titsensaki (City) ACTIVE
WH179 WMI Deadbush (West Mesa) TCB Titsensaki (City) ACTIVE
WH180 ACA Airchester (Airfiled) CBI Chan Bay (Intl.) ACTIVE
WH181 ACA Airchester (Airfiled) FSI Freedon ACTIVE
WH182 MPI Mojangsburg DFM Deadbush (Foxfoe) ACTIVE
WH183 MPI Mojangsburg MAX Murrville-Arcadia ACTIVE
WH184 MAX Murrville-Arcadia FSI Freedon ACTIVE
WH185 OPA Oparia MAX Murrville-Arcadia ACTIVE
WH186 OPA Oparia DFM Deadbush (Foxfoe) CANCELLED
WH187 OPA Oparia CBI Chan Bay (Intl.) CANCELLED
WP188 EIA Airchester LNT Lanatam ACTIVE