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Alert.png FreeAir has been transferred to Camelfantasy effective May 13, 2018. The airline will be operated as a subsidiary of SkyTrans, and all current aircraft, check-ins, etc. will be kept as-is.
Alert.png From an airline with 0 flights and is constantly buying planes from others in August 2016, now to an airline with a combined number of 26 flights (including helis), FreeAir has grown so much during these 2 years.

Forming and joining the SkyNation Alliance, FreeAir had benefits from it as well. An organised reward system, more gates for more flights for our customers and lounges. Because of the SkyNation Alliance, FreeAir customers can now enjoy their time before the flight in the SkyNation Lounge at Jimmy Doolittle Regional Airport (Utopia).

Now, FreeAir has finally opened it's 20th plane flight to service, from Fort Yaxier International Airport which is a future hub for FreeAir, to Freedon Silverwood International Airport.

We, FreeAir are happy to grow with you and serve you as best as we can.
Thank you for flying with us.


Logo And Info


FreeAir is an airline company created by soso123 on the date of 16/8/2016. He bought four planes and copied three to his lab. Two planes were built by allifarki and 1 plane was built by EliteNeon , and 1 plane was built by Frogs4Life. 3 planes were built by Soso123.

FreeAir was later transferred to Camelfantasy and operates as a subsidiary of SkyTrans.


In Flight


We have in flight magazines which has a new version coming out every 3 months. We also have an entertainment system sponsored by Nyantronics.

Issue 4 of our in flight magazine series, Skypage.


Economy Class

Economy Class has a NyanPad avaliable for use. We have a clear window as well. We also provide a good selection of global dishes, as well as good service provided by us.

Business Class

Business class has a NyanPad avaliable for use, but not as the same as economy. If you bought a ticket for Business Class you will have more selections of games, music, animations and movies. The Business Class' dining is the same as Economy Class.

First Class

First class has rooms for every two persons. You can use your NyanPad to call the air attendants to come and give service to you. You can also order via your NyanPad. There are also beds in your room, some little windows, and accessories.

Our Planes

  • FreeJet-Medio-1
  • FreeJet-Medio-2
  • FreeJet-Medio-3
  • FreeJet-Petis-2
  • FreeJet-Petis-1 by frogggggg

Our Flights

Flight Code Airport 1 Airport 2 Aircraft
FR001 Freedon Quartzwood Regional Airfield Spring Valley Regional Airfield Petis-1
FR002 Dabecco Regional Airport Titsensaki Regional Airport Petis-1
FR003 Ilirea Midcity Airport Woodsdale Municipal Airport Petis-1
FR004 Chalxior Femtoprism Airfield Marblelake International Airport Petis-2
FR005 Venceslo-Fifth Ward International Airport Espil Ecilidae Airport Petis-2
FR006 Kanto Airfield Chalxior Femtoprism Airfield Petis-2
FR007 Chalxior Femtoprism Airfield Venceslo-Fifth Ward International Airport Petis-2
FR008 Venceslo-Fifth Ward International Airport Elecna Bay International Airport Petis-2
FR009 Chalxior Femtoprism Airfield Creeperville International Airport Petis-2
FR010 Murrville International Airport Marblelake International Airport Petis-2
FR011 Schiphol International Airport Jimmy Doolittle Regional Airport Petis-2
FR012 Schiphol International Airport Airchester Airfield Petis-2
FR013 Freedon Silverwood International Airport Jimmy Doolittle Regional Airport Medio-1
FR014 Jimmy Doolittle Regional Airport Birchview Leydon International Airport Medio-1
FR015 Freedon Silverwood International Airport Venceslo-Fifth Ward International Airport Petis-2
FR016 Creeperville International Airport Freedon Silverwood International Airport Petis-2
FR017-WP044 Epsilon International Airport Freedon Silverwood International Airport EAM X-100 (Codeshared with Waypoint)
FR018 Woodsdale Municipal Airport Freedon Silverwood International Airport Petis-2
FR019 Freedon Silverwood International Airport Schillerton Sayles Hill Airfield Petis-2
FR020 Fort Yaxier International Airport Freedon Silverwood International Airport Medio-1
FR021 Freedon Silverwood International Airport Radiance Square International Airport Medio-1
FRH001 Stoneedge Orcus Heliport Fort Yaxier International Airport Helifly-A
FRH002 Stoneedge Orcus Heliport Dabecco Regional Airport Helifly-A
FRH003 Stoneedge Orcus Heliport Heampstead Heliport Helifly-A
FRH004 Stoneedge Orcus Heliport Central City Heliport Helifly-B
FRH005 Stoneedge Orcus Heliport AFK Helifly-A
FRH006 Stoneedge Orcus Heliport Schiphol International Airport Helifly-A

Airport List


Freeairport1.jpg Freeairport2.jpg
This is Spring Valley Regional Airfield, with the first FreeAir flight. It has 5 small plane gates and 2 helipads.


Freeairport3.jpg Freeairport4.jpg
This is Freedon Quartzwood Regional Airfield, with two FreeAir flights. It has 7 small plane gates and 2 helipads. It's also the main hub of FreeAir.