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Seeds and Flowers

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Seeds and Flowers
Founder & CEO Hightech_TR
Number of Stores 1 (Excluding flagship)
Motto Get your green fingers now
Facts and figures
Headquarters Central City
Founded May 2016

Seeds and Flowers is a flora nursery founded by Hightech_TR. It sells various flowers, plants and seeds.


Seeds and Flowers has a classic theme of green and yellow clay. It's design is rather primitive, with a sloping rooftop.

Due to the nature of the store interior, Seeds and Flowers only has a basic 14 x 24 variant. It sells for $25.


The following are the locations of Seeds and Flowers you can find on the server.

Name Location Owner Station Notes
Savacaci Branch Savacaci SoaPuffball  XW23  Savacaci First Seeds and Flowers to open


1st store at Savacaci!