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Director of Funny Quotes
and purple hearts 💜
Personal Information
Used Pronounsany (inc. he/him, they/them, she/her)
Current Rank[Swan+]
JoinedApril 9, 2017
MemberApril 30, 2017
CitizenMay 10, 2017
TrusteeMay 24, 2017
CouncillorJune 7, 2017
MayorJuly 1, 2017
SenatorJune 16, 2019
SupporterAugust 24, 2020
Notable Creations
FranchisesComet Cafe
Tacurger Shack
Transport Companiesmyles
Individual BuildsScarborough MRT Station
Part of the MRT Jungle Line
Nymphalia Stellia Station
Windus Aura Airfield
Other Places
Discordmeleciediancie / soapuffball#3625
Event UsernamesSnowPuffball_

Melecie's Current Time
7:38 am, June 7, 2023 UTC+08:00

hi, i'm Melecie! I'm an Internet regular, and a long-time server member. While I joined on April 2017, I've known this server since around 2012. I'm often active in the server or in Discord, and if you'd like help with some server-related stuff feel free to DM me. I'm known for Comet Cafe, Nymphalia, Gemstride, and for editing Funny Quotes. I like building and furnishing and I think I may have a signature style of tiny builds..? I have mild Mojangitis (which is a pain because I want to build more). Also, I edit the Wiki a lot for housekeeping, template editing, fixing code, adding categories, etc. I also throw hearts, so have one! 💜

Outside of the server you can find me... just about everywhere in YouTube. More likely if you're watching visual novel videos or Celeste. Speaking of Celeste, I like that game even though I can't beat many levels past the main game or Core.

What else do I do? Art. Occasionally. Whenever I feel like it. An example is in this userpage, the image you can see in the right is mine ^-^ I also do a tiny bit of wikicode, and I made Template:Flag as an example, as well as working with Template:Routemap in pages like MRT Eastern Line.

You may know about SoaPuffball, unfortunately, they're gone now. Why? I'm him.

Aight, that's probably all! Hope to see you sometime in the server! (and even if you're a guest, you too!) 💜


Cyan I have wayyyy too much free time.
Green Active just about every day for about 2 or more hours.
Yellow Active usually for around 1 hour, and if not, very active in the Discord.
Orange Active every few days in the server, and active in the Discord.
Red Pops up infrequently, about once a week or so, and occasionally in the Discord although idle.
Maroon Not active in the server, although may still pop up in the Discord from time to time.
Gray Temporary server leave for about up to a month, may or may not be in the Discord. Will always be announced.
Black Permanent server leave, or banned. May or may not leave the Discord.


Towns & Cities

All my towns and former towns
     Primary towns
     Former towns
     Caretaker towns
Red pog.svg Unnamed town
Red pog.svg Viyaxayiv
Purple pog.svg Woodford
Red pog.svg Frost Valley
Red pog.svg Florelle
Red pog.svg Southern Fhaye Islands
Red pog.svg Starlit Bay
Red pog.svg Astere


Nymphalia is likely my largest town by size. It spans three MRT stations from  EN22  Nymphalia - Windus to  EN24  Nymphalia - Cetisy, and has a ton of landmarks and stuff. It also varies in style heavily, one part may be tall skyscrapers while another would be filled with suburban housing. It also has a ton of lore, way too much than is needed.


My first Senator town. It's located west of Deadbush, and was built because of it. My whole building style was born during my first few builds in Gemstride, and ever since I have brought my tiny building style everywhere I go. It also has a disproportionately sized airfield, so yay? Also parks and cafes. Everywhere.


My first town. It's just shops everywhere, yes, but it's still my first town so I'm glad I had it. It is in  XW23  Savacaci and borders way too many towns... Fortunately, later I realized that making a town full of shops is a mistake.

Frosty Rivers

Another town I made to settle near another, but this came earlier and so has lower standards. It's located above Norwest and is near Silver Mountain. That's all that is notable about it.


Below Tulipsburg, and is basically Island Gemstride. That's all. Also, regarding the name, blame Vulpicula.


A town and park like Gray Cloud but at least four times smaller, located north of Bawktown. Claimed once due to beautiful terrain, forgot about it, then reclaimed it due to beautiful terrain.


A town practically intended to go against all that I've learned in urbanist Youtube: in other words, car dependency go nyoom. Somehow, it still has reasonable sidewalks. Originally intended as a rest stop for the A68, but became too big and now it's a fun little suburban town centered around a B-road.


My submission to the town-building contest! A collection of villages around a rocky island that I like to refer to as a mixture of Porton and Itokani.


Comet Cafe

My best and largest franchise so far, it's Gemstride's cafes but modern and international! I often try innovating with it, trying out new styles, finding new ways to fit stuff in, using better blocks, etc. Currently it has over 125 locations, and I make each one free (!) because cafes are just so fun to build and I want to expand the franchise. It's also probably the largest active cafe franchise since Aroma Coffee halted due to RacCort leaving the server.


Convenience store franchise that may or may not have been inspired by this RMTransit video that EspiDev also happens to have a top comment on. May or may not include Comet Cafe occasionally. Also it's full of quartz.

Tacurger Shack

Another large franchise, this actually came earlier than Comet Cafe and has 100+ locations, however it's a bit bland comparatively (Tacurger Shacks usually use wood variants and orange glass plainly while Comet Cafes use concrete, glass, wood, etc. Comparing a Tacurger Shack to a Comet Cafe would likely be comparing my old and new build styles.

Other franchises

  • Block Books is a bookshop, affectionably nicknamed "BookSoa" by frogggggg.
  • Paintry was formally two old and tiny franchises of mine, namely BannerBoi (a banner shop) and Artist's Block (an art shop). Sadly I only built two until I stopped doing it. But it may return?
  • SoaPBox is my first franchise, and only has three locations. Maybe two, as I removed one. It's basically Pokémon Wonder Trades but in Minecraft.
  • SoaTech is an electronics shop.
  • Soup is a meme based on the whole "Why are you buying clothes from the soup store" skit, and how I made a few outside of Nymphalia (it was originally a one-off shop) is kinda surprising.


myles is my transport company, and half of it is near-dead. It has bus (dead), monorail (dead), ferry (half-alive) and heli (alive). I'm trying to use mylesHeli to stop the RodBla monopoly, but it was born when helis were given permission to land on Councillor and Mayor towns. Meanwhile, mylesFerry is a ferry company that uses tons of warps, but I want to reorganize the system sometime, the problem is that it has so many destinations already reorganizing would be a pain. mylesBuses was SavaBus, which still hasn't been rebranded yet, and mylesMonorail was supposed to link nearby towns and was once a part of NewRail for a short while.

Likes & Dislikes


  • Anything cute or adorable
  • Celeste
  • Diancie and Ribombee
  • End rods
  • The Estify Region, especially Espil
  • Glass blocks
  • Indie games
  • Little Japan, Redwood
  • Monte Isola
  • Skogheim's interiors
  • Small towns
  • Source editor
  • Tiny huts and houses
  • Uniformly spaced "pillar" blocks
  • Visual novels


  • Being called a weeb for playing visual novels
  • Jungle biomes
  • Misalignments
  • Pain, Pain+, and everything similar
  • Soaitis, lag spikes, everything associated with my game freezing for no reason
  • Terraforming, when I'm not in Lumia
  • Tiled quartz blocks
  • Visual editor and automatic edits caused by it

Friends & Neat People

i (possibly) made this first, Frosty_Creeper10 stole the idea, other people used it too, i removed it at some point, and now i put it back, yay!


When I become inactive for 3+ months, I request to be DMed at Discord about my absence. If I don't reply by 2 days, this will take effect. If I get banned or announce a permanent leave, this will takes effect immediately.


You are allowed to use any of my builds built in your town when importing your town to other servers or as a downloadable map, as long as you leave a credit to Melecie or SoaPuffball. In fact, I would encourage you to do so!

Game and Contest Records

As you can see, as I'm in Asia, I didn't participate in many game shows mostly because every other game takes place in American mornings, European evenings, and Asian nights.

Event Host Rank
Game shows
The Game of Numbers Cookie46910, Megascatterbomb 10th (tied with 6 others)
Racing Games
NasKart Prototype 300 Vulpicula Unknown
Formula MRT Season 2 HarborRandom852 3rd
MRT Summer Games 2021 frogggggg, PaintedBlue 4th
Screenshot contests
MRTvision Screenshot Contest 1 MinecraftYoshi26 27th
MRTvision Screenshot Contest 3 MinecraftYoshi26 38th
MRTvision Screenshot Contest 4 MinecraftYoshi26 28th
MRTvision Screenshot Contest 5 MinecraftYoshi26 16th
MRTvision Screenshot Contest 6 MinecraftYoshi26 30th
MRTvision Screenshot Contest 7 MinecraftYoshi26 28th
MRTvision Screenshot Contest 8 MinecraftYoshi26 31st
MRTvision Screenshot Contest 9 MinecraftYoshi26 5th
MRTvision Screenshot Contest 10 McYoshi26 7th
Other Contests
MRT Anniversary Meme Awards chiefbozx None (Blame Chief for discontinuing this)
Building competitions
Expo 2019 Frosty_Creeper10 2nd (tied with Johngi)
MRT Pride 2020 Parade daltdisneyland 2nd
SimonScholar's Town Contest SimonScholar 5th

Gallery of Pictures I Uploaded


Achievement Details
Receive the rank of  [Member] .
Home Sweet Home
Receive the rank of [Citizen].
Trustee of the Server
Receive the rank of [Trustee].
Court is in Session
Receive the rank of [Councillor].
Phone Call Waiting
Receive the rank of [Mayor].
Take a Seat
Receive the rank of [Senator].
Transit Nerd
Connect to the main Minecraft server.
Test Subject
Connect to the beta Minecraft server.
Stellar DJ
Connect to the
Welcome Back
Connect to the new server.
Hub of Information
Create an account in the Wiki.
Use the subreddit.
Connect to Discord.
Moar testing needed.
Connect to the beta server when it moved to 1.12.
Connect to Mumble.
Transport Tycoon
Connect to OpenTTD.
Wow, that was fast!
Join the server on July 10, 2017, when it updated to 1.12.
Day of Nostalgia
Join the server on April 1, 2018.
The Helicopters Are Coming!
Reserve helipads during the Helipocalypse. (early March 2019)
Join the server on April 1, 2019.
Gifts for all!
Give gifts in Christmas Island.
First Settler
Build in GSM Town during its first build session after the November 2019 GSM.
That was short...
Connect to the OpenTTD Zeta Testing Server.
Join the unofficial survival server when it was online.
Legacy of Sanderston
Be part of Bernie Sanderston, the biggest village, in the unofficial survival server.
Here's the airport!
Join the server on April 1, 2020; during the Airport Rapid Transit takeover.
Mayor of Central City
Meet Frumple as a  [Premier] .
Thou Hast Been Smitten!
Get shocked by an [Admin].
My Hair’s on Fire!
Get shocked by chiefbozx.
Get revenge on someone who has pranked you.
Box Factory
AFK Box people 15 times.
Infinity Box
AFK Box two people at the same time.
Impossible Box
AFK Box Frumple.
Actually Impossible Box
AFK Box Frumple without suffering any consequences.
Get a town or a franchise given to you from someone's will.
Play a prank on someone.
Corner Master
Venture to all four corners of the Epsilon map.
Corner Master
Venture to all four corners of the Zeta map.
Watching Ghost
Go to Spectator Mode using a [Mod]'s powers.
Know basic wikicode.
Have over 500 edits in the wiki.
True Comedian
Have at least 10 quotes in Funny Quotes.
Taking Notes
Add at least 50 quotes to Funny or Guest Quotes.
Know basic WorldEdit.
Know how to use Dynmap.
Up and Up!
Know how to use Lift.
Know how to use Armor Stand Tools.
Know basic Redstone.
Know basic skills in building.
Know advanced skills in building.
Car Mechanic
Knew how to use uCars until they were removed.
Long Time Service
Wealth of Experience
Be a member for over 6 months.
Long Time Experience
Be a member for over 1 year.
Old and Gray
Be a member for over 2 years.
Be a member for over 3 years.
New Beginnings
Start a town.
New Horizons
Start a second town.
All Over the World
Have five or more towns.
Station Makeover
Remodel an MRT station.
Grand Opening
Create a franchise and establish one location.
Business Man
Establish 10 locations with your franchise.
Own a successful franchise with over 25 locations.
Establish 50 locations with your franchise.
Swimming in Gold!
Have a well-known franchise with over 100 locations.
Merger Contract
Merge your franchise with another.
Teleportation Transportation
Create a transport company.
Create a transit company focusing on trains.
In The Sky
Create a transit company focusing on helis or planes.
Sell or auction gates or helipads to other players.
But airports don't fly...
Build an airfield or airport.
The Game of Numbers
Join The Game of Numbers.
Super Smash Bros
Play in a PvP arena.
A Winner Is You
Win a PvP game.
Compete in a Screenshot Contest.
Make it to the finals of a MRTVision Screenshot Contest.
Tropical Freeze
Finish the 2017 Christmas Adventure Map in Halua Island.
Island Speedrunner
Speedrun the 2017 Christmas Adventure Map.
Agent of Kitania
Finish Kitty's 2018 Adventure Map.