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SoaPuffball's Stuff
SoaPuffball Talk Contribs EDM Playlist
Towns: Savacaci, Frosty Rivers, Fhaye Town
Towns that I'm Deputy in: Norwest, Creeperville
Businesses: DSPB Holdings Tacurger Shack, SavaBus, Puffball Building Commisions
Adopted: Ilirea, Aviation, Creeperville, Norwest
Other Sites: deviantArt
Funny Quotes The Broadcast Incident

Prince of diamonds and director of object shows.
Language(s) English
Gender Male
MRT Information
Current rank [Maid]
Notable projects Tacurger Shack
Joined The day I first got MCPC
Accepted April 29, 2017
Citizen May 10, 2017 (godzilltrain, _Kastle)
Trustee May 24, 2017 (godzilltrain, hvt2011, mjpwwf), Narnia17)
Councillor June 7, 2017 (_Kastle, Narnia17)
Mayor July 1, 2017 (Narnia17, jphgolf4321)
Senator Probably after Fhaye Town gets Mayor.
Moderator no.
Administrator no.
Social networks
Discord SoaPuffball#3625
Nickname(s) snowpuffball_, SoaP, Soa, Puffy

hi im soapuffball im here to be in one of the most calm servers of all time

Now before you ask why I remove Quality templates sometimes, it's because I wanted people to rate it since I'm not that good at rating articles...


Color General Status Time on
 Lime  On for almost every day! 4 - 5h
 Green  On for almost every day. 2 - 3h
 Yellow  On a bit to chat and build a bit. Also open for building businesses. 1h - 2h
 Orange  On to answer a few questions, to manage Fhaye Town and to build up to one Tacurger Shack. 30m - 1h
 Red  On for a small bit to manage my town. 5m - 30m
 Maroon  Not on. Sorry! :( 0m

Current Status:  Green 


I own DSPB Holdings, the umbrella company of Tacurger Shack, Block Books, SoaTech and Artist's Block. And each of them are free! Just DM me in Discord or mail me via /mail or the Mail Center with your IGN, town and coords for my spot and I can plop one right in! Just don't be crazy like a 100x100 (I do small regional centers, like the small SoaTech HQ in Savacaci) or 1x1 (No building can fit in that size) shop size.

I also own Skyline Air and Skyline Heli. If you want a free airplane service to your city, feel free to DM SoaPuffball to get a free Skyline Air flight if possible.

If your city is in the north side of the server (preferably wards 1 and 2) and have a town connected with a road that has a bus station, DM me to get a free SavaBus service.

Recently, I have given a few coupons of commisions and free franchises. If you have one of those from my gifts, tell me via Discord. The Everyone gifts are first-come-first-serve.


Something I did for fun. just pls just dont add yourself here.

Username Rank Town name
SoaPuffball (for comparison) [Mayor] Savacaci, Frosty Rivers, Fhaye Town, Southern Fhayan Isles, Viyaxayiv
CAMMNM [Citizen] Oasis Sands
Halfy_Crafty [Councillor] Lowami
Hightech_TR [Senator] Woodsdale
Frosty_Creeper10 [Mayor] Creeperville
mervynang [Councillor] Bearainstein
ModernArt [Mayor+] Norwest
Seastep [Councillor] Aviation
SoSo123 [Governor] Chalxior, Freedon, Stoneedge

About Server Me


I own five, yes FIVE towns, two has halted development, three are being currently developed on, but one might only reach up to Councillor or Mayor.

Client Mods

Here are a list of client mods I use to log into the server. Bold means updated for 1.12.2.

Server History

Alert.png This is an unfinished section.
Please wait until it gets finished, okay...?

I first heard of the server when I checked Frumple1 for his working MRT Station Build. During that time I still had no Minecraft, so i just watched his videos. I knew of this server even when I'm not there (yes I'm a stalker...not!), I visited the Member and Guest Quotes pages quite often, I've been watching when the switch from Alpha to Gamma was made (but not Epsilon though), I knew of Music3_0's ban, and stuff. But I still had no Minecraft, until when i first joined the server. Yes, this server is the first I joined in MCPC. From there, I tried to claim a station. Possible candidates were XW23, C61-ZS18 (I think) which was the location of the inactive Stringle55's town Minearia (I actually stayed there for quite a while!) and NE7, which someone recommended me to visit and claim.. That was all when I was a [Guest]! So when I became [Member], I have tried to make the city of Frostvalley in NE7, but the next day abandoned it due to "claim rules". That got me to search more in NW13, which was 300 blocks close of Snowtopic, NE26-T50 which was claimed by redstone_king26, around the Taiga Line then the Circle Line, then i took a final round loop back to XW23. That's when Savacaci was established. From there the city grew, becoming a Citizen with an apartment at Icelake (?), and a business at Aviation. From there the city grew, and I realized that I also need businesses to help grow my city. From there the first shops like AlikLolly, Build Help and Martyn's Money Bank was made. When the day ModernArt moved Eastwood to Norwest, I and frogggggg joined in, made a nearby city. Mine was Sprucemount, it being the start of my second town as a [Trustee]! However since I focused on Savacaci, I neglected it. frogggggg's town also got inactive. I surpassed [Councillor] with lots of builds, mostly thanks to people who set up a shop there. Between Councillor and Mayor, I saw A78, one of mikefishr's roads, and I went and asked him to build a road connecting to Savacaci. He agreed. Then, I built a bus terminal, and SavaBus was founded as an attempt to get bus connections to Savacaci. Eventually, it came to a point where I got [Mayor] for Savacaci, and due to lots of neighboring cities like Mega Motion City on the east, Asuka on the west, DesertView on the north and a newly founded town Oasis Sands on the south, I eventually had to end development on Savacaci. I eventually looked for a new place to start my town. After lots more failed attemppts to claim a station, I eventually had to stop. I instead targeted a place where it's very likely that a planned MRT stop was going to be. I positioned a city between Heampstead and Totsworth, but because a city was already there, I couldn't. Then Modern reminded me that Sprucemount exists, and I continued development on it. Now I am currently pushing Sprucemount for [Councillor] and [Mayor], and possibly even reach [Senator]!

New version starts here! The older one (above) will be removed after the more complete version gets made.


You would think that when a player knows of a server, they would join immediately, right? Not for me. I waited up to four years before I first joined the server. I first heard about the server watching Frumple1 for his automatic Minecart Train Station build. I then saw about him opening the server in the webpage. That caused me to want to join the server. I tuned onto the webpage and onto Funny Quotes, I knew of Feline Holdings, Music3_0's ban, I knew of Yoshi's games, I stayed during the Gamma launch, but then slowly I forgot about the server. A bit. Only a bit. But when I got Minecraft, I joined the server after a bit playing in Singleplayer...


This was one of the first servers I joined in Minecraft (Java Edition) under the name SoaPuffball (as in a few servers I joined in Minecraft Bedrock/MCPE, I had the name AWordZzz). And off for the first few minutes of joining, I already found a funny quote.

[Governor+] autobus22: seastep: Benion basically consists of wood boxes
[Guest] Seastep: jk
[Guest] Seastep: oh
[Guest] Seastep: damn
[Guest] Seastep: Perfect place for beavers, I guess..
[Guest] Seastep: idk
[Governor+] autobus22: oMG
[Governor+] autobus22: I am too lazy but someone should add that to the guest quotes
(btw, its already there before you add it)

I didn't pay much attention to the players on the server yet when I was a guest, but I was just looking for a station to have a station. I tried  XW23 ,  C61 - ZS18  which was claimed by and deserted by an old member Stringle55, then finally  NE7 , which someone recommended me to claim. I stayed there for a while with a really bad internet, so I lagged out most of the time after I went to that station.


From there I started the town of Frostvalley, but the next day I saw that I needed perms from two mayors before setting up a city there. Then I abandoned that town and moved on. Next candidates included {{{2}}}  which was near Snowtopic,  T50 - NW27  which was claimed by redstone_king27, going around the  Taiga Line  then the  Circle Line , then all the way back to  XW23 . That's when I started my town, Savacaci. From there I built the initial city hall, the Observation Tower, Savacacinn which was later W/E'd into my lab just before I got [Mayor], the first SoaPBox (not the AFK box, but the business), the first Tacurger Shack, and all of the initial foundings of my city. I also performed a single AFK Box against Soso123 as Member, while touring Stoneedge. For my [Citizen] rank, I went on to get an apartment in Icelake, a SoaPBox in Aviation, and got set for Citizen. I asked Godzilltrain and _Kastle, and I got the rank.

[Citizen] and [Trustee]

When I got Citizen, I got my points set in Savacaci with a /suicide warp there. I got the first businesses there with AlikLolly, Build Help Inc., Martyn's Money Bank, and lots more. I became more friendly (as well as more trollier) with more AFK Box victims. Especially ModernArt. Trustee was mostly easy, managing to wrap up two endorsements (i think) in a single day, and then getting one more. As a Trustee, I also started Frosty Rivers, having the name Sprucemount. It eventually flopped in itself, as I abandoned it to continue on Savacaci. I also planned to build a train station in Savacaci, but I eventually never did.

Why the name?

Note: Massive spoilers for YouTube shows Battle for Dream Island and Inanimate Insanity here! Click here to watch the first episode of BFDI: [1] and II: [2]

The screen name SoaPuffball is based off two object shows (Total Drama Island inspired YouTube shows that have objects as contestants) Battle for Dream Island and Inanimate Insanity. On Season Two of those shows was the contestants Puffball and Soap respectively, my favorite of those shows. Other of my favorites were Tennis/Golf Ball, Match/Pencil/Bubble/Ruby, and Lollipop from BFDI/A/IDFB, and Microphone and Suitcase from II. (As a side note, there is a character named Taco in II S1. He lost to OJ/Orange Juice in the finale.) They both got eliminated, for betraying his teammates to get a prize for Puffball, and for exposing Suitcase of stealing the battery for Soap.

Also, my skin is a reference to Diancie, my favorite Pokémon.



  • Seastep
  • mervynang
  • ModernArt
  • lfpp03
  • frogggggg
  • SoSo123
  • mikefishr
  • MRT Staff

DSPB Holdings

  • Seastep
  • mervynang
  • frogggggg
  • Hightech_TR
  • ModernArt


  • Seastep
  • ModernArt

Frosty Rivers

  • ModernArt
  • Seastep
  • Hightech_TR

Once I return, I'd like all my property back to me, please.

Wiki Signatures

SoaPuffball + Diancie, SoaPBox, Savacaci, FE Fates | This post was made on: 07:12, 2 June 2017 (UTC)

Eyy there, it's SoaPuffball + Diancie, Tacurger Shack, Savacaci, Sprucemount and the director of stuff. | This post was made on: 07:13, 2 June 2017 (UTC)

SoaPuffballtalk who owns Savacaci and DSPB Holdings. | this is made on: 04:47, 2 July 2017 (UTC)

 SoaPuffball talk who owns Frosty Rivers,  XW23  Savacaci andd Tacurger Shack. | this is made on: 10:59, 25 September 2017 (UTC)

SoaPuffballTalk contribs, 09:55, 5 October 2017 (UTC)


Achievement get!
Receive the rank of  Member .
Achievement get!
Home Sweet Home
Receive the rank of  Citizen .
Achievement get!
Trustee of the Server
Receive the rank of Trustee.
Achievement get!
Court is in Session
Receive the rank of Councillor.
Achievement get!
Phone Call Waiting
Receive the rank of Mayor.
Achievement get!
Transit Nerd
Connect to the main Minecraft server.
Achievement get!
Welcome Back
Connect to the new server
Achievement get!
Hub of Information
Make an account on the Wiki.
Achievement get!
No Mumbling Allowed
Connect to Discord.
Achievement get!
Socially Linked
Use the sub-reddit.
Achievement get!
Moar testing needed.
Connect to the 1.12 beta server.
Achievement get!
Wow, that was fast!
Join the server on July 10, 2017; when it updated to 1.12.
Achievement get!
Play a prank on someone.
Achievement get!
Know how to use Dynmap.
Achievement get!
Know how to use EElevator.
Achievement get!
Up and Up!
Know how to use Lift
Achievement get!
Grand Opening
Create a franchise and establish one location.
Achievement get!
Buisness Man
Establish 10 locations with your franchise.
Achievement get!
Headquarter Time!
Establish one large HQ for your franchise.

Other's Achievements

Achievement get!
Know basic Redstone
Achievement get!
Build a theatre.
Achievement get!
Animalia Advocate
Be the resident Pokemon.

Custom Achievements

Achievement get!
Too bad I can't join...
Known about the server 1 year prior to joining
Achievement get!
Make an AFK Box against someone else
Achievement get!
Get AFK Boxed
Achievement get!
Beheaded myself
Get your head from a supporter or summon your head as an supporter
Achievement get!
Say WB as much times as you can on the server, aka when someone joins or returns from AFKing.
Achievement get!
Foundation of a New City
Start a city
Achievement get!
Station Makeover
Remodel a station.
Achievement get!
Push and Box
Push someone from a protected area just to AFK Box them.
Achievement get!
Staff Boxed
AFK Box Frumple or an [Admin].
Achievement get!
Grammar Nerd
Spell Achowalogen Takachsin right.

Random Stuff

PPAP reenacted using ItemBound.

SoaPuffball's Stuff
SoaPuffball Talk Contribs EDM Playlist
Towns: Savacaci, Frosty Rivers, Fhaye Town
Towns that I'm Deputy in: Norwest, Creeperville
Businesses: DSPB Holdings Tacurger Shack, SavaBus, Puffball Building Commisions
Adopted: Ilirea, Aviation, Creeperville, Norwest
Other Sites: deviantArt
Funny Quotes The Broadcast Incident

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