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SoaPuffball's Directory
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Towns: Nymphalia | Savacaci | Frosty Rivers | Gemstride | Viyaxayiv | Aviation (adopted)
Franchises: Tacurger Shack | BannerBoi | Demeter Eatery | Ice Tea Vendor (adopted)
Services: mylesFerry Buses Monorail | Puffball Building Commisions

Alert.png Inactivity
I will probably be less active in the server, but I will often be active in the server discord or the chat. Feel free to drop me a direct message in Discord! ;)
Director of Words
Language(s) English
Gender Male
MRT Information
Current rank Maid
Notable projects Tacurger Shack and Nymphalia, also like 10% of AP_Red’s MRT Jungle Line
Joined Sometime in April
Accepted April 9, 2017
Citizen May 10, 2017
Trustee May 24, 2017
Councillor June 7, 2017
Mayor July 1, 2017
Senator at best 3rd week of Sept
Social networks
Discord SoaPuffball#3625
Nickname(s) Soa, Puffy
Previous Name(s) SnowPuffball_

Hia, I am SoaPuffball, a normal guy in the server. If you are atleast a [Citizen], you probably already saw me or some of my stuff in the server. I am an average builder, a troll, and the guy who keeps Funny Quotes updated. So if you see me somewhere (i am practically everywhere in the Internet), feel free to say hi! :^

I’m also a wikifriend with decent understanding of wiki stuff (argh tables and roundy) so you can ask me if you want stuff. ;)


Soapuffballsfriendwall.png' I don’t wanna do this now. I’ll just leave my friend wall here.


The Start

You’d often think that after someone discovers a server, they would instantly connect to it? No, sometimes people don’t even have Minecraft to be able to connect to the server. I first hooked onto Frumple after searching for a train station in Minecraft and saw his old video. Then I saw a timelapse of the Old World’s train lines and I was more hooked. After that, I really wanted to join the server. I followed onto the members, checked Funny Quotes, and read the wiki a lot.

Fast forward to April 2017, and I finally got the Java version of Minecraft. The MRT Server is the second server I visited actually. So when I joined I was greeted with a warm welcome. From there I checked for an empty station, and then I settled on  NW7  Foobar which was empty then. Days later when I finally got Member after one rejection, I built Frostvalley on it. Just a town hall. Next day I checked the wiki, and I was just about to add Frostvalley to the List of New World Claimed MRT Stations but realized that I needed permissions from nearby mayors, and I immediately packed and removed the town hall. From there I searched a lot of stations until I got back to XW23 (which was the first station I settled on). There I built Savacaci.

After building Savacaci, I had to get a house and franchise somewhere. That house and franchise was on Icelake and Aviation respectively, and I got to Citizen easily. After that, I had to get three endorsements from three members. Those three were godzilltrain hvt2011 and mjpwwf. I asked Narnia17, and I got Trustee.

From there I had most things ready in Savacaci. There was the metro system, the town hall, the park, the observation tower, and the apartments. But I still needed more buildings. So I asked AlikSong if I can have an AlikLolly in Savacaci. And it was built, and it was my first franchise building in Savacaci (after Tacurger Shack and the SoaPBox which were both mine). Then I went crazy with franchises, where Savacaci is now practically just a town full of franchises that suddenly got Mayor. Along the way I also made another town that I left untouched for so long, which was the town of Sprucemount, which was built after ModernArt built the city of Norwest, which was accidentally put close to Silver Mountain, and invited me and frogggggg to build there.

Tons of Towns

On July 1, I asked Narnia17 and jphgolf4321 for my endorsement for Mayor, and they got me to said rank. After that I started designing my station, and with that comes my current rank of Mayor that I will keep for at least one year. I did a few more things in Savacaci, before moving on to another town since I was practically surrounded by lots and lots of neighbors, so I can’t really expand. So I looked for another station to work in, and Modern reminded me of Sprucemount. The town was promoted to Mayor eventually, with one rename to Frosty Rivers along the way because Musique. And I finished the town, it’s not that good but I tried to make it good, and the problems showed after I finished.

On October, I was looking for a station to have a town on, and I found  EN14  New Bakersville - City Hall Station. It was in a good terrain, it was a good location, so I built on it. But I later learned that I couldn’t because the line wasn’t open yet. From there, I went on to building a small town in the southwestern cluster kinda near Plainsley, which almost became a promising start.


When the Eastern Line opened, I tried to claim EN14 for what could be known then as Fhaye Town, but FredTheTimeLord was faster and claimed the station during the GSM, which he eventually turned to the amazing Senator town New Bakersville City. I skimmed through the rest of the Eastern Line to look for unclaimed stations, and there was  EN23  Nymphalia - Snowspark. It was unclaimed, the terrain was decent, but I wanted more. I continued skimming the Eastern Line, but everything else was claimed, so I quickly returned to EN23.

And that will be the start of the town I kept the longest without abandoning.

Rough Start

The first buildings I built in the new town were a small temporary town hall and a small house which was later owned by Kel5. After that, I went on to build further into the south, with a large mall skyscraper being made for franchises, two more houses, a NewRail station which later went unused, and an observation tower I gave the naming rights to woorich999 in an auction for $151. And from there on I vanished, only appearing again on December for Christmas Island, and also the Halua Island adventure map.

Between December and February, Mercury203 was banned, and NewRail started being too problematic for Frosty_Creeper10 to handle. Basically, Modern got all mad at people for not helping him and/or NewRail. Frosty left, and took Hendon Line, “the rail line with a conflict every week” with him. When I returned, he told me to also leave NewRail, one of his reasons being that Modern took all credit for Airail (a monorail company I owned and still own). I did left, and when I left, I rebranded Airail to mylesMonorail, as well as rebranding Lodistra Buses (a dormant bus company I also had then) to mylesBuses. And with that, the conflict had not much to deal with me anymore.

After all this, I thought that I should start working on Fhaye Town again. I renamed it to Nymphalia, then started the second major district of Nymphalia with it — Serene Lake. Expansions continue, but two major expansions are so big that they are why I got denied in my first attempt at Senator. First, I really wanted Xayah_Main’s town Krokitropolis, and while waiting for three months, a GSM happened and allowed insignificant towns (towns with no building yet) to be reclaimed after 14 days of inactivity. And so started the smaller wait for 14 days. During that wait, megascatterbomb also gave me his town Cardassia in EN22 and expanded to it. He became Trial Mod at the next GSM after this exchange. After waiting 14 days, Tom_Pairs gave me the go signal to claim Krokitropolis after multiple failed attempts.

Oh, and on October I also claimed XW20-C89 with Cynra_.

Reaching the Next Stage

Fast forward to May, and I am already getting my town ready for Senator. The next district is being established, the MRT station is redesigned, the first two districts are finished and wrapped up, and everything is ready. I applied for Senator, which starts the biggest growth of Nymphalia. Azure Plains gets done, a graveyard of banned players is made between Azure Plains and EN24, Turquoise Fields gets built east of the graveyard, and lots of stuff are happening. However the massive land grab isn’t fixed yet, so I easily got denied for Senator.

By June the expansion continues, Windus starts to appear and Turquoise Fields is expanded east in two or three days. This is where the growth ends, as after early June I can’t recall anything major happening in Nymphalia except for a few buildings being built, Saphiere existing, and the Observatory being (finally) finished. The only thing happening to me on June, excluding Nymphalia, was the revival of Tacurger Shack, making BannerBoi exist, and helping out with NASKart.

I applied again for the August batch, but I easily got declined because of one district not being connected anywhere else.

And here is where the story ends for now, as of August 5, 2018

Why the name?

My name is a portmanteau of two characters from two object shows, Puffball and Soap.

Also, my skin is a reference to Diancie, my favorite Pokémon.



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  • megascatterbomb
  • Frosty_Creeper10
  • ModernArt
  • ConnConn2005
  • MRT Staff

Tacurger Shack

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  • ModernArt
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