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SnowdinTownHall Shaders.png
Snowdin's Town Hall.
Town Officials
Mayor Purrcat2010
Deputy Mayor supermetro
Founder CrazyRocketGuy
MRT  NW17  Foobar
Facts and Figures
Town Hall Coordinates -6155 71 -8391
Founded June 2017
Town Rank None
World New

Snowdin is a town founded by CrazyRocketGuy. In early November, the town was TMS-ed to Purrcat2010 and was incorporated into the Socialist Kingdom of Cattington (SKoC for short). Located on the northern line, Snowdin is a snowy town, and as such, has a snowy theme. The buildings in the town are extremely diverse, designs and styles from all four corners of the server. Snowdin was part of the Armadean Municipality, but since left and joined it’s new owner’s nation, the Socialist Kingdom of Cattington.

Bullition Board

  • We are looking for builders! Please Contact Purrcat2010 ingame or through this page’s discussion page if you are interested.

Residents and Businesses

Snowdin currently houses 2 permanent residents, 5 business, and 14 builds.


As of now, the only way to get to Snowdin is by the MRT Rail System and FrostyRail. There are plans for a highway to be built to serve northern towns, including Snowdin. More recently, Purrcat2010 has been thinking about building a road connection to Vickiposa’s A92. In-city, a metro called SnowMetro (Last time I checked, I am not sure) is in the works, Purrcat2010 hopes to complete the first parts of the Central and Downtown Lines by the end of the year. It is too soon to tell how many lines and stations are going to be in the system.

Image Gallery

Note: Most of the screenshots here are outdated. They were taken before the town was TMS-ed to me.

SnowdinAtDawn.png Snowdin B1.png Snowdin B2.png Snowdin B3.png SnowdinTownHall Shaders.png Snowdin T2.png