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Director of idiocy
Our names may be similar but I am 87% sure I am not a british politician
Location Southeastern Massachussetts
Time zone Eastern Time
Language(s) American
Gender female???
Birth date 7/11/02
MRT Information
Current rank [Mayor]
Notable projects Knoxford Fernar City Sleepstar Hotels BernTrak
Joined Febuary 2014
Accepted March 2014
Citizen October 2014?
Trustee October 2014?
Councillor 2015?
Mayor 2016
Senator soon(TM)
Governor When I get of my ass and actually work on a town.
Premier When obama rides a flying pig thru the frozen plains of hell while waving a soviet flag,
Social networks

Guten Tag My funky ferrets You have reached the user page of BernCow Im not available right now please leave a message after the beep. I joined the server in 2014 and have spent a lot of time as Mayor because Im lazy. I own the towns of Knoxford and Fernar City. contray to popular belief I am not a British politician nor VernCow.