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Seaview & Aguaspueblos

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Seaview & Aguaspueblos
Town Officials
Mayor time2makemymove
Deputy Mayor hvt2011
Founder jamess__, BernCow
Facts and Figures
Population 5
Town Rank Mayor
Official Language(s) English, French, German, Fish
World New
Other Info
MPO West Ocean Partnership

Seaview & Aguaspueblos is a town located in the shallow northwest MRT, directly on the lake west of the West Lake, and south of Savacaci. Seaview was founded by jamess__, previously owned by BernCow, and is now owned by time2makemymove as of November 19, 2017. Aguaspueblos, however, was founded solely by time2makemymove as a replacement to the never-built OceanView development west of Seaview.


Actual history coming soon.

Seaview was founded some day in some month in some year by JamesGaming. The oldest area is the Central Beach with the beach huts made first. In May 2016 it was given to Bern Cow In August 2017 Ocean View a large entertainment complex was created on land west of seaview



SNAP TRANSIT, Seaview and Aguaspueblos' regional transit company, owns and operates all bus and rail transport within the towns. The Central Link is an under-construction tramway connecting Seaview beach to Aguaspueblos beach, with the option for a future extension northward to include Savacaci, if soapuffball accepts. There is no set completion date as of this writing.


Hummingbird Boat Lines

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