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This is the history of the two Wintervilles, one located in MRT Northern Line and other located in MRT Arctic Line.


The older of the two Wintervilles was located on the MRT Northern Line. According to chat logs, it was originally owned by knowmads7, but it was transferred to camelfantasy because it was against the rules to have more than 3 towns at this time. Camel got it copy and pasted into Fort Yaxier but he never got rid of the original copy. Then, 0x10 absorbed it to Kyoto, where it currently stands as of time of writing.

The newer of the two Wintervilles was originally owned by Lexi9076 (called sasha9076 at this time). She transferred it to _fwis when they got Member at January 3, 2021. Over time, this town would get Councillor and is currently the town that gave _fwis their current player rank, even after it got transferred to underscorepie in November 3, 2021.


Actually, there are is a third Winterville (spelled WinterVille) located north of NW26/T50 Station, which is the station that no one knows who owns said station.