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Stoneedge is a town by soso123 now owned by camelfantasy, located east of Pine Mountain and the area of NW3. It is modern and has a cozy feel. It started on the day before Epsilon, which was the last town to be founded on Gamma. Timeline is set to be around 2000s. As a town purposely founded to grab an MRT station, the mayor did not have too much ideas for it. The architecture is a mix of bone, quartz, wood, stone, snow, ice and stained glass.

The coastline of Stoneedge.

Simplified Information

Mayor soso123
Deputy Mayor BuildPilot
Head Councillor/Chief Justice Aliksong
Councillors 1
MRT Station  NW3 
Metro System 3
Residents 12
Franchises 14
Parks 3
Builds 74
Town Rank [Senator]
Recongized as town 29th January 2017


The town of Stoneedge reached the rank of [Mayor] with literally 18 finished builds. As you know, that hotel is still U/C.

Achievement get!
[Mayor]'s requirements got loose
Reach [Mayor] with less than 20 builds.
Achievement get!
Home Of Shopping
Have more than 7 franchises without 30 finished builds.
Achievement get!
Mission Impossible #Completed
Build a sucessful town in a horrible terrain
Achievement get!
Water connection mania
Have 5 boats pasted in your waterport.
Achievement get!
Little Land Challenge
Start your town in a small peninsula.


All types of transport are operated by TDOS Transit Department Of Stoneedge. This includes Stoneedge Metro (minecart), Stoneedge Buses, and Stoneedge trams.

Inter-City Transport

Inter-City Transport includes a future planned rail line that will be operated by Four Seasons Railways, also including future boat lines to Welsbury. There is also a chance for our metro to connect to Pine Mountain and Welsbury.


There are currently no roads that goes around Stoneedge.


Under Construction

There is a road that is currently under construction. It goes from Stoneedge to Pine Mountain.

Future expansions may include:

Train Transport

There is a planned rail line that will be operated by Four Seasons Railways. The MRT Northern Line will also stop here.

Rail Services
Previous station Next station
 NW5  Pine Mountain
towards Borealia via Spruce Hills
 NW3  Foobar Foobar
towards  NE18  Titsensaki via Liten
Terminus Four Seasons Railways Summer Spur
Pine Mountain
towards Airchester

Stoneedge Eurydome Waterport

Stoneedge has a waterport that has 15 docks. It is now completed and there is one route at the time.

Request A Dock

Dock Destination(s) Boat Company
e.g. 10000 Montreal, Indonesia, Europe, MRT Server Lady Lala's Company
1 Benion Benion Waterways

NOTE: Routes that will cross to other oceans will be approved or denied after the canals are finished.

Confirmed Docks

Dock Destination(s) Boat Company
2 Welsbury WMB
5 ??? IntraSail
6/7 Titsensaki StarFerries
8/9 Zaquar IntraSail
13/14 Elecna Bay, Ilirea and New Rosemont Hummingbird Boat Lines
15 Fort Yaxier Hummingbird Boat Lines

List Of Buildings

1 - Stoneedge Town Hall

2 - Stoneedge Eurydome Waterport

3 - Froggy's House

4 - Curry House

5 - Office Tower of Siletz Central Airlines

6 - lfpp003's restaurant: Pizzo

7 - Pasithee (Pa-si-fee) Apartments

8 - Waterway Edge Library

9 - Stoneedge Info Centre

10 - FrogWear

11 - DJMC2000's house

12 - LithiumMirnuriX's Arcade: Circo Porto

13 - zomghi5's franchise

14 - AlikLolly, Shopping Waterfront Location

15 - Dactyl Hotel (WIP)

16 - Councillor Offices

17 - Cyan Lights Apartments

18 - Italiaso, Stoneedge Location

19 - Dragon's ice cream shop

20 - Rainbow Heights Light Blue House

21 - Rainbow Heights Lime House

22 - Rainbow Heights Yellow House

23 - Rainbow Heights Cyan House

24 - Rainbow Heights Orange House

25 - Rainbow Heights I Forgot What Color House

26 - Waterway Edge Bus Terminal

27 - Office Tower 2

28 - Lithium's HQ or something (U/C)

29 - Stoneedge Geography Museum >:D muahahahahaa

30 - The Claytrium - Stoneedge

31 - Stoneedge Park Offices

32 - Stoneedge Local Supermarket

33 - Frogs4Life's embassy of Titsensaki

34 - Stoneedge Local Cafe

35 - Due's Food Station

36 - Unnamed Metro Station

37 - Sweet Shack 1st Location

38 - Waterfront Metro Station

39 - MRT  NW3  Station

40 - Stoneedge Local Recreational Centre

41 - Villehill House 1

42 - Villehill House 2

43 - Saint Mary's Church

44 - Saint Mary's Church offices

45 - Local Lane Ferry Terminal

46 - Lisdic Square

47 - Stoneedge Local Clinic

48 - Townhouse 1

49 - Townhouse 2

50 - Townhouse 3

51 - Townhouse 4

52 - Townhouse 5

53 - Court Colours Red House

54 - Court Colours Blue House

55 - Court Colours Orange House

56 - Court Colours Yellow House

57 - Court Colours I Forgot What Colour House

58 - Bluebell National Park (U/C)

59 - Townhouse 1

60 - Library of Vateroom Valley

61 - Candi #1

62 - MineKE Store

63 - Ice tea Vendor store

64 - Townhouse 2

65 - Townhouse 3

66 - Vateroom Valley Library

67 - Carpark

68 - Hurdlestone Elementary School Main Building

69 - Hurdlestone Elementary School Building 2

70 - Uncle Crabsticks' Orchard

71 - Orchard Room?

72 - Bluebell National Park Cable Car Station

73 - Stone Beach Cable Car Station

74 - Stoneedge Arena

Landmark and Attractions

Geography Museum

Stoneedge's landmark is Stoneedge Geography Museum, which introduces biomes in Minecraft and the terrain in Stoneedge. We also have stamps there. If you get a full set of stamps, you get a set of eco-friendly toys!

Other Attractions

Shopping Promenade

The shopping promenade includes a ton of franchises, so people could shop rapidly. It could be accessed by the metro station of Waterfront.

The franchises here includes:

Local Lane

Local Lane is a road of shops and restaurants that shows Stoneedge's local stuff. Shops there are not counted as franchises.

_frozen Memorial Park

_frozen Memorial Park is located across the geography museum, and entrances are avaliable at both sides of the park. Take a walk there, it's nice! The name of the park is suggested by naughty Canal and naughty Narn.

Hill Neighbourhoods

There are a lot of small neighbourhoods located on hills and mountains all around the city. It's kinda a park with some scattered business and residence, but it's always fun to go there.

Stoneedge Arena

The Stoneedge Arena is a spleef arena built by mikefishr. It was built it June 2017, and is home of the Stoneedge Hikers, the spleef team which represents Stoneedge.

Fun Facts

  • Stoneedge is famous for it's lovely seawalls.
  • It was only built because soso123 wanted a MRT Station.
  • soso123 loves this.
  • Nobody has ever gained interest on the landmark.
  • soso123 forgot the day it got mayor and didn't work on it until January.

Geographic Location