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Frost City

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Frost City
Town Officials
Mayor _Frozen
Deputy Mayor MC_Protocol
MRT  Y1  Morningside (Nearby)
Bus  N10  NORI Bus Centennial Express to Centennial
Facts and Figures
Population 2
Town Hall Coordinates 2607,64,-2089
Founded February 5, 2014
Recognized as town March 2, 2014

Frost City was a town on the MRT Server. The original mayor was MC_Protocol. On July 17, 2014 the town was annexed and became a major part of the City of Fairfax. Frost City will continue to operate its own government while operating as a district of Fairfax.

The City started as a small build that MC_Protocol was working on. The town developed after the completion of MC_Protocol's first franchise, the Original MC_Tasty, and grew with the Frost City Transit Center. More buildings came afterwards, then the townhall and recongition of the city was done on March 2, 2014.

District Motto: As Long As Failure Is Avenging Us, We Are Aline With God


Frost City Is Located In the Northeast, and is Northeast of Fairfax Northern Cross and is close to the MRT International Airport, and the I-0 and I-1 Freeways.

How To Get There

Take the MRT Terminal Booth Yellow Line and Go to Morningside, After arriving in Morningside go south along I-2 there is a continuous Road. Continue Down the Road And You Will Find Frost City.

Location of Frost City on the Dynmap

Town News

"February 5 ,2014" The original MC_Tasty Is Built on The Server

"February 18,2014" The Transit Centre Is Completed;Transit Are Currently Being work On To Different City's

"March 2,2014" Townhall Is Finnish, MC_Protocol Is Promoted To Mayor

"March 4,2014" Music's Gems Is Now Available In The Town And Modified Road to Morningside

"March 19,2014" Frost City Transit Centre Is Being Redesigned To Fit In MetroFairfax,And Space From The Original Centre Will Be Grass Out,and Terraform

"March 29,2014" Construction On The New Transit Hub Is Now Finished And Bus Line As Being Planned

"July 17, 2014" Ownership of Frost City was transferred to _frozen and the city government has devolved into a district government.


  • The Transit District Is Located Above Federal District And Is Main Transit Area In Frost City.The Transit Centre Which is Frost City Transit Centre Is A Multipurpose Station Contain 3 Bus Concourses To Different Parts Of The MRT And Contain 4 Metro Lines , Which Are Current Being Planned And May Go to Different North East And Western City's.Currently MetroFairfax Serves This City
  • The Federal District Is Below The Transit And Is Home to Frost City's Town hall, Dept. Of Minecraft Safety And Other Federal Buildings In The City.
  • The Shopping District Is Frost City's Main Shopping Area, It's Home to Diffrent Types Of Shops And Buildings In The Server.Frost Insurance Is Located Here, and For Pig,Horse And Bus Insurance. BTBaker Is Also Located Here,And Music's Gems Made By Music3 0 Is Also Here For Gem Needs.MC_Tasty The Orignal Is Here Too! The Frost City's Mall Which Is Far Away From the District It Self , It's considered Part Of District.

Noticeable Builds

  • Music's Gems
  • MC_Tasty