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Director of Theatres
LocationLondon, England
Time zoneGMT/UTC
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Current rankMayor
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Hi my name's MajorMagpie but most people call me one of the following names:

  • Major
  • Magpie
  • Maggie
  • Maggers
  • Bird
  • Rojam
  • Poopy Bird
  • The awesome one

Although I think that last one is just me.

Random bit of autobiography right here \/

I joined the MRT server on the 15th of August 2012 as a member just a few hours after having my application accepted whilst I was sleeping. The MRT was the first server I had ever played on so when I first joined I had no idea how to talk in chat, only how to message people. I remembered seeing Benie on one of Frumple's first server videos so I kept messaging him and asking how to speak, he was surprisingly patient with me.

I was a member for a long time before asking for Mayor, I had never felt particularly interested in the rank but one day I decided I'd like a new tag so I got my Mayorship. What a glorious feeling I had the luxury of enjoying for all of 3 days before logging on and finding myself brandishing a Trusted tag.

So who am I?

_MajorMagpie_ - That was a pretty dumb question...

Public Relations

I am most likely known for my love of Theatres and the performing arts, I have built over 10 theatres on the server including the MRT Amphitheatre. I might also be known for my strange obsession with BirdPoop despite numerous real-life encounters with the substance all of which weren't particularly pleasant for me.

Projects Past and Present

  • Mayor Amphitheatre City, Tranquillity/Tranquil Gardens and the City of New Phoenix
  • MRT Amphitheatre
  • Spawn Expansion Project
  • Spawn Rejuvenation Project
  • Spawn De-lagification Initiative
  • Magpie Industries
  • New Admod Building
  • New Police station/Jail
  •  MTS  Magpie Transit Systems
  • MRT Circle Line
  • MRT Library and National Archives
  • City of New Phoenix
  • Under_Score Corporation
  • MRT National Theatre