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Town officials
Mayor Cact0
Deputy Mayor _Kastle
Roadways B191.png
Other transit Wooridge Transit, Sunshine Transit
Facts and figures
Population 25
Founded December 9th, 2018
Town rank Unranked
World New

Wooridge Is a small suburban town west of Sunshine Coast.



Wooridge is served by the B191.png which links Wooridge to nearby Sunshine Coast in the East and Murrville in the west where drivers can continue to drive to the rest of the MRT New World.


Wooridge is a major trading hub since it is directly outside Sunshine Coast, many Sunshine Coast residents drive out to Wooridge to shop for many luxury goods in our mall. The town's economy is also based on the military bases near the town.

Public Transport

Intracity public transit for Wooridge is operated mainly by Wooridge Transit. Wooridge Transit also operates a commuter bus service into Sunshine Coast for commuters who work in Sunshine Coast but live in Wooridge, these buses allow commuters to relax on air conditioned buses equipped with Wi-Fi and commuters can just relax and not stress about traffic.



Wooridge has two local TV stations, one of them being Sunshine Coast Broadcasting Network(SSCBN), operating on callsign NSSC.. It consists of the main channel, a repeated broadcast of KBS Kids from Kevtropolis (the only non-communist media from SSCBN), a horse channel, a music channel, and a government channel and the other being Wooridge Broadcasting Network (WBN), operating on the callsign NWBN.

Local Channels

Channel Resolution Aspect ratio PSIP Name Programming
1.1 1080i 16:9 NSSC-DT Main NSSC programming
1.2 720p 16:9 NSSCK SSC KBS Kids
1.3 720p 16:9 NSSCH House of Horses
1.5 720p 16:9 NSSCM Jam Time
1.6 720p 16:9 NSSC-WX SunshineWeather
2.1 1080ip 16:9 NWBN-HD Main WBN Programming
2.2 1080ip 16:9 NWBN+HD WBN Plus
2.3 1080ip 16:9 NWBN-CN SkyLinkTV Chinese Programming
2.4 1080ip 16:9 SPANISHWR Wooridge Spanish TV
2.5 480p 4:3 NWBN-Kids WBN Kids Programming (PBS Kids Sprout)
2.6 480p 4:3 NWBN-City Wooridge City TV