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RepublicOfEpsilonFlag.png This city is a proud member of the Epsilonian Republic RepublicOfEpsilonFlag.png
Town officials
Mayor ShiniUmbreon
Founder Itz_Lego
Facts and figures

Basic Information

Akworth is a small developing town at the XW-28 station of the MRT


Downtown Akworth is the main part of the city, housing several franchises and apartment buildings. Akworth is home to several hotels, such as the BearLodge Akworth Midtown and the Phoenix Mountainview Hotel

Major Businesses

Akworth is the proud home of the Pheonix Global Group and all of its subsidiaries


The town was originally founded by Itz_Lego sometime before 2017. Given to ShiniUmbreon (Later _ShiniStudios_, now VAReaper in July of 2017, the city has gone through a variety of changes, with no buildings surviving from 2017 and before