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User:Itz Lego

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Director of Boats
Location Atlanta, Georgia USA
Time zone Eastern Standard Timezone
Language(s) American English
Gender Male
Birth date 04/03
MRT Information
Current rank Councillor
Notable projects ACL Orion (Ocean Liner), ACL Ariadne (Cruise ship), Merriton, Transoceanic Rail Line (Merriton to EN11)
Joined 2014
Accepted May 31st, 2017
Citizen June 7th, 2017
Trustee July, 2017
Councillor Late July, 2017
Mayor Some time in September, 2017
Moderator n/a
Administrator n/a
Social networks
Twitter @lordJ2004_RBLX
Facebook n/a
Skype n/a
Personal website n/a

_Lego_ here (formerly Itz_Lego), I am a huge fan of all things air, sea and rail related. If you need anything on the server, for example a plane, mail me ingame and I'll be happy to deliver the plane to wherever you need it. If you need to tell me something else, DM me on discord.

I am usually online from 4:30-8:30 on weekdays due to school. In winter or summer I'll be on full green status. If I'm out on vacation or nearing exam time, I'll be on red.