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Highway B1.png
B1 Western Terminus.png
The western terminus of the B1 at the A1 in Oparia
Number of Exits2
Terminus WestOparia LeTourneau International Airport and A1
Terminus EastNew Mackinaw
Road StatusStatus: Service Good.png Open

The B1, also known as the B1 - New Ambition Freeway, is a B-class controlled-access highway that links the cities of Oparia and New Mackinaw under the Strait of New Ambition. The B1 was approved at the General Staff Meeting of August 2020 and was finished the next month. The freeway starts in the west at the A1 at Oparia LeTourneau International Airport and then goes below the surface, crossing the Strait of New Ambition with a tunnel. Its other terminus in the east is at a dual-roundabout at Main Street just north of New Mackinaw. The road features a dual-carriageway and three rail lines outfitted with third rail and overhead power.