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KyleFrb's Current Time
10:02 pm, November 23, 2020 PST

     kyyl_ / KyleFrb
Regulator of Vibes
Director of Sass and Sarcasm
Location San Diego, USA
Time zone Pacific Time
Language(s) English and Spanish (Inglés y Español)
Gender Male
Birth date February 11
MRT Information
Current rank [Mod]
Notable projects being a spaghetti noodle
Joined April 2, 2020
Accepted April 4, 2020
Citizen April 11, 2020
Trustee April 22, 2020
Councillor May 18, 2020
Mayor June 12, 2020
Senator July 14, 2020
Governor September 16, 2020
Premier November 14, 2020
Moderator November 14, 2020 (a few minutes later)
Supporter July 5, 2020
Social networks
Instagram lol come find me i dare you

Hi! I'm Kyle. My old (locked-out) username is KyleFrb, and my current username is kyyl_. I'm living in San Diego but I grew up (for the most part) in Port Macquarie, Australia.

Mayor of Oparia  [Premier] , Kleinsburg [Senator], Akureyri [Mayor], Encinitas [Mayor], Puerto Hilaga [Mayor], and Valle de las Estrellas [Unranked] and overall vibe-master.

I'm kind of known for shooting up the rank ladder like a squirrel up a tree.

I won Big Brother 5 because I'm a master manipulator with big snake fangs.

2x featured page! (Oparia, BoatNorth)

Achievement get!
yay i was born!
i became alive sometime back in the 2000s.