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Ecilidae Municipality of Espil
Ecilidae Suburb.png
Town officials
Mayor EspiDev
MRT none
Facts and figures
Population 20
Founded August, 2016
World New

Ecilidae is a district of Espil.

It is located in the southeast of the city facing Waverly.

Ecilidae is known mainly for its flowers and parks, containing a large suburban area with a moderately sized urban area.

It is also known for Ecilidae Centre, which is a very dense urban area along the Iakuse River.

This district also contains Espil Ecilidae Airport, which is a major transit hub for the area.


Ecilidae is shown in orange.
Espil Ecilidae Airport
Gardens in Aura.
Ecilidae Centre, seen from the IntraRail corridor.

There are 4 sub-districts of Ecilidae.

Ecilidae Centre

The central district of commerce and business in Ecilidae. Contains a very dense patchwork of shops and apartments, with the Ecilidae LRT providing local connections that compliment areas that the Esti Mi is unable to reach. The sub district has one of the largest collections of mid-rise 2019-2020 architecture in Espil.


A bustling suburban district that is north of Espil Ecilidae Airport. It is well-known in Espil for the beautiful gardens and backyards the citizens of the area have cultivated over many years. It is also a tourism hotspot due to the vast amounts of parks and businesses that have mixed together in the area. In the north, there is an industrial area where many imports in Espil are processed.