Espil Ecilidae Airport

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Espil Ecilidae Airport
Airport type Airport
Owner EspiDev
Serves Espil, West Ocean Partnership
Location Southwest
Hub for Ventus, Air Northern, IntraAir, FreeAir

Espil Ecilidae Airport is the primary airport of the city of Espil, and is the largest and busiest airport in the Estify Region.

Airport seen from Aura, Ecilidae

It is located on the Waverly and Espil border near Ecilidae, and features two passenger terminals. It was first opened in 2016.

Completion of airport: 75% complete


Once Espil had reached the Governor rank, government focus was heavily based on providing new connections to the city. As a result, an airport was highly desired, as an airline boom was occurring during this time. In August 2016, the plans were announced to the public, and bidding began for airlines to propose destinations. There was more interest than expected, and so the airport plans had to be expanded in order to meet most of the demand.

One of the original construction plans.

The location selected was in southern Ecilidae (a new district at the time), and bordered Waverly. It was hoped that the new B751 and B753 highways that pass through the area would provide better connectivity for the airport. It was initially planned to jut slightly into Waverly, but with increased demand, the scale had to be increased, going further into the Waverly side. The airport departures terminal was eventually completed, but construction progress of the lower departures terminal stalled as a result of the scale of the terminal.

Since construction, many transport connections have been added to the area.


The airport has two terminals, one for larger planes and the other for smaller planes. As Espil has no national carrier airlines, all flights from the airport are run by third-party airlines.

Upper Departures Terminal

Departures Lobby

This terminal is located on the top floor of the airport, and serves 20 gates. All planes are medium, or large sized. This was the originally intended to be the only terminal at the airport.

Lower Departures Terminal

This terminal is located underneath the airport, and has a tunnel to the departures area which is underneath the airport runway. This was not originally part of the airport design, but was added due to the sheer demand of gates by airlines. All airplanes at this terminal are small, and some gates have alternative forms of flying transport (helicopters, dragons).



There are multiple bus shuttles that are located on the upper departure terminal entrance. Fares may be required, check with your shuttle operator.


The airport is a hub of connections for the Ecilidae area.

  • BluRail - Espil Ecilidae Airport
  • RaiLinQ - Espil Airport
  • Esti Mi Espil Ecilidae Airport Station - Line 9 (Koinu), Line 4 (Bayview)
  • Ecilidae LRT - Espil Airport Station - Line A terminus


The airport is next to the  B751  -  B753  interchange.


Destination Airport Code Airlines
Achowalogen Takachsin-Covina International Airport ATC IntraAir (1), South Weast Airlines (8)
Airchester Airfield ACA FlySubway (43)
Akane - Ishuzu International Airport HMN ''Caelus Airlines (45)
Alturas InterRegional Airport AIR BART Airlines (12)
Amphibio Airport Amphitheatre AAA AirLinQ (18)
Anthony Fokker Regional Airport (Utopia) AFK Heampstead Air (21), FlySubway (38)
Carnoustie City Airport CCY MRTHS Air (33)
Dabecco Regional Airport DBC IntraAir (23)
Elecna Bay International Airport EBI IntraAir (3), Elecna Airlines (7), National Airlines (25)
Epsilon International Airport EIA Eastern Airways (6), IntraAir (24)
Fort Yaxier Airfield FYA SkyTrans (22)
Fort Yaxier International Airport FYI AirLinQ (19)
Freedon Silverwood International Airport FSI National Airlines (25)
Heampstead Heliport HMH Heampstead Charter (41)
Horizon National Airport HZN South Weast Airlines (8), Caelus Airlines (11)
Hummingbird Islands Regional Airport HIR AirLinQ (31)
Ilirea Midcity Airport IXM Cascadia Airways (16)
Kenthurst Aerodrome KNT IntraAir (3)
Kessler KSS Kessler Dragon Flights (46)
Leydon International Airport BVL SkyTrans (2)
Marblelake Heathrow International Airport MLH Heampstead Air (42)
MRT International Airport MRI BART Airlines (17)
MRT Regional Airport MRR BART Airlines (13)
Murrville New Airport MUR MRTHS Air (33)
Nippia-Liten Metropolitan Airport NIL BluAir (40)
Ocean Suburbs International Airport OSI Heampstead Air (5)
Peacopolis Airfield PCE FlyLumeva (504)
Pixl Vinayaka International Airport PXL FlySubway (43)
Radiance Square International Airport RSQ AirLinQ (19)
Saint Roux - Charles De Gaulle International Airport SRX Caelus Airlines (10)
San Reinoldi-Fernando Savater International Airport TOU AirLinQ (19)
Scotsounhill Airfield TOU AirLinQ (29)
Segville Heliport SVH Segville Heli Lines (37)
Segville International SEG Cascadia Airways (34)
Sunshine Coast SSR MRTHS Air (33)
Union of Central Western Territories International Airport CWI AirLinQ (19), Heampstead Air (21)
Vegeta City Airfield VCA Cascadia Airways (35)
Venceslo-Fifth Ward International Airport VFW FreeAir (39), FliHigh Airlines (44)
Vermilion Gateway Airport VER Eastern Airways (4)
Waterville Municipal Airfield WMA BluAir (40)
Wazamawazi Zoeteman Regional Airport WZA AirLinQ (30)
Western Ocean International Airport WOI IntraAir (15)
West Mesa International Airport WMI 'Infamous Airlines (20), Kangaroo Air (26)
Woodsdale Municipal Airport CWB AirLinQ (32), Heampstead Air (42)
Wythern Airfield WYA IntraAir (23)

Check-in Desks

Departures (second floor):

Check-in Area Airline
1 BARTAir logo small.png
1 EasternAirways Logo.png
2 IntraAirLogoRevised2.png
2 CaelusAirlines Logo.png
3 HeampsteadAirLogo.png HeampsteadCharterLogo.png
3 CascadiaLogo.png
4 South Weast Airlines.jpg
4 Infamous.png
5 RegioLinQ Airlines.png
5 SkyTrans

Lower Departures (first floor):

Check-in Area Airline
6 Kangaroo Air
6 NationalLogo21.jpg National Airlines
7 BluAirLogo-01.png
7 FlySubway Logo.png
8 FlyCreeperLogo.png
8 FliHighLogo.png


Upper Departures Terminal:

Gate Number Airline Destination(s) Status
1 IntraAir Achowalogen Takachsin-Covina International Airport Service Good.png
2 SkyTrans Leydon International Airport Service Good.png
3 IntraAir Elecna Bay International Airport, Kenthurst Aerodrome Service Good.png
4 Eastern Airways Vermilion Gateway Airport Service Good.png
5 Heampstead Air Ocean Suburbs Intl' Service Good.png
6 Eastern Airways Epsilon International Airport Service Good.png
7 Elecna Airlines Elecna Bay International Airport Service Good.png
8 South Weast Airlines Horizon National Airport, Achowalogen Takachsin-Covina International Airport Service Good.png
9 Eastern Airways Fort Yaxier International Airport Service Good.png
10 Caelus Airlines Saint Roux - Charles De Gaulle International Airport Service Good.png
11 Caelus Airlines Horizon National Airport Service Good.png
12 BART Airlines Alturas InterRegional Airport Service Good.png
13 BART Airlines MRT Regional Airport Service Good.png
14 AirLinQ Akane - Ishuzu Int'l Airport, Union of Central Western Territories International Airport, Radiance Square International Airport, Whitechapel Sky Harbor, Leydon International Airport Service Good.png
15 IntraAir Western Ocean International Airport Service Good.png
16 Cascadia Airways Ilirea Midcity Airport Service Good.png
17 BART Airlines MRT International Airport Service Good.png
18 AirLinQ Amphibio Airport Amphitheatre Service Good.png
19 AirLinQ Fort Yaxier International Airport, San Reinoldi-Fernando Savater International Airport Service Good.png
20 Infamous Airlines West Mesa International Airport Service Good.png

Lower Departures Terminal:

Gate Number Airline Destination(s) Status
21 Heampstead Air Anthony Fokker Regional Airport, Union of Central Western Territories International Airport Service Good.png
22 SkyTrans Fort Yaxier Airfield, Washingcube Airfield Service Good.png
23 IntraAir operated by Ventus Dabecco Regional Airport, Wythern Airfield Service Good.png
24 IntraAir operated by Ventus Epsilon International Airport Service Good.png
25 National Airlines Elecna Bay International Airport, Freedon Silverwood International Airport Service Good.png
26 Kangaroo Air West Mesa International Airport Service Closed.png
27 SAA Empty Service New.png
28 FlyLumeva Peacopolis Airfield Service Good.png
29 AirLinQ Scotsounhill Airfield Service Good.png
30 AirLinQ Wazamawazi Zoeteman Regional Airport Service Good.png
31 AirLinQ Hummingbird Islands Regional Airport Service Good.png
32 AirLinQ Woodsdale Municipal Airport Service Good.png
33 MRTHS Air Murrville New Airport Sunshine Coast Cacto Regional Airport Carnoustie City Airport Service Good.png
34 Cascadia Airways Segville International Service Good.png
35 Cascadia Airways Vegeta City Airfield Service Good.png
36 SAA Empty Service New.png
37 Segville Heli Lines Segville Heliport Service Good.png
38 FlySubway Anthony Fokker Regional Airport Service Good.png
39 FreeAir Venceslo-Fifth Ward International Airport Service Good.png
40 BluAir Waterville Municipal Airfield, Nippia-Liten Metropolitan Airport Service Good.png
41 Heampstead Charter Heampstead Heliport Service Good.png
42 Heampstead Air Marblelake Heathrow International Airport, Woodsdale Municipal Airport Service Good.png
43 FlySubway Airchester Airfield, Pixl Vinayaka International Airport Service Good.png
44 FliHigh Airlines Venceslo-Fifth Ward International Airport Service Good.png
45 Caelus Airlines Akane - Ishuzu International Airport Service Good.png
46 Kessler Dragon Flights Kessler Service Good.png

Note: Tiny gates are only 20x20 blocks.