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Mt. Frosty.png
Mt. Frosty in Hendon
Flag of Hendon.png
Flag of Hendon
Deputy MayorAlbayuri
Town recognition
Date foundedMid-2017
Town hall coordinates4621, 63, -7109
WorldNew World
Ward(s)Ward 1
MRT NE4  Hendon West
 NE5  Hendon City
Road connectionsB12
Air facilitiesHendon Gatwick Airport
New Indigo International Airport
Local transitHendon Underground
Population101,000 (May 2023)

Hendon (officially known as Hendon City) is a town that sits on the NE coast. Its station (NE5) is well served by MRT Northern Line services from the North West area to the North East area.

The town is situated on the B12 road that links Xiiona and Shadowpoint. The town is now the junction with the B121 road to Geneva Bay.

Hendon is also a borough as well as a town and serves Hatch End and Harrow in the same area. Hatch End is owned by GrumpyGoomba9 and Harrow is owned by CondinYT, all of which are friends.

The town of Hendon is owned by LondonThameslink. He built most of the town himself and established a town hall in the old SubSub building which was in better condition.

Hendon Updates so far

The Redcar Sands development is now underway with 5 blocks of flats being built. Due to the space in the area already occupied by Hendon Gatwick Airport, it is very unlikely expansion of Redcar Sands will be permitted unless the airport is moved further west. Once Hendon is Governor, parts south of NE3 will have to be claimed in order to move the airport further west for expansion of said airport.

Hendon Council is now in a new building over the road from NE5 station and therefore makes it easier for diplomatic relations. A new amusement park is being built to the north of Hendon Mainline station, on the beachside area. This will also include a new recreation area for caravans or camping facilities due to its resort location.

New things are being added. Hendon West Leisure Centre is currently under construction with a completion by early May 2023 in time for the Coronation weekend. Hotel spaces are available to book now for the Summer 2023 season.



Hendon has a vast history. It sits on the swamp river and on a lake (the latter being named Hendon Lake). The area around the area was full of hills! Because the B12 road goes through it already, it makes connections to other towns/cities much easier.

When LondonThameslink claimed the area (along with NE5 station), he drew out plans in his mind one night and to make it an 'eco' town. Rather than road transport being priority, public transport like metros and trains is key to operate the system. The first section of the Hendon Metro was open between Hendon Mainline (NE5) and Hendon East.

Much of the history is with the lake... being the boats way in and out. When Hendon Bridge opened with the C1 to Hendon Monument, this was probably the first motorway (as destined with the UK Motorways but not with M although it may change in future, keep a eye out on the noticeboard in the town itself) to be built in the Borough of Hendon.

The first tunnel underwater was the Hendon Metro between Hatch End and Hendon South. Named Operation 'Hatch', the line was extended in June 2017. By this time, Hendon had plenty of housing and hotel spaces available.

Hatch End was next to be built by GrumpyGoomba9. This required another couple of tunnels for the C3 motorway (now part of the Hendon Park Bypass) to go under the massive hill that separates Hendon from Hatch End entirely. At the time when Hatch End was starting, Harrow was also starting and its town is displayed down below with Hatch Ends description.

The Harrow Crossing was one of the largest bridge structures built in Hendon City (this was before the New Cainport Stadium, the O2 Arena and other tall structures that exist in 2018). Built in mid-2017, it took the M4 motorway (links up with M3 motorway at Harrow) and that the bridge was made entirely from concrete.

In October 2017, the Hendon Metro took its first opportunity to extend to New Cainport (owned by CondinYT) and also a proposal for the metro to reach NE7 (Winterside which is Needn's town). This will be discussed as Winterside is only served by the MRT Northern Line. The same town is also on the B12 road. Since then, there is no further plan to extend to Winterside.

During the later part of 2017, Hendon City has been expanded and that housing is now on the rise. Houses were to be in different stone/wood/brick structures and that they would have a garden in most of them. During December 2017, there was a few cracks found in the tunnel structure underwater between New Cainport and Hendon Beach station (now renamed Hendon Docks). Repairing the cracks would take weeks to do and that the section of the Silverlink Metro (originally Hendon Metro) between New Cainport and Hendon Docks was suspended and that there was also no rail replacement bus services either. Passengers were advised to walk to New Cainport Town and catch a DLR WarpRail service to Hendon Mainline, from there could they continue their journey.

In January 2018, the M25 (now B125) was complete as an Orbital Motorway. Other developments also took place at the time and that some outside bus companies have now applied to run to Hendon or through the city to other destinations in the North East of the MRT. A massive bus station was built at Hendon Parkway (next to the Park+Ride car park and metro station) and all buses now terminate or call here to serve Hendon.

In mid-2018, LondonThameslink decided to set out a proposal to claim NE4 as part of Hendon City (West). Since the owner was not doing any recent developments, it felt needed that it would reduce pressure on space issues on the east, north and south side of the City. Currently in Hendon West, a new shopping centre and mainline station is being built and that it should be completed by January 2019. Silverlink Metro already run to NE4 and that there's plans to put housing and even some small retail outlet warehouses.

In August 2018, all the motorways and roads were declassified of their M and C lettering. They were replaced with B for motorways/major dual carriageway (if it serves a main destination) and just plain named signs for other roads in the City.

Housing is now on the rise since the start of 2018 and that by March 2019, there will be a total of 100 houses/50 flats built in the City and West areas.

As the COVID-19 Pandemic sweeped across the world with lockdowns and restrictions in place, Hendon rapidly grew with Ribbit Lane being the new housing estate to fill the gap in the east side of the city and expansion to the west side of the city started. In October 2020, the city was finally submitting its second promotion batch for the rank of Senator. The results were clear - Hendon was finally a Senator city! A new airport was built in the west side of Hendon called Hendon Gatwick Airport, in accordance of London's southern accent.

In early to mid 2021, Hendon has now built quite a few new buildings and a new Hendon Underground line - the Jubilee Line. The new theatre, mail sorting office and a new town hall to replace the SubSub building was in line to be used for the first time. Some parts of the city are still undeveloped but it won't stay that way for long - expansion is happening every day.

As the year 2021 drew to a close, London was not happy. In some cases, anxiety started to kick in and there were days where Hendon was not having any work done. The anxiety was caused by COVID lockdowns and restrictions that restricted life for London IRL. This would not be the first or last time anxiety will be mentioned. 2021 saw a few things being completed, along with golf tournaments being organised and such. What did not help was the immediate announcement of the Special Staff Meeting (SSM) in late 2021 that the MRT was going to shut down, hindering any progress in Hendon and the anxiety would also cause more harm than good because of the announcement. Christmas 2021 came along and did not a lot to help with Hendon, however it did hold a Christmas Market, being what would be the second to last Christmas on the MRT.

The year 2022 began with a bit of respite. London continued to work on Hendon as best as possible, whilst battling anxiety at the same time. At one point, a few days of rest was needed because of the battle. Frumple did however cancel the shutdown, which did help the battle with anxiety and marked the start of a recovery process for London to continue working on the city. 2022 saw a few more things being added, most notely the Redcar Sands project. Redcar Sands is a new district in Hendon, not far from the airport. Together with Sophia's Bridge, the district is a site of new housing and recreation facilities alongside. Hendon Gatwick Airport however will have to be moved in future if expansion of the district was to happen. With the MRT shutdown cancelled, Hendon was decorated with Christmas lights and bunting for the first time and the annual Christmas Market was also open along with ice rink. On Boxing Day 2022, the first major motorway project (the B15) was approved via a new #proposals channel. This played a decent part in the regeneration of Hendon West and the Redcar Sands district. More on the B15 will be included in the 2023 segment.

Roads and Motorways in Hendon (As of November 2018)

As of November 2018, the main road system in Hendon is now mainly named roads or bypasses. Motorways in Hendon are classed as 'B' roads but this isn't always the case. A thorough review of every dual carriageway/expressway in Hendon City would be reviewed as if it could be a motorway (well built to standards) or a plain dual carriageway/bypass.

Motorways Starts Ends Destinations Status Opened
B124 South Hendon (B12) New Cainport Stadium Hendon City, Harrow, New Cainport Open, known as Margate Road/Cainport Way January 2017 (as C1/M1). Changed to B124 in August 2018. This road includes the confusing South Hendon Junction which currently has a roundabout and slip roads to the B12. Vulpicula has expressed that this is confusing and so the B12 and B124 will all be linked into a roundabout. This isn't expected to be completed until March 2020 owing to illness and other projects which are important. The motorway was downgraded in November 2019 along with the B126 when all of the road became single lane carriageways. The B124 letter and numbering was removed at the end of 2019 in favour of naming roads.
B125 Orbital Orbital Hendon, New Cainport, Moonlight Bay, Hatch End, Harrow, Winterside Open Opened as M25 in March 2017 with partial sections, it finished as an orbital ring road around Hendon on the 8th January 2018. M25 became B125 in August of that year. Part of this section includes the B122 Creeperville Expressway. The B122 and the B125 remains the only B road motorways in Hendon and Creeperville.
B126 At the B124/Hendon Park Hatch End Harrow, Hatch End, Hendon Open, now known as Harrow Road May 2017, as the M4, becoming the M3 after Harrow. M3/M4 was renumbered and lettered as B126 in August 2018. The B126 currently does not exist on signposts and that signs for the road were taken down in November 2019. The Harrow Crossing and the tunnels remain the only true evidence of the B126. The motorway was downgraded to a single lane carriageway in December 2019. The B126 number and letter was removed at the end of 2019 in favour of naming roads. The B126 is proposed as the Creeperville Orbital Motorway.
B127 (Old) Hendon West (B125) New Cainport (B125) New Cainport, Harrow Open, now known as Heritage Avenue Section opened as M25/B125 in April 2017, then B125 was moved west and since October 2018, the section between Junction 3 (Hendon West) and Junction 5 (New Cainport) of the B125 has been renumbered and lettered as the B127. This road was downgraded from motorway status to normal dual carriageway status in September 2018. During 2019, the B127 no longer terminates at the B125 and instead is now the main road into New Cainport and Harrow.
B127 (New) Hendon West/Waterton (B125 Junc. 3) A12 Motorway, somewhere. Hendon West, Birch Forest Holiday Park, Creeperville Southern portion: under construction.

Northern portion: proposed.

One of the new roads in Hendon - the B127 (New) southern portion (from Hendon West to the Holiday Park) will be open from early May 2020. The northern portion is currently proposed since a bridge may be required between Hendon West and Creeperville West. The road will eventually link with the A12 Motorway.

The (Old) note on the B127 is referred to the old B127 road that runs from the shopping mall to New Cainport. The road today is no longer the B127 but instead named Heritage Avenue.

  • As of 2020, the only motorways left in Hendon City and the surrounding area are the B125 Hendon Orbital and the B122 (which is motorway standard when it runs with the B125).
  • Currently, there is only 1 project proposed to build a completely new road from Hendon Shopping Mall to the proposed A12 motorway in Creeperville. This road would be known as the B127 Hendon Westway. The Westway would link the holiday park north of Hendon and also improve transport connections between Creeperville and Hendon (the current road into Creeperville from Hendon is the B122).
  • The next update of information on roads will be June 2020

The Harrow Crossing

The Harrow Crossing was part of the M4 that goes over a river, known as the Llyn Har (Llyn in English means Lake but is a Welsh saying). However, the construction cost to build the Harrow Crossing wouldn't have gone without its doubts.

GrumpyGoomba9 and CondinYT proposed the bridge/tunnel plan. They decided to put both carriageways of the M4 on the bridge and provide separate tunnels in event of high winds or an incident on the bridge.

This lead to the bridge being constructed over a 3 month period between April and July 2017. The bridge also carries the Hendon Metro between Hendon South and Harrow.

Surprisingly, the crossing does not charge users to use the crossing. This is all funded by Hendon Borough Council in a bid to relieve traffic using the Goomba Tunnels on the M3 so that there's two ways to go to Harrow and Hatch End.

The M4 was the only motorway in Hendon that has NO other junctions in the middle except the ones at each end of the crossing.

In October 2017, the Harrow Crossing was restricted to only uCars to use in both directions. The bridge itself was reduced to 1 lane in each direction. This allowed for the Harrow Town Tunnels to be reconstructed after accidents and even a fire occurred. This then bought about a new twin tunnel under the Llyn Har.

Harrow Town Tunnels were situated to the north of the bridge rather than south to ease pressure on the D4/M3/D5 Interchange that was also being rebuilt to cater for when the bridge is closed. The cost for the reconstruction of the tunnels as said above was around $500,000 MRT Dollars in damages and repairs.

In 2019, the D, C and M lettering of roads and motorways were removed and replaced with B and signed roads. The M3/M4 became the B126, the M25 became the B125 and the M1 became the B124. All of the roads received their new names and that the Harrow Crossing remained as a motorway but under the B126. The motorway was cut back to Harrow in May of that year and a couple of people then thought it was the B126(M) but it was not sadly.

In late 2019, the B126 motorway restrictions and signage came down and the road then became a mystery. The Harrow Crossing remains the only true evidence of the old B126 road and now the road continues to link in with the B125 Motorway on the west side at Junction 2.

In January 2020, the Harrow Crossing remains as a part of historical interest within Hendon City. Although it isn't a major landmark, it is still historical given that Harrow was not part of Hendon until June 2019. The bridge itself and the tunnels were part of the border around Harrow.

During March 2020, the road over the bridge (not the tunnel) was named 'Harrow Road' as it was the road to Harrow. The identity was kept and that the only evidence of the B126 road (as mentioned before) is now the bridge and the western part of the tunnel.

Borough of Hendon and merging all towns together

The Borough of Hendon was formed when Hatch End (GrumpyGoomba9) and Harrow (CondinYT) wanted to join the rest of Hendon to create one large town altogether. Even though they are separate, the towns still comes under the Hendon Borough Council. The council offices is yet to be made and will be near to the MRT station

As of December 2017, the merging of all towns to Hendon to create a 'giant city' is underway. Hatch End, New Cainport (New Carport by the time it's completed) and Harrow will all be 'neighbourhoods'. Despite all being separate, a park will be made in the centre between all the towns.

Hatch End

This section was written by GrumpyGoomba9, the owner of the town.

EDIT JULY 2020 - Hatch End is now an independent town situated next to Hendon. The information below is out of date and is awaiting removal.

OUTDATED - Remaining for historical reference only.

Hatch End is a town located in the borough of Hendon. The town is owned by GrumpyGoomba9 and was established in June 2017. Hatch End is situated approximately 200 blocks west of Hendon, and was located there due to the flat land and lake. (known as Hatch End Lake) The name of the town comes from the London Overground station of the same name.

Although Hatch End is not served by a MRT line, it has a metro connection to Hendon at NE5. Hatch End station is currently served by the City line, which offers connections to Hendon and Hendon Beach - and also the Goomba Line, which offers connections to Harrow. Hatch End is also served by the C3 motorway, offering connections to the surrounding towns. Due to the hilly terrain between Hendon and Hatch End, the Goomba Tunnels were constructed on the C3. These tunnels are as old as the town itself, as until the extension of the C3 into Harrow, were the only road in and out of the town. Hatch End also has a ring road, called the D3 (although it is often referred to as the North Circular and South Circular depending on which side of the lake you are on.) There is a major intersection at the entrance to Hatch End, with the junction being split into 3A and 3B (called the Goomba Flyover and Hatch End Flyover respectively,) which links the C3 with the D3. There is also a car park, located under the grassy area outside the station. Hatch End has two bridges, and four tunnels (two being the aforementioned Goomba Tunnels) These are the Double Tunnels, Acacia Bridge and Arch Bridge. There is a services on the C3 between Hatch End and Harrow, which is the largest services in the Hendon area, and the only one to have a to have a building, containing toilets, a cafe and a shop. (although the shop and cafe are currently CLOSED.)


Harrow is a town (and since June 2019, a suburb of Hendon) inside the Hendon Boundary and was previously owned by AlexDaAlbatross (now Albayuri) and now owned by LondonThameslink. Nearby to Harrow is Hatch End and Hendon itself and all of which is linked by the C3 and C4 motorways.

Although Harrow is near an MRT Line, there's no station serving the town itself. Connections to the rest of the MRT Network is via the Hendon Metro shuttle service from Hendon South Station. The station at Harrow is currently being updated to cater for the NewRail Northern Line service to be served in the town. Hendon has already got a connection to the NewRail network and Harrow could be a quick door to door rail service for the area. Harrow is also served by the Goomba Line, linking it to Hatch End.

The C3 motorway ends at Harrow Junction, just before the Harrow Crossing. However, the C4 motorway then starts from the junction and ends at the C1 Hendon Monument Interchange. The junction with Hendon Monument only serves the monument itself in the Western direction, not the eastern direction just yet.

Unlike Hatch End, it boasts a suspension bridge carrying the C4 over the lake. One other road goes into the Harrow town centre area, this is the D4. The D4 links the Harrow Junction with the C3/C4 to the centre of Harrow town.

Harrow town centre is still being developed, but has many stunning builds already complete, such as the Arrow Apartments, giving views of Hatch End and Hendon, as well as the recently completed Nyan Tower, built by GrumpyGoomba9 and becoming two of the biggest builds in the surrounding area. Harrow is also on the shore of Redgate Lake, giving a whole new potential to the area. The town is mainly located on a hill above a birch forest, and is south of one of the MRT lines.

Although not much has been built in the area yet, there are a lot of proposals of what is going to happen next. There is a possibility of a shopping mall in the planning stages, as well as a public leisure area near to the main road.

As of June 2019, the town of Harrow has been transferred to the mayor of Hendon, London150, and is no longer an exclave or under the jurisdiction of the Galactist Republic of Montserica.

Since June 2019, not much work was done to Harrow but after Christmas 2019 and into January 2020, a new hospital complex, housing, airship services and a BMT superstore was built and that Harrow's original buildings are to be reused as either flats or as offices for certain public services. The Nyan Tower is to be used for hospital visitors (if they have a patient currently in hospital) and staff accommodation where visitors can stay for a certain period of nights and that staff can have somewhere to sleep and relax in between hospital shifts. The Harrow Bridge is close to the hospital.

In March 2020, an airship company set up by wipeout111 came to Hendon and the ship itself now links to a small number of other cities. This used 1 of the 2 helipads Hendon was given as its mayor status only allowed 2 helipads to be installed (MRT Rules state that a player at mayor rank may have 2 helipads in their city).

The town of Harrow is now unrecognisable, due to the expansion of Hendon. Some buildings from the old town still remain. The entire town is now Hendon's new high street with shops, a theatre and bus/rail links.

New Cainport

New Cainport is a leisure district in Hendon, owned by AlexDaAlbatross, built on the site of an old industrial estate. It is one of two northern towns alongside the borough of Hendon, the other being Moonlight Bay.

New Cainport has a variety of features, including its oil store, its disco/nightclub, and most notably, its stadium. The Sondico Riverside Park stadium was built for the opening season of the MRT Football League, organised by Aldranster50, however, it has since expanded in size and is going to be hosting many other sporting events in the future. Currently, it is the home of New Cainport Football Club.

As of the current date, New Cainport is an autonomous part of the Galactist Republic of Montserica, and is and never was part of the Borough of Hendon. It has multiple transport links, including the end of the B124, a Silverlink metro service, a Docklands line to Moonlight Bay, and more recently, part of the Ajrica network, which should eventually form a key part of linking the north of the server. There are currently three heavy rail stations in the vicinity of New Cainport: New Cainport Central, which is a replacement for New Cainport Town, is completely underground, and is served by Ajrica's North East Line, and eventually, the Zephaxis Line; New Cainport Riverside Park, which is a terminus for Ajrica's Northern Line, and a through station for Docklands Transit; and New Winterside, a request stop on Docklands Transit, which has a lot of planned development, which in turn should increase the service pattern here.

The current situation at New Cainport is that it is not part of Hendon. New Cainport may be inside Hendon but it is not part of the city - instead it is its own settlement.

Transport and how to get to Hendon

Connections to Hendon are only available by the B12/B121/B122 roads, by boat to Hendon Harbour, by FrostyRail to Hendon Mainline and SEAT Transit to Hendon West, and also by MRT Northern Line at NE4 and NE5.

The Hendon Underground (formerly Silverlink Metro) operates a cart rail network around Hendon and New Cainport. Also operating the warprail service around Hendon and connecting to other cities and towns in the area is Docklands (this name may be changed in future).

The current airport serving Hendon is Hendon Gatwick Airport. It can be accessed using a road while on the way to Waterton. An extension of the Hendon Underground Victoria Line to the airport is currently underway.

There are various bus services that serve Hendon but currently there is no local bus services serving the city surroundings. Needn_NL have proposed a ''Kirdébus'' service to Creeperville, Hendon, Winterside, Geneva Bay and New Cainport.

Docklands operate services from Hendon West to Hendon & Geneva RaiLinQ station - as well as shuttle services to Moonlight Bay and Geneva Bay. All Docklands trains converge and meet at Hendon Mainline.

In the coming future, Docklands may extend west to Waterton and may also extend to Shadowpoint in the south. There is no plans to extend north in the future however Húxt, a small village north of Hendon and west of Creeperville... will possibly be getting a 'heritage railway' service to Hendon West. This is currently not in operation at the moment due to other priorities in Hendon and the surrounding area. Húxt won't be reached by road as it will put a blot in the landscape.

The Future of Hendon?

The future remains positive in Hendon to hopefully be promoted to [Senator] rank. Parts of Hendon are currently undeveloped (pointed out by EliteNeon one night) and it doesn't feel 'city like'. This is being gradually improved.

In the future, Hendon will boast a holiday park, a range of Olympic Venues (see Hendon and Titsensaki Olympic Bid) and various houses. A new headquarters for the MRT's Golf Association will be opening in Hendon during late spring of 2020.