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Additional Info
OperatorKIA Prison Control Service

The KIA BLACKSITE, officially known as the KIA Big Luminous Atrocious Cat Killing Super Incarceration Torture Establishment, is a prison facility owned by the KIA, an agency of the City-State of Kitania.
It is located in the vicinity of St. Anna, Winterside, Hendon and Shadowpoint.



The lobby contains a cafeteria for prisoners, prison showers, a medical center, and the door to the outside recreational area, which closes when the alarm system is triggered.

General Cell Block

The general cell block is located on the second floor and contains the general cells used by prisoners. Each cell contains a bed, a toilet, and a sink. Prisoners are allowed to exit their cells at designated times to go to the cafeteria, prison showers, and outdoor recreational area.

Death Row

Death row is located in the basement and is where prisoners are held. The death row cells contain most of the same amenities as general cells, with some extra security. Next to the cells there are two rooms which are used for execution. The entrance to death closes automatically when the alarm system is triggered.

Maximum Security Cell Block

The maximum security cell block is where the most dangerous or high risk prisoners are held. They are not allowed to leave their cells at any time for any reason. Each cell has a concrete bed and a toilet. The entrance to the maximum security cel block automatically closes when the alarm system is triggered.

Outdoor Recreational Area

The perimeter around the prison is open to prisoners at designated times, not including maximum security and death row prisoners. There is a basketball court and gates leading to the outside.

Outdoor Facilities

Outside of the prison gates, there is a booth where a KIA agent controls the entrance, a parking lot for KIA vehicles, a KIA transport bus, and a road to the B-road connecting Saint Anna to Birch Coast.


On April 16th, 2016, Crystal City's armed forces, operating under impersonation of the MRT government, attempted to launch an air attack on the KIA BLACKSITE, which was prevented by a response from KIA combat drones.