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State of Kansai
Kansai Script.png
Flag of Kansai
City recognition
Date foundedMarch 29, 2020
Town hall coordinates-23476, 67, -14359
WorldNew World
Ward(s)Ward 8
Post code(s)KA8
Local transitKansai Bus
Kansai Railways
Language(s)English (Main)
Traditional Mandarin
Political affiliations
StateRepublic of Formosa

Kansai is a city located on a peninsula in the northern and far western area of the world and is the permanent capital of the Republic of Formosa. The general style of the city is a mix between neoclassical and modern architecture and urban Japan and Taiwan infrastructure.


Kansai is designated as a standard state within the Republic of Formosa and has its own state and sectorial governments, each with executive, legislative, and judicial branches. However, the national government has jurisdiction over city blocks containing national government buildings, and additionally can override the state government on matters pertaining to national security within Kansai. Central Ward is also administered by the national government and consequently is the only ward in Kansai to not have a sectorial government.


Kansai is divided into several wards of varying purposes. The most prominent ward is Central Ward, which contains many important national government buildings. Located here is the seat of the national government, the Palace of Kansai, which houses the Presidential Office, the National Legislature, and the National Court. Surrounding the palace grounds are the main buildings for the five Head Administrations, the Presidential Residence, the National Library, an office complex for the National Legislature, and embassies for foreign nations.


  1. Palace of Kansai

Palace of Kansai

The Palace of Kansai, the centerpiece of the city, was constructed in a neoclassical European style and consists of a central two-story domed palace surrounded by large grounds. The grounds are open to the general public, but only government officials, invited guests, pre-approved members of the public, and security forces are allowed to enter the palace. Gates are located on all sides for easier access and can admit both foot and vehicular traffic, although the latter is heavily restricted. The palace's east and west halves are symmetrical, with each outer side consisting of (from north to south): a multipurpose pavilion; an observation island connected to the outer walkway by a bridge; the Fields of Tulips; Rose, Lilac, Peony, and Sunflower Gardens; a labyrinth; a pergola; and a security center. Various docks are also located around the lake to serve a bidirectional loop boat line and larger recreational boats in the northern half of the lake.

The palace itself is situated on an island surrounded by a lake that drains into a river to the south, and can be accessed by various bridges on all sides, although the main and most commonly used bridge is Olympus Bridge, which connects the Apollo fountain at the main gate to the Muse Plaza in front of the palace's main entrance. A pair of reversible amphitheaters are cut into the riverbanks behind the palace, which allows for flexible placement of the audience and performers. The palace is divided into two wings and a main chamber surrounding a central hall and a southern annex. The central hall is under the palace's main dome and includes the press briefing room and the central security center. One of the wings houses the Presidential Office and offices for state delegations to the Presidential Office while the other houses the National Court and offices for the top officials in each branch. The main chamber houses the National Legislature and committee rooms, while the southern annex houses a negotiation room. The main meeting chambers for each branch as well as the negotiation room have balconies allowing for observation by the general public and media, when permitted. The palace's roof is covered in a public garden but is only accessible from the inside of the building.


Wide avenues and sidewalks run throughout the city, which greatly increases road and foot traffic capacity and essentially eliminates congestion issues. Public transportation runs throughout the city as well, which consists of a combined light rail and subway system operated by Kansai Railways.

Government Loop

The Government Loop Line is a bidirectional light rail loop line running in the median of the avenues surrounding Government Square, which consists of the National Palace and the head administration buildings immediately to its east and west.

Line name No. Station Transfers Location
Government Line
Palace Northwest Central Ward


  • 2/29/20 Claim established
  • 3/29/20 Official founding with completion of the National Palace